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2020-11-01 Blessed to be a Blessing 被神祝福成为祝福

发表于 2022-03-07

(Job 22:21-30)


Do you know who you are? 知道自己是谁吗?“You’re the light of the world!”“你们是世上的光!That’s our identity in Christ. 这是我们在基督里的身份。Do you know what the enemy scheme is?大家知道仇敌的诡计吗?I read a story once.我曾经读过一个故事。It said Satan had a garage sale, 说到撒旦在车库大甩卖,selling tools from his toolbox. 贩卖工具箱里的工具,有Pride,骄傲,arrogance,自大,envy, 眼红,jealousy, 嫉妒,unforgiveness,不饶恕,laziness, 懒惰,and the like. 等等。But only one tool wasn’t for sale, 但只有一个工具他不卖,and he said,他说, “this’s the tool I use quite often. 这个是我常常要用到的。It’s called discouragement. 就是挫折感。When I use it, 一当我用它时,I cause people to doubt and lose hope 我总能使人怀疑和丧掉希望– “it’s useless…没用的 which opens a door for me to get inside, 这也给我开了道门让我进去,and then I can do anything I want.我想做什么就做什么。


The enemy wants us to forget our identity, 仇敌想要我们忘记自己的身份- who we are in Christ, 我们在基督里的身份,what Jesus has done for us on the Cross, 耶稣在十字架上为我们所成就的,and what we’re called to do. 和我们蒙召所要做的。Ephesians 2:10以弗所书210,"For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.我们原是他的工作,在基督耶稣里造成的,为要叫我们行善,就是神所预备叫我们行的。" We’re created for good works. 我们是为善工所造。In other words, 换句话说,we have both internal assignments and external assignments to fulfil, 我们既要完成内在的使命,也要完成外在的使命,if we wanna receive a full blessing from God. 如果我们想从神那里得到全备的祝福。 Internally, we need to be transformed into Christ likeness. 内在,我们需要被改变成基督的样式。Externally, we have to fulfil tasks faithfully外在,我们必须忠心地完成托付, so that we can get rewarded to share in Jesus glory when He returns.这样当耶稣再来的时候,我们就能得到奖赏,同享他的荣耀。Jesus himself gave us an example, 耶稣自己给我们作了榜样,he said this in 他在约翰福音174节里说到,John 17:4, I've finished all the work You assigned me to do. 你所托付我的事,我已成全了。 What’s Jesus’ assignment? 耶稣所受了什么托付呢?Preach the gospel to the poor, 传福音给贫穷人,heal the broken hearted, 医治受伤的心,proclaim deliverance to the captives, 叫被虏的得释放,restore vision to the blind, 瞎眼的得看见,set people free.使人得自由 (see Luke 418-19)As the body of Christ, 作为基督的身体,we’re called to continue to fulfil His work. 我们被呼召持续地完成他的工。So today, we’re looking at Job 22:21-30, 今天我们一起来看看 2221-30to see how we can get there.看我们怎么完成这托付。


A principle is revealed through this passage. 这段中说明了一个原则。How to get to prosperity? 如何得着福气?How can I be blessed and be a blessing to others?你希望被神祝福并成为别人的祝福吗?Do you wanna be a channel of deliverance, 你希望成为释放拯救的管道,to continue the work Christ did?持续完成基督的工作吗? And when you call on God, 当你奉主名求,to “deliver them释放他们”, God will listen to your prayers? 神会听你的祷告吗?In Gen 12, 在创世纪12章中,God made a covenant with Abraham, 神跟亚伯拉罕立了一个约2, I will make you into a great nation, 我必叫你成为大国,and I will bless you;我必赐福给你; I will make your name great, 叫你的名为大,and you will be a blessing你也要叫别人得福。…3b, and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.地上的万族都要因你得福。


Jesus Christ, 耶稣基督,the Son of God,神的儿子,became a descendant of Abraham, 成为亚伯拉罕的后裔,who blessed all people on earth through his death and resurrection, 因他死而复活使地上的人都蒙福,to give people life and eternal hope.赐给人生命和永生的希望。By believing in Jesus, 因着信耶稣,we also have become heirs of the Abrahamic covenant with its blessings and obligations. 我们也成为亚伯拉罕之约的后裔,承受祝福、承担义务。“You’re blessed by God.” 你得了神的祝福,But you’re also called to bless all people through the gospel. 可你也蒙召使人因福音得福。We’re called to take the power of the gospel to set people free through our prayers. 我们蒙召,藉著祷告,靠福音的大能叫人得自由。We’re called to receive blessings and to be blessings to others. 我们蒙召,既承受祝福,又成为他人的祝福。How can we fulfil this call? 我们如何去完成这呼召?How do we find the way to prosperity mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially and every aspect of life,怎样可找到心理、情感、灵魂,财务上的和生命各层面的富足之路,so that we may lead others to it?以至于把人也带到这富足中去?


1, Repentance and submission to God is needed for prosperity. (v.21-v.24)悔改并降服于神(21-24节)


First of all, 首先,21, “Submit to God and be at peace with him; in this way prosperity will come to you. 你要认识 神,就得平安;福气也必临到你。 Prosperity comes through submission to God and being at peace with God. 福气从降服于神并与神和睦而来。What can we do to be at peace with God? 我们要做什么才能与神和睦呢?the bible tells us, 经上说, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 5:1 就藉着我们的主耶稣基督得与 神相和。( 5:1 ), for he died on the cross to reconcile us to the Father. 因他死在十字架上,使我们与父和好。Jesus said, 耶稣说,“Repent, and believe in the gospel. Mark 1:15” “你们当悔改,信福音!”( 1:15 ), Repent means to turn from the self to trusting in God. 悔改,即离弃自己,转向信靠神。What does ‘trusting in God’ means? 什么叫信靠神?v.22 says, 22节,accept instruction from his mouth and lay up his words in your heart. 你当领受他口中的教训,将他的言语存在心里。 Trusting God means to accept God’s instructions, 信神,就是领受神的教训,and constantly obey His Word to live, 持续遵神的话而活,then, prosperity will come into our lives. 这样福气就必临到我们的生命里。


16 years ago, 十六年前,the first time I opened my mouth to confess, repent and turn to God, 当我第一次开口认罪悔改转向神,prosperity came into my life which the wealth I had hadn’t brought to me, 福气就立刻临到我;我拥有的财富带不来这样的福气,for God healed me and set me free from manic depression.因神医治了我的狂躁症,使我得了释放。

You know why? 为什么会这样?Because sin, pride, disobedience, greed, jealousy, idolatry and the like, 因为罪,骄傲、悖逆、贪心、嫉妒、拜偶像等等,keep us from God’s holy presence and blessings, 使我们与神圣洁的同在和祝福隔绝,“it’s not enough…不够不够……I want more…”再多一点……ingratitude and selfishness lead to brokenness. 不感恩和自私自利导致破裂。Our relationships with God and with people are broken. 我们与神与人的关系破裂了。We thought more money would help, 我们觉得钱多点好,but when you get more money, you become more fearful. 但钱越多人越惧怕。That’s why when you pass by some big houses like palaces where super rich people live, 这就是为什么你看到超级富豪的豪宅,如同宫殿一样,you’ll see high walls and long driveways to get to their houses.要穿过高高的围墙和巨长的车道,才进得去?Because fear, rejection and judgement are still there in rich people’s hearts no matter how rich they are. 因为不管多有钱,惧怕、被拒绝和论断仍然在人心里。Money can’t set people free from sin and the consequences of sin. 钱不能释放人脱离罪和罪的后果。Only God forgives sins and gives peace to His people. 只有神赦免人的罪,使祂百姓得平安。


Israel King Solomon was well known for his wealth and wisdom in history, 以色列王所罗门因财富和智慧古今闻名, but when he built the first Temple in Jerusalem around 957 BCE (before common era), 约在公元前957年,他在耶路撒冷第一次建造圣殿时,he prayed before the nation of Israel in this way,他在众民面前却这样祷告:33 “When your people Israel have been defeated by an enemy because they have sinned against you, and when they turn back to you and give praise to your name, praying and making supplication to you in this temple, 34 then hear from heaven and forgive the sin of your people Israel and bring them back to the land you gave to their ancestors.” 「你的民 以色列 若得罪你,败在仇敌面前,又归向你,承认你的名,在这殿里祈求祷告, 求你在天上垂听,赦免你民 以色列 的罪,使他们归回你赐给他们列祖之地。( 8:33-34 King Solomon knew that asking God’s forgiveness can bring spiritual prosperity, 所罗门王明白神的赦罪之恩带给人属灵的繁荣,and can set us free from the oppression of our enemies. 使我们脱离仇敌的压制。Jesus teaches us, 主耶稣教导我们, if we don’t forgive others, our Father in heaven won’t forgive us, 我们若不饶恕人,天父就不饶恕我们;when we’re not forgiven,若我们不蒙赦免,we’re exposed to the attack of our enemies mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 就在精神上、情绪上、身体和属灵上,将自己暴露在仇敌的攻击之下,This can cause addictions, depression, insomnia, illness, even suicide. 这可以导致上瘾、沮丧、失眠、疾病,甚至自杀。


But “blessed are they whose transgressions are forgiven, whose sins are covered. Romans 4:7得赦免其过、遮盖其罪的,这人是有福的。( 4:7 ) When I was forgiven, I was healed from 5 years manic depression, 当我被赦免,我从5年的狂躁症中得医治,and I’ve been totally healed because of walking in the word of God. 并且因神的话,我得了全然医治。So if you continuously submit yourself to the word of God, 如果你持续降服于神的道,and if you obey and serve Him, you will spend the rest of your days in prosperity and your years  in contentment. (job 36:11) 他们若听从侍奉他,就必度日亨通,历年福乐;( 36:11 ) Contentment means a feeling of happiness or satisfaction. 满足的意思是感到快乐或满意。How many people wanna spend the rest of their days in prosperity and in happiness? 有多少人想余生都活在福乐之中?There’re two key things you need to fulfil: 那就要做两件事:Obey and Serve God. 听从神和侍奉祂. It will bring you flourish and satisfaction. 这将带给你福乐。But how?但要怎么带做呢?What does ‘serving God’ mean? 什么是侍奉神?


2, Treat God as your greatest gold. (v.23-26)以神为至宝(23-26节)

v.23-24 explains that restoration comes through faith in purification. 24节说,除罪使人得建立。Serving God means to serve the truth from the heart, 侍奉神的意思是,以心灵侍奉真理,because God is a God of truth. 因神是真理的神,In Him there’s no sin. 在祂里面毫无罪恶。Remove wickedness far from your tent, 从你帐棚中远除不义, it means to get rid of sin from our hearts and remove everything that isn’t align with Jesus from our hearts. 就是从心里除去罪和一切与耶稣不合一的想法。Whenever we cooperate with the Holy Spirit to remove a little of the carnal thoughts from our hearts, 任何时候,当我们与圣灵同工,肉体意念被除去一点点,and abide in the truth to live, 当我们转而活在真理里,we’re restored a bit more to our God. 就被多建造一点点,多归向神一点点。This is a lifelong process.这是一生的过程。


24 and you will lay your gold in the dust, and the gold of Ophir among the stones of the brooks, 要将你的珍宝丢在尘土里,将俄斐的黄金丢在溪河石头之间; Does it mean we must give all our possessions away to get restored in our relationship with God?  它是说我们若要与神恢复关系就要把财产全捐掉吗?Of course, that’s not the case. 当然不是这意思。Jesus became poor for us, and He wants us to be blessed in His abundance. 主耶稣为我们成为贫穷,祂愿意我们在祂的丰盛里蒙福。He wants us to be set free from idolatry, greed, and all kinds of lies by the power of His truth. 祂要以真理和大能释放我们脱离拜偶像、贪心和一切谎言。And to choose Him our greatest gold, 来选择祂为至宝,so that we won’t worry about anything, 以至于我们就不必为任何事忧虑了,because He is the Source of All. 因祂是一切供应的来源。If you get all the Source, 你要是得着源头,you get Everything.就得着一切。God is the Source of All. 因祂是万有的源头。We’ve gotta know Who He is. 我们当认识祂是谁,God is love. 神是爱,In His Love we can be satisfied,在祂的爱中我们就得满足,and stop craving love from people, or we may get hurt.就不再渴求人的爱;否则我们会因此受伤。And in His Love we’re able to love. 在祂的爱中,我们得以去爱;God is Full of power and able to provide, heal, save, and deliver.祂满有能力,祂足能供应、祂医治疾病,祂施行拯救,祂释放万民。Therefore, to know more about Who He is should be our top priority in this life. 因此,更多认识祂是谁当成为我们今生的第一重要事。 And when we choose Jesus our greatest treasure, 当我们选择耶稣为至宝,Jesus our God will defeat our enemies who we can’t see, 耶稣我们的神必为我们打败看不见的仇敌,and He will restore us in a deep way where fear, worry and anxiety will be overcome, 也必更深的修复我们,使我们胜过惧怕、忧虑和焦虑,and we’ll be lifted up over our enemies.我们必被高举超过四面的仇敌。


In the book of Danial, 但以理书记载,there were three young men taken from Jerusalem to Babylon by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. 在尼布甲尼撒王从耶路撒冷掳到巴比伦的人中有三个少年人,It’s estimated that they were between the age of 13-17 years old. 据推测年纪约为13-17岁,They were called Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah. 名字分别是哈拿尼雅、米沙利、亚萨利雅。Hananiah means the Lord is gracious. 哈拿尼雅意思是耶和华有恩典,But he was given a new name Shadrach which means command of the moon god. 但太监长给他起名为沙得拉,意思是月神的命令;Mishael which means who belongs to God. 米沙利的意思是属于耶和华,But he was given a new name Meshach which means who is for the moon god. 但他的新名字米煞意思是归于月神;The last one is Azariah which means the Lord helps. 亚萨利雅的意思是耶和华我的帮助,They changed his name to Abednego, which means a servant of another god.他的新名字亚伯尼歌的意思是另外一个神的仆人。Apparently, the purpose for changing their names,显然,给他们起新名字的用意,was to try to erase their attachment to their own identity, to their beliefs, and to their religion.是要抹去与他们自己的身份、信仰、宗教的联系;They were put through a brainwashing for three years before they entered the king’s service. 服事巴比伦王之前他们要接受三年的洗脑。They started to serve a pagan King who didn’t know God and didn’t honour God. 然后他们开始服事这位不认识神、也不荣耀神的外邦人的王。Every possible effort was made for them to forget the true God. 人尽一切努力使他们忘记独一真神。Think about it, 设想一下,what if we’re men and women of God, living in a pagan culture, 我们就是这住在外邦人中的神子民,forced to serve a boss who serves false gods.被迫服事一位信假神的老板,情形会如何。These three young men of God were kidnapped and taken to a country, 这三个少年人被掳走并被带到一个陌生的国家,where they had to learn the language of the Babylonians, 他们必须学习巴比伦语,they lived in a pagan culture, 必须住在充满异教风俗的社会中,and they were forced to serve a prideful King who served false gods. 被迫服事一位自高自大的、拜假神的王。


It seemed there was no prosperity but only misfortune that came to them - the people of God. 看起来他们几个神子民哪有什么福气可言呢,有的只是不幸。What can we do to make the invisible God and His power and blessings visible to the world in times of pressure? 在重压之下,我们当如何行 才能使看不见的神,和祂的能力与祝福彰显于世呢?Through our Faith in God! 藉着我们对神的信心! “If you remove wickedness far from your tent, “你若从你帐棚中远除不义, and cast idols from your heart, 丢弃心中的偶像,and treat God as your greatest gold, 全能者为你的珍宝, you will be lifted up”. 你就必得高升 These three young men had their names changed as well as their religion, 这三个年轻人虽被改了名字和信仰,but on the inside, 但在内心深处,they were strong in faith. 他们的信心却坚不可摧。They served God in their hearts, 他们在心里侍奉神, they kept God’s commands in their hearts although their didn’t have a bible. 虽然他们没有圣经,他们却有神的命令在心中。Faith cannot be proved genuine unless it is tested by trials (fire) (1 Peter 1:7).信心若不经过火的试验,就不能证明是真的(彼前1:7)


The story goes on Daniel 3, 故事发生在但以理书3章,Nebuchadnezzar made an image of gold, 尼布甲尼撒造了一个金像,and he asked nations and people of every language to worship it. 他要求各方、各国、各族的人去敬拜它。Then he said this,然后他说,Is it true, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, that you do not serve my gods or worship the image of gold I have set up? 15 Now when you hear the sound of the horn, flute, zither, lyre, harp, pipe and all kinds of music, if you are ready to fall down and worship the image I made, very good. But if you do not worship it, you will be thrown immediately into a blazing furnace. Then what god will be able to rescue you from my hand? Daniel 3:14-15 【但3:14-15】尼布甲尼撒问他们说:“沙得拉、米煞、亚伯尼歌,你们不侍奉我的神,也不敬拜我所立的金像,是故意的吗?你们再听见角、笛、琵琶、琴、瑟、笙和各样乐器的声音,若俯伏敬拜我所造的像,却还可以;若不敬拜,必立时扔在烈火的窑中,有何神能救你们脱离我手呢?”


It took three years for these three young men to be brainwashed. 这三个年轻人被花了三年时间洗脑。 Now, what did they really believe? 那么现在,他们到底信什么呢?They replied,他们回答说: King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, Your Majesty, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.” 【但3:16-18】沙得拉、米煞、亚伯尼歌对王说:“尼布甲尼撒啊,这件事我们不必回答你。17即便如此,我们所侍奉的 神,能将我们从烈火的窑中救出来。王啊,他也必救我们脱离你的手;18即或不然,王啊,你当知道我们决不侍奉你的神,也不敬拜你所立的金像!” This was what they believed, 他们说这是他们所信的: “God is able…神能He will deliver…祂会拯救but even if…但即使even if he does not…即使祂不拯救we will not bow down to…”我们也不会向低头。 What a powerful declaration of their faith in a time of pressure they professed! 这是他们在压力之下所宣告的何等有力的信仰宣言!On the outside, 虽然外在上,they were deprived of the right to keep their own names, their identities, and their belief. 他们被剥夺了保留自己名字、身份和信仰的权利。 But on the inside, 但在内心深处,they were strong in faith, 他们的信心何等坚强,even to the point of death, they didn’t bow down.就算面临死亡,他们不下拜。


What would God do after that? 接下来神会怎样行事?The invisible God will always make Himself visible when faith is proved genuine. 当信心被验明是真实的,那看不见的神必要显明出来让人看见祂的作为。In amazement the King exclaimed,王惊讶地喊道: “Look, I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire; and they are not hurt, and the form of the fourth is like the Son of God.3:25】王说:“看哪,我见有四个人,并没有捆绑,在火中游行,也没有受伤,那第四个的相貌好像神子。” What? 什么Were there just three young men? 不是只有三个年轻人?Why did the King see a fourth men?怎么王见到了第四个人?And they were all walking in the fire freely without being burned up? 并且他们都在火中自由行走,没有被烧坏?Yes, it’s just a test! 这只是一个试验! Don’t panic in times of pressure and difficulty! 在压力和困境中不要惊慌! God wants to manifest His glory in the fire, 神要在火中彰显祂的荣耀,when you trust in Him faithfully in the midst of trials.你若在试炼中忠心信靠祂。Listen, In the midst of trials, 在试炼中,you’re not just showing your faith to God, 你不但向神表明你的信心,but showing a testimony to the enemy. 也向仇敌作见证。Who was the first person to see four men loose in the fire? 是谁最先看见四个人在火中没有被捆绑?


Who was the first person to recognise the Son of God with them?是谁最先认出神子正与他们同在?It wasn’t the people of God, 不是神的子民,it was the enemy, 而是仇敌,King Nebuchadnezzar, 尼布甲尼撒王,the enemy saw Jesus first.最先看见耶稣。When your enemy sees Jesus, 当你的仇敌看见耶稣,he will be frightened, 害怕的是他,not you! 而不是你!When you trust in God in hardship, 当你在患难中信靠神,“I’ll not bow down to fear…我不向惧怕屈服I’ll not bow down to the desires of the self…我不顺服私欲I’ll not bow down to unforgiveness…我不顺服不饶恕I bow down to God and to His truth alone.” 我只顺服神和祂的真理。 Your enemy will see Jesus, 你的仇敌就要看见耶稣, and he will bow down, 他就要下拜,and you’ll be lifted over your enemy, 你却被高举胜过仇敌,and rejoice in the King’s victory. 分享王得胜的喜乐欢呼。


3, The result and blessings of treating God as your greatest gold. V.26-30让神成为你最大珍宝的结局和祝福 26-30


What are the blessings you’ll receive after the genuineness of your faith has been proven? 当真实的信心被证明了,你将得着哪些祝福?

A, Your heart will be satisfied你的心会得到满足 (delight in the Almighty v.26,以全能者为喜乐26)You won’t get hurt by longing for human love. 你不会因为渴望人的爱而受到伤害You will be blessed in every aspect of life. 你将会在生活的各个方面得到祝福。

B, You have confidence in your relationship with God你对与神的关系有信心and fear is defeated. 不再惧怕了 (“lift up your face to God”, “向神仰起脸来’ 26)

C, You will have a powerful and living prayer life你将有一个有能力的、活泼的祷告生活 (“You will pray to Him and He will hear you”, “你要祷告他,他就听你27)

D, You will have power to fulfil your assignments 你将有能力完成你的使命,and you won’t regret it when Jesus returns. 当耶稣再来的时候,你不会后悔。 (“fulfil your vows”, “你也要还你的愿”,27)

E, You will abide with the Lord and walk in freedom to do things. 你将与主同行,行走在主的自由里做事。 (“What you decide will be done”, 你定意要作何事,必然给你成就28)

F, You will carry the light wherever you go. 无论你到哪里,都有光随着你 (“light will shine on all your ways”, “亮光也必照耀你的路28)

G, You will be able to carry on the mission of Jesus powerfully 你将大有能力完成耶稣的使命,to set the oppressed free使受欺压的人得释放 (“When people are brought low and you say, (“当人降卑的时候,你说: ‘Lift them up! ‘必得高升! he will save... 祂必拯救……He will deliver…他要搭救……through the cleanness of your hands. 因你手中清洁。V.29-30, 29-30)


These’re all the best blessings for us to receive in the course of this life. 这些都是我们今生所能得到的最好的祝福。When can we see God’s greatness and His power revealed to us personally? 什么时候我们能真正亲眼看见神的伟大和能力向我们显现? In the fire! 在火中!You may not like going through the fire of trials. 你可能不喜欢经历火的试验。But I tell you, 但我告诉你们,only in the fire can you see the fourth man, 惟有在火中才能看见那第四个人,who was with these three young men and kept them whole.看见祂怎样与三个少年人同在并拯救他们。He will also be with you in the fire of trials if you don’t bow down. 你若不屈服,祂也必与你一同在火的试验中。Do you feel trapped by anything? 你觉得被什么捆住了吗? that you feel like a prisoner, 觉得自己像个囚犯,you’re bound to something, 被某些东西束缚着,maybe money, 或许是金钱,maybe fear, 或许是惧怕、or anger, 是恼怒、or rejection, 是拒绝、 or lust, 是情欲or whatever…或者其它……today, God is calling us, 今天,神在呼召我们: “don’t bow down!” 不要屈服!”Your total deliverance is coming your way, if you don’t bow down. 你若不屈服,必将得着完全的释放。


Every time we bow down to fear, 每一次当我们向惧怕低头, bow down to the fear of man, 惧怕人、or to the fear of not having enough money, 惧怕钱不够、or to the fear of loneliness or uncertainty, 惧怕孤独或不确定的环境,or whatever, 等等 we lose identity, 我们就失去了基督里的身份,we lose power, 失去了力量,we lose the opportunity to see the Son of God with us in the fire and ready to deliver us, and ready bless us. 失去了看见神子与我们一同在火中,并要拯救和赐福我们的机会。God is unchangeable! 神永不改变!He is the fourth man in the fire 祂就是那火中的那第四位,who frightens the enemy.是祂使仇敌惧怕逃跑。


Brothers and sister, 兄弟姐妹们,hard times and difficulties are a part of life, 困境和患难是生活的一部分,that no one can avoid. 没人可以逃避。But we have God, 但是我们有神,if we don’t bow down, 我们若不低头,God will turn misfortunes into blessings. 神就会变不幸为祝福。Because God is able, and God will deliver. 因为神有能力、并愿意施行拯救。But even if但就算,Yes, we need an ‘even if’ faith to stand for Jesus in the last days. 在这末后的日子,我们需要有即或不然的信心为主耶稣刚强站立。God is able, and He will deliver, 神有能力、并愿意拯救,but even if He doesn’t do as I wish, 但是就算祂不照我所想的去做, I’ll not bow down to bitterness;我也不顺服苦毒;God is able, and He will deliver, 神有能力、并愿意拯救,but even if I don’t get healed, 但是即或我没有被医治,I’ll not bow down to doubt and negativity; 我也不顺服怀疑和消极;even if my breakthrough doesn’t come in my timing, 即或突破没有在我的时间里来到, I’ll not bow down to discouragement; 我也不顺服沮丧;even if I’m lonely, 即或我很孤独,I’ll not bow down to sin;我绝不顺服罪(情欲);even if I’m rejected by someone, 即使我被人拒绝, I’ll not bow down to unforgiveness, 我也不顺服不饶恕,and I’ll trust my God. 我仍信靠我的神。For He is mighty to save! 因祂有大能施行拯救!He is the Source of All. 祂是万有的源头。And if we honour God in this way, 我们若如此荣耀神,we will be more blessed, 就必更加蒙福,and will be a testimony of Christ to frightening the enemy, 就必作基督的见证,叫仇敌惧怕,and will be a blessing to many! 并会成为多人的祝福!



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