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2019-07-21 Don't Grieve the Holy Spirit 不要叫圣灵担忧

发表于 2024-01-08

As you know that I had a bad flu last week. 我上周感染了流感。Except for a fever, 除了没有发烧,I had all the symptoms, 有所有的症状都经历了,sore muscles, headache, sneezing, coughing, 肌肉酸痛,头痛,打喷嚏,咳嗽,which was a nightmare experience. 这简直就是噩梦般的经历。 But I realised something, 但我领受到一些事,“if my body gets exhausted, 如果我的身体疲惫又需要食物,and it wants a rest and food, 就需要给它休息和食物but I ignore and grieve it若我不理它 使它感受忧伤,by not giving it rest and enough food, 也不给它休息和足够的食物,it can get sick. 它就会生病。 In the same way, 同样地,if we dont give our souls enough food - the word of God, 如果我们不给予我们灵魂足够的食物 - 上帝的话语,and ignore and grieve the Holy Spirit, 不理并使圣灵感到忧伤,our souls will get sick. 我们的灵魂就会生病。” So today, we are looking at Eph 4:30-32, 所以今天,我们来读以弗所书430-32where the bible warns us, 在圣经里警告我们,“dont grieve the Holy Spirit, lets read it:  不要使圣灵担忧,让我们读一读:


30 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31 Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32 Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. 不要叫 神的圣灵担忧;你们原是受了他的印记,等候得赎的日子来到。 一切苦毒、恼恨、忿怒、嚷闹、毁谤,并一切的恶毒(或译:阴毒),都当从你们中间除掉; 并要以恩慈相待,存怜悯的心,彼此饶恕,正如 神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。(以弗所书 4:30-32)


We are warned to not grieve the Holy Spirit. 圣经警告我们不要使圣灵担忧。We all want to be healed and to be made whole. 我们都希望得到医治并成为完全。But we must understand Gods way which is written in His bible, 但我们必须明白上帝写在圣经里的医治方式,we cant say, God, heal me我们不能说,“上帝,医治我”,and then, continue to walk in our old ways, 然后,继续走我们的老路,for if we grieve the Holy Spirit who is within us, 因为我们不理圣灵叫祂担忧,our souls get sick. 我们的灵魂就会生病。


1, Does a divine being really feel grief?  圣者神会感到担忧吗?

Who is the Holy Spirit? 谁是圣灵? The Holy Spirit is not a power but the third person of the Trinity. 圣灵不只是能力而是三位一体中第三个位格的神自己。 The Holy Spirit within us is the presence of the living Christ within us. 圣灵在我们里面就是基督耶稣在我们里面。What does it mean to grieve the Holy Spirit? 叫圣灵担忧是什么意思? It means to cause sorrow, pain, or distress to Him. 就是说,引起难过,伤痛,使祂感到忧伤。 Can a divine God be grieved? 神圣的上帝会感到难过吗?


 Genesis 6 tells us, 创世纪6告诉我们,that God expresses regret and grief when He sees the evils actions and thoughts of mankind. 当神看到人类的邪恶行为和思想时,上帝就后悔和忧伤。Jesus Christ, the exact expression of Gods nature, 耶稣基督,神本体的真相,when he came当他来到地上时,was described as a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief. (see Isa 53:3) 圣经说他多受痛苦,常经忧患。 (见赛533Why? 为什么? Because he saw the sins of the world, 因为他看到了世间的罪孽,and he saw the hardened hearts. 他看到了刚硬不悔改的心。So God can be grieved by what we think, what we say, what we do, 因此,上帝会被我们的思想所想的,所说的,所做的,感到忧伤,and even what goes on in the depth of our hearts. 甚至对我们内心深处所思想的而感到忧伤。


2, what grieves the Holy Spirit? 什么使圣灵忧伤?

A, We can grieve the Holy Spirit by speaking foul or abusive language.




V.29 says, Dont use foul or abusive language. 29节,污秽的言语一句不可出口。NIV says, dont let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths Niv翻译版说,不要叫不健康的交谈出自你们的口。KJV translates as corrupt communication. Kjv翻译版说,败坏的交通 The Greek word means rotten, which is used for decaying flesh, or rotten food. 希腊词的意思是“烂”,用于腐烂的肉或腐烂的食物。So what can be unwholesome talk or rotten speech? 那么什么有可能是不健康的谈话或腐烂的言论?


For example: 例如:any filthy or rude words, 任何肮脏或粗鲁的言辞,lies, slander or swearing, 谎言,诽谤或咒骂,or any indecent or pornographic language, 或任何不雅或色情语言,insults or abusive language, 侮辱或侮辱性语言,blaming or condemning or exaggerating the faults of others. 责怪他人或定罪或夸大他人的错误。 For instance, 例如,“you alwaysyou never…“你总是......你永远......youre always like this…你总是喜欢这样......you never care about me... 你从不关心我...... These words of blaming others should be kept far from our mouths, 这些责怪他人的话应该远离我们的嘴巴,for they not only tear down others and ruin our relationships, 因为他们不仅要摧毁别人,还要破坏我们的关系,but also grieve the Holy Spirit. 也使圣灵忧伤。


For Jesus says to us, 因为耶稣对我们说:“for the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. Luk 6:45b” “心里充满的 口里就说出来。(路645下)”Words can make known the hidden things of the heart. 言语可以使人心中隐藏的显明出来。You can find out whenever you say these words to anyone, 每当你对任何人说这些话时,that you are angry with him and not forgiving. 你其实是已经对他有生气和不饶恕。So we are not only taught to speak nice or polite words with our mouths, 因此,圣经不是单教我们说好话,或礼貌的话, but also are taught to deal with hidden things in our hearts. 而是教我们要处理心中隐藏的东西 Today, Ill emphasise this point.今天,我要强调这一点。


B, We grieve the Holy Spirit by counting others faults, nursing anger, bitterness, or grudges in the heart. 我们计算人的恶、心里怀藏怒气、苦毒、怨恨,就在使圣灵担忧。


In the OT, 旧约中, the Israelites rebelled and grieved Gods Holy Spirit (Isa 63:10) 以色列人竟悖逆,使主的圣灵担忧。 (以赛亚书 63:10)Psa 78:11 says, they forgot what he had done, the wonders he had shown them. 又忘记他所行的和他显给他们奇妙的作为。(诗篇 78:11)They grumbled and spoke against God by disobedience. 他们悖逆,抱怨反对神。In the NT, 新约里,After v.30 warns us not to grieve the Holy Spirit, 30节警戒我们不要叫圣灵担忧后, v.31 immediately says31节马上说, “get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 一切苦毒、恼恨、忿怒、嚷闹、毁谤,并一切的恶毒(或译:阴毒),都当从你们中间除掉。” Paul knows the causes of evil speech, 保罗知道引起那些犯罪的话语的原因,which cant be resolved by only speaking nice or polite words to others. 是用说好话和说礼貌的话也不能除去的。Flattering words cant build others up. 恭维的话不能建造人。


If with my mouth I say, 如果我的口里说“oh, you are good man.” “嗯,你是个好人”,But in my heart, I say, 但我心里却在说,“but you are carnal not spiritual.” “你是属肉体的,一点不属灵。”Is this pleasing God? 这样会蒙神喜悦吗? Of course not, 当然不会,Jesus never does that. 耶稣从不会那样。So in the Holy Spirit Paul teaches Christians to get rid of the bitter root from the heart. 所以保罗在圣灵中教导基督徒从心里除去苦毒的根。True helpful words come from a pure heart, 真正帮助人的话语出自清洁的心which is led by the truth in love.  ,是在爱中被真理引导的。Proverbs says, 箴言里说, “wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses. Pro 27:6. 朋友加的伤痕出于忠诚; 仇敌连连亲嘴却是多余。(箴言 27:6Jesus Christ didnt hide the spiritual reality from Peter by saying, you are right.’ 耶稣基督就没有隐瞒属灵的真实,对彼得说“你说的对”。When Peter said to him never Lord, you will never go to die on a cross.” 当彼得说“主啊,你万万不可上十字架”,Jesus revealed the spiritual reality about how Satan worked through a person who had in mind merely human concerns by saying to Peter, get behind me Satan,” 借着主耶稣对彼得说“撒旦,退我后面去”,揭露了一个属灵的真实,就是撒旦借着人体贴肉体来工作。 wounds from a friend can be trusted. 朋友加的伤痕出于忠诚,Thats why King David says in因此大卫王说: Psalm 141:5 Let a righteous man strike methat is a kindness; let him rebuke methat is oil on my head. My head will not refuse it, 任凭义人击打我,这算为仁慈;任凭他责备我,这算为头上的膏油;我的头不要躲闪。 (诗篇 141:5)God will never be pleased by the nice or polite words we speak, whilst in our hearts there is bitterness and anger.我们口里说好话、礼貌的话,心里却苦毒恼怒,决不会讨神喜悦。


For He knows that因神知道, “whoever conceals hatred with lying lips (pro 10:18)”隐藏怨恨的,有说谎的嘴。(箴言 10:18)   which says that if we hide or harbour anger, unforgiveness or bitterness in our hearts, 我们若心怀怒气、不饶恕、苦毒, we will speak lies就是说谎的, for if we speak not what we think, 若我们心口不一we speak lies in Gods eyes我们在神眼中就是说谎. Because what we think in our hearts represents who we really are. 因我们心里怎样想才是那个真正的我们 Thats why not the polite words we speak matters, but what our hearts think matters.因此不是我们的礼貌话而是我们的心更重要 If the heart is right, 若心是对的the words we speak will be right too. 话就对了


V. 26 In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27 and do not give the devil a foothold.生气却不要犯罪;不可含怒到日落, (以弗所书 4:26-27)


Not every anger is a sin, 不是所有发怒都是罪,if its indignation, it wont be a sin. 义怒不是罪。But normally, 但通常, we get angry because we are offended by anothers words or actions, 我们发怒是因别人说的话、做的事冒犯了我们, and we get hurt or feel uncomfortable with someone. 让我们受了伤,或对那人感觉不舒服。Brothers and sisters, 弟兄姊妹,we live in a corrupted world, 我们活在一个堕落的世界,and we all have a sinful nature within us. 每个人里面都有罪性。 We are not called to change others, 我们蒙召不是改变别人, to blame others when we get hurt, you are wrong…”不是在受伤害时责怪别人,说“这是你的错…”, but to change ourselves. 而是要改变我们自己。The way of the sinful nature is that whenever we feel wronged, 属罪性的道路,是每当被冤枉,we immediately blame others instead of checking with our hearts, 就马上责怪他人,而不是鉴察自己的心,like Adam, 就象亚当那样,“the woman you put there with meshe gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it. Genesis 3:12” 「你所赐给我、与我同居的女人,她把那树上的果子给我,我就吃了。」(创 3:12And Eve did the same thing, 夏娃也一样,“the serpent deceived me, and I ate. Genesis 3:13” 「那蛇引诱我,我就吃了。」(创3:13


But before the judgement of God但面对神的审判 not even one of them did get away from Gods just judgement. 他们都没有能逃脱神的公义审判。 We thank God for Jesus Christ that he came to be despised, 感谢神,耶稣基督来, rejected, mocked, 被藐视,被厌弃、被嘲笑、excluded and crucified for the forgiveness of our sins, 被驱赶、被钉在十字架上,使我们罪得赦免,although not even one of us deserve his sacrificial love. 尽管我们没有一个人配得他为我们牺牲的爱。We are loved. 我们是蒙神所爱的。So forgiven people should be forgiving.  被饶恕的,也当饶恕人。


Now as His followers, 作为耶稣的跟随者,“the student is not above the teacher, nor a servant above his master. Matt 10:24” 学生不能高过先生;仆人不能高过主人。(马太福音 10:24)。 If our master is rejected and offended, 如果我们的主被厌弃被冒犯,how can his students be respected wherever we go? 难道学生去到哪里都会被尊敬吗? If we put such an expectation on others, 如果期待别人这样待我们,we would be hurt all the time. 就会总是被伤害。“he doesnt respect me”… “他不尊重我”……In fact, you will never be satisfied with human respect, no matter how rich you are or how famous you are. 事实上,无论你有多富有或多出名,人的尊重都永远满足不了我们的心。 Rather, Jesus says, 相反,耶稣说,“whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant also will be. My Father will honour the one who serves me. John 12:26” 若有人服事我,就当跟从我;我在哪里,服事我的人也要在那里;若有人服事我,我父必尊重他。」(约翰福音 12:26)。 Honour means high respect. Honor(尊荣)的意思是极为尊重。 It tells us that the Father will respect the one who follows Jesus. 就是说,天父会尊重跟从耶稣的人。What does it mean to follow Jesus in this context? 从这个语境里来看,跟从耶稣是什么意思?Love his enemies and pray for those who persecute him, 爱仇敌,为逼迫他的祷告, repay evil with blessing, 以善报恶,entrust himself to the one who judges justly.将自己交托按公义审判众人的主。


If a little poke, a small thing, a word or an action which isnt to your liking can get you immediately unhappy, 如果小小的一戳,一件小事,一句话,一个动作,不合你心意,就能让你马上不开心, and you say in your hearts, 你就在心里说, “he doesnt respect mehe doesnt listen to me…”  “他不尊重我……他不听我的……”when you think of it over and over, 你就想来想去,you feel hurt and offended, 感到受伤了,被冒犯了,you take offence at that person, 因那人跌倒了, you therefore unintentionally nurse bitterness, 于是你无意识地心怀苦毒,and harbour unforgiveness in your heart, 怀藏不饶恕,and then, your mouth will speak evil and lies against the one you havent forgiven.然后你就会讲那人的坏话,说谎抵挡那个你未饶恕的人。because whoever conceals hatred with lying lips (pro 10:18). 因隐藏怨恨的,有说谎的嘴; (箴言 10:18)


However, the result of doing this is dangerous. 可这样做的结果是危险的。 It is not only grieving the Holy Spirit, 不但让圣灵担忧,but also putting yourself in bondage to the sins of unforgiveness and pride. 也使你自己被不饶恕和骄傲捆绑。


Unforgiveness can blind your spiritual eyes不饶恕可使属灵眼睛瞎了, and you will lose hope and wont know where you should go (see 1 John 2:11). 人也失去盼望,不知道往哪里去(见约一211)。Unforgiveness puts us in spiritual jail to be tortured until we forgive (see Matthew 18) 不饶恕将我们关在属灵监狱里受折磨,直到我们饶恕为止(见 马太福音8章)。 And holding unforgiveness or a grudge against someone grieves the Holy Spirit who is within us. 抓住不饶恕和怨恨不放,让住在我们里面的圣灵担忧。The Holy Spirit is right there to lead you into all His truth by convicting and renewing you through all the circumstances you are undergoing whether you think they are good or bad. 圣灵就住在我们里面,借着每个环境,不论你认为是好的或坏的,都要来光照我们自己、更新我们,引导我们进入真理。But if we reject His truth of practicing being kind and compassionate to one another, 但我们若拒绝行真理,不以恩慈相待,不存怜悯的心, forgiving each other, 不彼此饶恕,and instead, we embrace counting others faults and nurse bitterness or harbour a grudge against someone in our hearts, 而是抓住人的错,心怀苦毒怨恨,we expose ourselves to the attack of the evil one.就是将自己置于仇敌的攻击之下。


But some may say, 但有人会说,“He is wrong he doesnt respect me…”“他是错的……他不尊重我……”“How do you know it? Does God say this?” “你怎么知道的?神这样说了吗?”Adam and Eve didnt get away, even though they claimed that eating the fruit wasnt their fault. 尽管亚当和夏娃都说吃那果子不是他们自己的错,可谁都没能脱罪。Everything we do has consequences, 我们所做的任何事都有后果, grieving the Spirit of course carries consequences. 使圣灵担忧当然也有后果。We see when the Israelites grieved the Spirit without repenting of their sins, 我们看到以色列人不悔改他们的罪,使圣灵担忧,God withdrew His protection and fought against them (see Is. 63:10, Acts 7:4243).神就撤去祂的保护,转作他们的仇敌攻击他们。(赛6310,徒742-43


As NT Christians, 作为新约基督徒,we were sealed for the day of redemption because of Christs blood and the rebirth of the Holy Spirit, 我们既因基督的血和圣灵的重生,受了印记,等候得赎的日子,so we will not lose our salvation, 那么我们就不会失去救恩,but we can lose our active fellowship with the Lord, 但我们可能失去与主活泼的交通,become spiritually dead, 灵性上死亡,and also lose full reward from the Lord when He returns. 并失去主再来时的全备的赏赐。Let us be wise, 让我们做聪明人,and embrace the way of Christ by crucifying every thought that is from the self, 拥抱基督那钉死老我(每个意念)的道路,and seeking reconciliation by living by the Spirit of the truth, 靠真理的圣灵行事,寻求和睦,and making peace with the Lord with producing fruit in keeping with repentance.结出悔改的果子,与神和好。


3, Let us do what Jesus did.效法耶稣行基督所行

For this reason, v,32 teaches us, 正因如此,第32节教导我们:“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you. “并要以恩慈相待, 存怜悯的心,彼此饶恕,正如神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。” The gospel is the story of forgiveness, that God gave us who dont deserve His grace and mercy.福音就是饶恕,神所赐的,是我们不配得的恩典和怜悯。 When you say, Why me?当你说,“为什么是我? Why does God allow me to be offended?为什么神允许我被冒犯? Why does God allow me to be hurt?为什么神允许我受伤?


Why should I forgive?为什么我要饶恕?” Lets stop grieving the Holy Spirit by our pride, 让我们停止使圣灵因我们的骄傲而担忧,which only leads to sinning more, 骄傲只会生出更多的罪,such as disobedience, sexual sins, jealousy, greed and so on.如悖逆、淫乱、嫉妒、贪婪等等。


 In this world, we all face all kinds of troubles, 在这世上,每个人都面临各样的问题,its normal that we may be misunderstood, 这很正常,就是我们可能会被误解,or we may be falsely accused, 或者我们可能会被说坏话定罪,or whatever, 或其他的事 we all have situations, 我们都会遇到状况,something that hits our hearts, 一些事会刺痛我们, something that stabs our hearts, 会叫我们伤心。but it will never stop the problems, if we try to change others by telling people how wrong they are. 但是如果我们试图借着告诉人,谁谁有多少糟糕来想改变他人,这永远无法解决我们的问题。Seeking human sympathy and human pity cant heal us. 寻求人的同情不能使你我得医治


In fact, 事实上, those situations can lead us to the beauty of Jesus abundant life, 我们的困境反而会叫我们活出如耶稣一样丰盛的生命。if we put our trust in Gods sovereignty and change the way we think, 如果我们相信神的主权,改变我们的想法,and we do just as Jesus did.效法耶稣行祂所行, We are blessed and built up through even these bad situations.糟糕的环境也能成为叫我们生命成长的祝福。 Because through these things we realise that how much we need Jesus and his help.因为通过这些事,才叫我们意识到我们多么需要耶稣和他的帮助。 Then we may say, 然后我们可以说:“是的,“Yes, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.靠着爱我们的主,在这一切的事上已经得胜有余了。”


There is a story about how we can need God more: 有一个关于我们如何更依靠上帝的故事:A son came to his father and asked him, 一个儿子走到他父亲跟前,问他: “Dad, how can I need God more. “爸爸,我怎么能更多依靠上帝呢?” The father jumped up, 父亲跳起来,grabbed his sons neck, 抓住儿子的脖子, and dragged him into a river, 把他拖进河里,and plunged his head underwater.把他的头按到了水下。 After holding him there for more than a minute, 在把他泡在水里超过一分钟后,the young man was kicking and struggling to free himself, 这个年轻人又打又踢,挣扎着要自救,but the father pushed him even deeper into the water, 但是父亲把他按得更深,the young man desperately needed air.这个年轻人迫切需要空气。 Eventually, his father pulled him up out of the water, 最后,父亲终于把他从水里拉出来, and the son gasped for breath. 儿子喘着气。 The father asked him, 父亲问他: “tell me, what did you need most when you were under the water?”“告诉我,你在水下最需要什么?” “Air answered the young man, “空气”他回答说,“very well, said the father, “很好,”父亲说, “So every hard situation is to help you to need God more, 所以每一个困难的情况都是帮助你更渴慕上帝,just as you needed air when you were under the water.就像你在水下需要空气一样。”


 Why me?为什么是我?” “Why God does allow me to suffer?“为什么神允许我受苦?” Dont grieve the Holy Spirit who loves you.不要让爱你的圣灵担忧。 Nothing is special!没什么特别的! This is just the way the world works, 这就是世界该有的样子,because we all live in a fallen world因为我们都生活在一个堕落的世界,and we all have a fallen nature. 我们都有堕落的本性.


 are you perfect?” 你完美吗? no! 当然不是 although we are Christians.即便我们是基督徒 “have you even done wrong?” 你有没有做错事?Of course, yes! 当然!How could you an imperfect person expect perfect result from other imperfect people?怎么可能一个不完美的人能从其他不完美的人身上找到完美的结果?(from a church where there are full of imperfect people)? 或从充满不完美的人的一个教会身上找到完美?  Is this possible? 这可能吗?“Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you要以恩慈相待, 存怜悯的心,彼此饶恕,正如神在基督里饶恕了你们一样。


Jesus Christ showed us His kindness and mercy on the cross by shedding His innocent blood for the forgiveness of our sins. 耶稣基督借着十字架上流出无罪的宝血赦免我们的罪 向我们显明祂的良善和慈爱,“Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.”父啊,赦免他们,因为他们所作的他们不晓得 You were forgiven freely,你被白白赦免 I was forgiven freely.我被白白赦免 Shouldnt we let go the past pain? 难道我们不该放下苦涩?Let go the thoughts we held against others who hurt us? 放下对伤害自己的人的想法Let go the bitterness, 放下苦毒the judgemental thoughts,论断 the thoughts that count others faults, 计算他人的恶and all the unforgiveness和所有的不饶恕? Stop grieving the Holy Spirit,不要再叫圣灵担忧 but love Jesus by practicing being kind and compassionate and forgiving, 当借着操练彼此恩慈相待来爱耶稣which can set us free from the bondage of lies and resentment. 那也能使我们自己从谎言和怨恨的捆绑里得释放


Forgiven people should be forgiving, which heals. 被饶恕人当去饶恕,你自己便得了医治。 We are now the temple of God, we have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us.我们是神的殿,圣灵住在我们里面。 He will help us to fight against all negative and self-centred thoughts, 祂能帮助我们与负面和自我中心争战,and empower us to serve one another in love,并加增我们在爱中彼此服事的力量,


if we pursue purity in thought, attitude, speech and action just as Jesus did.只要我们像耶稣一样追求思想、态度、言语和行动上的纯净。for through Christ who loved us, we are more than conquerors!因为靠着爱我们的主,我们得胜有余!


Ill wrap up the message with Romans 8: 3537: 我以罗马书83537来结束今天的信息


35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? 36 As it is written: For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered. 37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.


35 谁 能 使 我 们 与 基 督 的 爱 隔 绝 呢 ? 难 道 是 患 难 麽 ? 是 困 苦 麽 ? 是 逼 迫 麽 ? 是 饥 饿 麽 ? 是 赤 身 露 体 麽 ? 是 危 险 麽 ? 是 刀 剑 麽 ?36 如 经 上 所 记 : 我 们 为 你 的 缘 故 终 日 被 杀 ; 人 看 我 们 如 将 宰 的 羊 。37 然 而 , 靠 着 爱 我 们 的 主 , 在 这 一 切 的 事 上 已 经 得 胜 有 馀 了 。


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