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2020-11-08 Jesus' Gift of Rest 基督里安息的恩典

发表于 2024-01-08

 (Matt 11:28-30)


Last Monday I hung out with our neighbour to walk our dogs, 上周一,我和我们的邻居出去遛狗,Ace (our daughter Susie’s dog) and her lovely Labrador puppy have made good friends, 艾斯(我们的女儿苏茜的狗)和邻居她可爱的拉布拉多小狗交了好朋友。 Our neighbour told me, 邻居告诉我,that she and her family didn’t go to church.她和她的家人不去教会They are kiwis. 他们是新西兰白人I said to her, 我对她说“16 years ago, “16年前,I didn’t believe either, 我也不信 I hate religion.我讨厌宗教。” She stared at me wide-eyed shocked.她眼睛瞪得大大的,震惊地看着我。And I continued, 我继续说,“I hate religion, “我讨厌宗教,because religion imposes a heavy yoke on people’s shoulders, 是因为宗教只给人带来沉重的枷锁,but Jesus sets us free, 但耶稣让我们得自由,and it’s about a relationship not a religion…. 我们跟耶稣是关系,而不是宗教...She was so interested in the testimonies I told her…她对我跟她说的见证很感兴趣......Hopefully, one day, 希望有一天,our neighbour will receive the best blessing in this life -我们的邻居将得到今生最好的祝福——Jesus Christ, who is the living God  and the Saviour of the world.耶稣基督,他是活神也是这世界的救主。


We’re living in a restless world. 我们生活在一个没有安息的世界里。Despite all the technology, 尽管有各种的高科技computers, 电脑,phones, 电话,iPads, emails, and texting, 电子邮件和短信,people are stressed out.但人们感到紧张压力。Look at our children, 看看我们的孩子,when they’re free, 当他们有空的时候,you can see that they keep their heads down你可以看到他们低着头,and are busy scrolling up and down on their phones. 忙着搞手机。People are not rested. 人们没有安息。This year, 今年,with the pandemic, 随着疫情 fear, 恐惧、anxiety, 焦虑、danger, 危险、and the worry about an uncertain future, 对未来不确定的担忧,people are more stressed and pressured than ever before.人们比以往任何时候都更加紧张和承受压力。 Are you stressed out? 你压力大吗? Where do we find rest? 我们在哪里找到安息Today, 今天,we’re looking at Jesus’ invitation to rest in Matt 11:28-30, 我们来看马太福音1128-30耶稣的邀请,“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.凡劳苦担重担的人,可以到我这里来,我就使你们得安息。 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 29我心里柔和谦卑,你们当负我的轭,学我的样式,这样,你们心里就必得安息。 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. 30因为我的轭是容易的,我的担子是轻省的。” 


1, Faith Leads us to the gift of rest V28  信心引导我们去到安息的恩典中

No religious leader in this world has promised that He can give people rest, only Jesus! 这个世界上没有任何一个宗教领袖承诺他可以给人们安息,除了耶稣!Jesus makes the invitation. 耶稣发出邀请。  “Come to Me”. 到我这里来Who are invited? 他邀请了谁呢 it’s not just some specific people. 不是某些特定的人。But all, everyone, 而是所有的人,每一个人all who are weary and burdened. 这世上所有的劳苦担重担的人The Greek word used for ‘burden’ refers to the troubles in this life. 希腊语中的“负担”一词指的是今生的烦恼愁苦Are you weary? 你劳苦愁烦吗?Are you tired? 你劳累吗?Are you worn out because of issues with your children? 因你孩子的问题你疲惫不堪吗?or issues in marriage? 因婚姻里的问题疲惫不堪Or issues in your relationships? 因人际关系出问题而烦恼 Or the pressures and stresses of your work or study? 还是你工作学习的压力?Or issues of rejection, guilt, anger, disappointment还是因拒绝感、内疚、怒气、失望that burden your heart and make your heart heavy?让你的心感到沉重? 


Jesus invites everyone, 耶稣向每个人发出邀请“Come to Me.到我这里来。I’ll give you rest. 我就使你们得安息Jesus is promising, “don’t be anxious! 耶稣应许说不要担忧Don’t be worried! 不要忧虑Don’t be stressed out! 不要烦恼I have remedy for you. 我有医治你问题的良方” “I’ll give you rest…“我给你们安息...and you’ll find rest for your souls.”你的心里就必得享安息” The verb “give”, and ‘find’, 动词“给予”和“得到”indicates that ‘rest’ is a gift from God, 都说明安息”是上帝的白白赐给‘I’ll give you’, “我会给你”,and you don’t have to struggle for it by your own works, 你不必靠自己的挣扎去得到but just receive it by faith.而只需通过信心来领受。Because Jesus says, 因耶稣说,you’ll find rest.你会得享安息。It means that the gift of rest is always there in Jesus, 这意味着这安息的礼物一直在耶稣那里what you need to do is just to pursue it by faith, 你需要做的只是通过信心去追求它,until you find it.直到你得到它。 


Remember, 记住, Jesus didn’t say if you followed a principle: 耶稣没有说,如果你遵循一个原则:step one, step two, and step three,第一步做什么然后做第二步和第三步,or或者“If you do enough, God will be pleased,” “如果你做得够多,上帝就会满意 then you’ll get out of your problems.然后你的问题就解决了No, no, no. 不,不,不。What He says is, 祂是说“if you’re worn out, “如果你劳苦重担come to Me, 就到我这里来don’t come to anything else, 不要去投靠其他 don’t come to your own feelings, 不要去顺服你自己的感觉感受,nor to a principle. 也不要去投靠某个原则。Come to Me! 到我这里来The person Jesus is the solution. 耶稣是解决你问题的人。Come to Jesus, 来到耶稣面前you’ll find rest.你就会得安息。 


Come to Him means to get our hearts and our focus back on Him and connect with His words. 去到祂那里得意思是:让我们的全心和全部的注意力回到主耶稣里,并与祂的话相连结 “Lord, I’m tired, but I come to You…” “主啊,我劳苦重担,但我来到你这里......”through prayer in faith, 通过信心的祷告let our hearts reconnect with Him, 让我们的心与他重新连接,when we pray to allow the peace of Christ to rule in our hearts by ceasing our internal striving, 当我们祷告,除去内心的一切起伏,让基督的平安在心里做主we enter His rest and we rest in His peace (see Col 3:15), 我们就进入祂的安息,安息在祂的平安里when His peace rule in our hearts,当祂的和平在我们里面做王we’ll get out of our problems. 我们就会从我们的问题中被释放出来 


Because God is Problem Fixer not us. 因神是解决问题的,不是我们In Exodus 14, When the surging waters of the Red Sea were ahead of the people of Israel who were just taken out of Egypt, 当以色列民刚被神带出埃及,前面有汹涌的红海and the Pharaoh’s army was about to overtake them, 后面有法老的追兵要赶上他们, do you know what God said to them in the dangerous situation? And what God required them to do? 你知道在危险中,神对他们说什么?神要求他们做什么?“The Lord will fight for you, you shall hold your peace (you need only to be still, be silent). (Exodus 14:14)” 耶和华必为你们争战,你们只管静默,不要做声 Do you wanna see God’s wonders to be revealed in times of trouble? 你想在困境中看见神奇妙作为吗?Pray until your heart find rest in the peace of Christ. 祷告到你的心安息在基督的平安里 Because Pro 4:23 says, 因为423说,keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.你要保守你心胜过保守一切,因为一生的果效,是由心发出It means that the issues of life come from the issues of the heart. 它告诉我们,生命中的所有问题都来自内心的问题 


If your heart is overwhelmed by fear, 如果你的心被恐惧、 anger, 愤怒、malice, 怨恨anxiety, and restlessness, 焦虑和不安所淹没, your life is absolutely restless.你的生命绝对没有安息King David experienced so much pressure, difficulty, and trouble.大卫王经历了如此多的压力、困难和患难But he knew how to come to rest inside in God. 但他知道如何去到神里面得安息。In Psalm 27, 在诗篇27中,his situation was dangerous,他的处境是危险的,there was an army besieging him,有一支军队围困着他,and his enemies were trying to kill him, 他的敌人正试图杀死他,think about it, 想想看,if you were in that situation, 如果你在那种情况下,what would you do?你会怎么做?King David said what he pursued in times of trouble wasn’t to figure out a plan to fight against the army,  大卫王说,他在患难时所追求的并不是制定如何去作战的方案what he pursued was to rest inside in God, 他所追求的是内里在神里面的安息, and to allow the beauty of the Lord to rule in his heart. 让耶和华的荣美在他心里掌权he said, 他说:“One thing only do I seek, 我只寻求一件事,is to gaze on the beauty of the Lord to seek Him.那就是瞻仰耶和华的荣美,去寻求他。” You know why?  你知道为什么吗?When you meditate on the beauty, the majesty, the sovereignty of the Lord in times of troubles, 患难时,当你默想主的荣美、威严、权能时,you get your eyes off troubles你的眼睛就会从患难中移开,but fix your eyes on Jesus, 转向定睛耶稣,and you start to build your faith on who God is, 你就会开始把你的信心建立在神是谁,and what He has promised.以及祂所应许的是什么上面


Then, fear and anxiety will be cast out. 那样,惧怕,焦虑会被赶出去。And God’s guidance, wisdom, and courage will come in, 神的引导,智慧,和勇气就会进来, that’s all we need in times of trouble. 这是我们在困难中该做的So King David declared, 因此大卫王宣告说:“Who is my light and my Salvation, whom shall I fear?” 谁是我的亮光、我的拯救,我当惧怕谁呢?“ and he also testified, 他还作见证说: “my soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him Psa 62:1” “我的心默默无声,专等候神(单单在神那里得到安息),我的救恩是从祂而来(621) It’s all about God’s salvation that brings our souls rest from the pressures of life. 这一切都关乎神的拯救是祂的救恩使我们的心灵从生活的压力中得到安息。When we find rest in God, 当我们在神里面找到安息时,we actually rest in His salvation,我们就在祂的救恩里安息了,and our problems are fixed.我们的问题也就解决了。So It’s always about faith in God. 所以心能否得安息在于对神的信心It is our faith that brings us the gift of rest, 正是因我们的信 带我们进入神安息的白白恩典then, we’ll see God’s goodness revealed in the land we live. 那样我们就会在地上看见神的恩惠 

2, Rest in Jesus‘ footsteps V29 跟随耶稣的脚踪得安息,29节


But how do we trust in God to find rest? 怎样信靠神得安息?Here, Jesus said, 主耶稣这里说, 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 我心里柔和谦卑,你们当负我的轭,学我的样式;这样,你们心里就必得享安息。 ( 11:29) Jesus knows your situation and your worries. 耶稣了解你的处境,明白你的忧虑, He wants you to find rest for your soul. 祂愿意你的心得享安息,That’s why He gives us a way to rest: 因此祂赐给我们一条安息之路。 a, “Take my yoke upon you” 负我的轭;b, “Learn from me”. 学我的样式。 


A, What does it mean to take his yoke upon us? A、负他的轭是什么意思?When Jesus called his Twelve disciples, 耶稣呼召十二门徒时,he said, “Follow Me.” 他说:“来跟从我”。Taking His yoke upon us means to follow in His footsteps. 负他的轭,意思是跟从祂的脚踪。Actually, 实际上,we all follow something from the society we live in. 人人都在跟从 从社会上来的某些东西,You may follow movies, 你可能跟从电影学东西or follow the media, 跟媒体学东西or follow literature, 跟小说or follow politicians, 跟政治人物or other things from society. 或其他社会上的东西,But Jesus says, 但耶稣却说,“come and follow Me. “来跟从我,I’ll give you an example how to do life, 我给你怎么过人生的榜样,so that you’ll find rest for your souls.你的心就能得安息。” 


Look at Jesus example, 看看耶稣我们的榜样,He faced opposition and accusations everywhere he went, 祂无论去到哪里,都有敌对和控告等着祂,even his brothers teased and rejected him, 甚至他的弟兄也取笑他、拒绝他,‘Since you want to become a public figure, ” “你想要出名,why do you act in secret? 为什么还在暗中行事呢?Go and show yourself to the world!” (see John 7:4). 让全世界都看到你啊!”(7:4)。Jesus was misunderstood, 耶稣被误解、offended, 被冒犯、rejected, 被厌弃、and betrayed by the people He loved. 被所爱的人出卖,But He walked in inner peace但祂内里有平安,and never allowed one minute of restlessness to dominate his soul. 祂一刻也不让不安支配祂的心,Instead, he lived keeping his eyes on the Father, 反而活出定睛天父的样式,“Father, what’s Your will? “父啊,你的旨意是什么? And what do You want me to do?你要我做什么 


Once, 一次,when Jesus and his disciples went into a Samaritan village, 耶稣和门徒去到一个撒玛利亚村庄,the whole village rejected them, 全村的人都拒绝他们,the disciples were angry, 门徒甚为恼怒, and two of them said, 其中两人说, “Lord, we’ve got a good idea to deal with them, “主啊,我们有个好主意怎么办他们let’s call fire down from heaven to burn them up. 就是让我们吩咐火从天上降下来烧灭他们。You probably would agree, wouldn’t you? 主你一定会同意的,是吧? because they rejected you, 因他们竟不接待你,now show them fire!” 降火给他们见识见识!” 


Surprisingly, 令人惊奇的是,Jesus rebuked His disciples, 耶稣却转身责备门徒说, “you don’t know what spirit you are acting out of. “你们的心如何,你们并不知道。I don’t come to destroy men’s lives, 人子来不是要灭人的性命,but to save them, 是要救人的性命,even if I’m rejected, despised and crucified by people.”哪怕人拒绝我、藐视我、钉我在十字架上。”He always showed love, peace and kindness. 祂总是显出爱、和睦、恩慈,This is the yoke that we need to take upon us. 这就是我们要负的轭,The yoke of a sinless example. 一个无罪的轭的样式,The yoke of the Father’s will to be done. 一个求父旨意成就的轭的样式The yoke of love, peace, and kindness. 一个爱、和睦、恩慈的轭的样式That’s Jesus’ yoke. 那就是耶稣的轭。What’s the yoke we used to take? 我们过去负什么轭?We used to take the yoke of sin, 我们过去负的是罪的轭,and the fruit of that is restlessness, 果子就是不安、selfishness, 自私、anger, 怒气、fear, 惧怕、worries, 担忧、anxiety, and the like. 焦虑等等的轭。Now whenever we realize that our heart is restless, 但现在,任何时候我们发现自己的心里有不安、angry, 怒气,worried about something or anxious, 在焦虑担忧什么,we need to turn back. 我们就要转回。We need to repent.我们需要悔改。因为Because Isa 30:15b, says, “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength. 你们得救在乎归回安息;你们得力在乎平静安稳; ( 30:15) Turning to God and resting from our own struggle and works is our salvation. 转向神,停止挣扎、停止靠自己做,我们就得拯救。When we’re living out our salvation in Christ, 当我们活出在基督里的救恩,we enter God’s rest (see Hebrews 4:4).就进入神的安息。44 


B, “Learn from Me” - B、学我的样式—— “I give you the footprints of how to do life. 我赐给你怎样过人生的脚踪, for I am gentle and lowly in heart. 因我心里柔和谦卑 It’s calling us not just to copy Jesus’ outward doings. 这是在呼召我们不要单学习耶稣外在所行的,It’s calling us to deal with the heart. 主呼召我们处理心的问题。“Learn from me” starts from dealing with the heart. “学我的样式”从对付心开始。Matt 12:19 says this about Jesus, “he will not quarrel or cry aloud, nor will anyone hear his voice in the streets.” 他不争竞,不喧嚷;街上也没有人听见他的声音。( 12:19)  


Jesus didn’t quarrel, or shout, 耶稣不争竞不扬声,or raise his voice to defend himself, 不大声为自己辩护,or to show off in public, 他不显扬自己,it’s because he is gentle and humble, 因他柔和谦卑,and it’s because the heart reflects the person. 心如何就人就如何。 “Learn from me, “你们当学我的样式,for I’m gentle and lowly in heart,” 因我心里柔和谦卑” which means to have our hearts transformed into His gentleness and humility. 意思是让我们的心改变成为祂的柔和谦卑的样式。 Jesus is saying, 耶稣在说,“Pray, and let your heart align with me, 祷告,让你的心与我合一,your attitude align with me, 让你的态度与我合一,your inner thoughts align with me, 让你的想法与我合一,for I’m gentle and lowly in heart,因我心里柔和谦卑,and you’ll find rest for your soul. 你就要因此得安息。It is the envy, the strife, the pride, and the selfish ambition of the heart that bring you restlessness.” 是心里的争竞,比较嫉妒骄傲,带给人不安。“ So when you pray当你祷告,do you pray for your attitude and your thoughts to be aligned with Jesus so that you may find rest for your souls? 你是祷告让内心的态度和想法与耶稣一致,以至于你在祂里面的安息 

3, Gentleness and humility make our yokes easy and burdens light V30 柔和谦卑让我们的轭容易、担子轻省


A gentle and humble heart leads to a thankful heart, 柔和谦卑让我们的心生发感恩and a thankful heart is the key to overflow joy, 感恩的心是喜乐的关键and it points us to the rest of God. 它指引我们进入神的安息We see this from Christ. 我们从基督身上可以看到这一点。Why is Jesus’ yoke easy?为什么耶稣的轭是容易的?And his burden light? 担子是轻省的? “For I’m gentle and humble in heart”,因我心里柔和谦卑, which means, 意思是说, “I know who I am”我知道我是谁according to what God says about me. 照神指着我所说的。 I’m not offended by the things that are done against me. 我不会因人反对我而生气。Because I lay myself down to trust in God 因为我放下自己信靠神and I’m thankful for all God has planned for me.”并且我对神给我所安排的一切感恩 Jesus was never selfishly offended or got hurt or angry. 耶稣从未因私欲受阻而生气、受伤或恼怒Inner anger and wounds cause burdens to us. 内心的恼怒和伤害会让我们感到重压You know why? 知道为什么吗? Because the bible tells us 因为圣经告诉我们,that it is the Spirit of God which gives us rest. 是神的灵使我们得安息。 “they were given rest by the Spirit of God. Isa 63:14”, 63:14】耶和华的灵使他们得安息。And in the NT, 在新约圣经,when Eph 4:30 says, 以弗所书4:30说:do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God”, “不要叫 神的圣灵担忧,” when you grieve the Holy Spirit, 当你使圣灵担忧, you feel burdened,你心就会觉得重担, you feel unhappy,你就不开心. there is particular emphasis on one thing, 特别强调的一点是, 26 “In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry,27 and do not give the devil a foothold. 【弗4:26-27】生气却不要犯罪,不可含怒到日落,27也不可给魔鬼留地步。Someone asked me, 有人问我说: “Am I allowed to get angry?” “我可以生气吗?”of course, it’s ok to be angry. 当然,生气是可以的。Anger is a part of our nature. 生气是天然人的反应 


But if you don’t deal with anger, 但是你如果不去处理这生气恼怒and if you let the sun go down while you’re still angry, 你却要含怒到日落what happens? 会发生什么事呢?You give the devil a foothold to attack you. 你就给魔鬼留地步可以来攻击你。That will be a big thing!这是太大事了! A little yeast of anger can grow 一点儿怒气的酵发起来and produce heavy burdens for you. 会让你被重担压制Bitterness, 苦毒、judgement, 论断、hatred, 仇恨、 resentment, 怨恨、 quarrelling 争吵will follow up the unresolved anger. 会随着你未处理的恼怒全来了!Why do people judge quite often? 为什么人常常论断 One of the reasons is, 其中一个原因就是because there’s anger or sense of injustice inside them,他们内心有愤怒或感到不公平,that they haven’t delt with it. 却没有处理干净 “Why did you treat me in this way?” 你为什么这样对我?”“it’s unfair.” “这不公平。” “you owe me!” “你欠我!”“I’m owed.” “我被亏欠了。 When you feel you’re owed, 当你觉得自己被亏欠时,you get hurt and angry.你就会感到受伤和愤怒。We get angry because one of our rights or our expectations has not been met, 我们恼怒是因为我们的一个权利或期望没有得到满足,something that we want, 我们想要的东西,a right, or a demand, or whatever, 一个权利、或一个要求,或任何东西,seems to have been taken away, 似乎被剥夺了,so we feel we’re owed. 所以我们觉得自己被亏欠了“You make mistakes,你做错了 because don’t listen to me…因为你不听我的… you owe me. 你欠我的。I’m angry…”我很生气…” Then, we become unthankful and grumpy. 我们变得不懂感恩又生气抱怨。We get angry because we believe something is taken from us that we deserve to have, 生气是因为我们认为理应属自己的东西被剥夺了, When we get angry, 当我们生气时,we put the person we’re angry with under a debt. 我们让叫我们生气的人成为欠债的。“you owe me.”你欠我的” “you should pay me back.” “你应该还我。 


If we don’t deal with it, 我们若不去处理, it becomes bitterness, 它会变成苦毒when bitterness is rooted in the heart, 当苦毒深深扎根在心里and we don’t deal with it, 我们却不处理,we go to church, 就去了教会,说:“Hi brother, God bless you.”你好兄弟,上帝祝福你。” “Praise the Lord.” “赞美主” We become religious people, 我们就成了宗教徒and we won’t really represent Jesus well. 不能真正把耶稣的生命彰显出来Because whenever a similar thing happens因为每当有类似的事情发生,which triggers buttons of angry and bitterness就会触发愤怒和苦毒的按钮,our face is downcast. 使我们变了脸 “why are you angry? 你为什么生气? Why is your face downcast?” 你为什么变了脸色? 脸那么黑?”  Because “you owe me.” 因为你欠我的。”If we carry the unresolved angry and bitterness around, 我们若走到哪都带着未处理的愤怒和苦毒it can become - 就会变成——“everyone owes me!” “每个人都欠我的!”the demand of ‘paying me back’, 这些我被亏欠了”that ‘you should pay me back’ 你欠我的的要求,will cause you to be stressed out in your relationships, in your marriage, and in every aspect of life. 会导致你在人际关系、婚姻关系以及生活的方方面面都精疲力竭 


How do we deal with it? 我们当如何处理它? Faith in God. 信靠神Change our beliefs. 改变我们的信仰。“Something has been taken from me?我的东西被夺走了? Yes, one of my rights seems to have been stolen…是的,我的一个权利似乎被剥夺了……my expectation hasn’t been met…我的期望没有实现……I give You thanks, 我感谢你, it’s just a test…这只是一个考试……Because God, You’re in control! 因为神你掌管一切This is just a time for me to turn to following You 这时刻只是为叫我转向跟从你, by taking Your yoke, 负你的轭,and submitting myself to Your will…降服在你的旨意中……nobody owes me, 没有人欠我,I owe You…是我欠你的 

You forgive my debts, 你赦免了我的债,I owe You everything, 都是我欠你的but You didn’t choke me and say, 但你却没有掐住我说: “pay me back.” “还我。”You cancelled my debts mercifully, 你仁慈地赦免了我的债,and paid a full ransom for me by the shedding of Your own blood, 你流出宝血付上完全的代价将我赎回I also cancel the debt the person owes me我也愿意赦免他欠我的债,to set myself free…使我的心得自由释放……God, 神啊You judge, 你是审判官and You show Your just on this matter…求你在这事上显明你的公义……Lord, 主啊, I am learning to be thankful for all things, 我愿效法为一切的事来感恩,even though I don’t understand why, 纵然我不明白有些事为什么发生 I believe if I take the yoke of You, 但我相信我若负你的轭,and learn from You, 学你的样式,to be gentle and humble, 柔和谦卑, anger and bitterness will no longer lord it over me! 恼怒和苦毒就不能再辖制我! My soul will rejoice and rest in Your salvation! 我的心必因你的救恩喜乐安息。 And You will reveal Your wonderful deeds to me, 你必向我显明你奇妙的作为 and You will truly go before me, 你也必在我前面行。for Your yoke is easy, 因为你的轭是容易的and Your burden is light!” 你的担子是轻省的。 


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