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2019-06-16 Unity in Christ 基督里的合一

发表于 2022-04-25

(John 17:20-23)(约1720-23

Last week, 上星期,we looked at the day of Pentecost我们分享了五旬节 when the Holy Spirit came onto the apostles,当圣灵的大能降临在使徒身上,they powerfully witnessed the Risen Lord Jesus to the Jews from 12 nations, 他们向来自12国的犹太人见证了复活的主耶稣,and the early church was formed. 早期教会被建立起来。Do you know what caused it to happen? 如何会有这样的事?First of all, 首先,they had the promise from Jesus. 他们得着耶稣的应许。If God doesnt want it to happen, 如果神不许可,we labour in vain.我们是枉然劳力。

Then, 然后,120 male and female disciples continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, 120位弟兄姊妹“同心合意地恒切祷告”,which means that everyone held to the one purpose of waiting for the promise of Jesus in prayer, 这是说人人定睛于同一目标,在祷告中等候耶稣的应许,and such unity and oneness made a way for God to do a big thing! 这样的团结和合一为神成就大事开辟了道路!

The same for us today, 今天我们也是一样,unity makes a way for God to do big things amongst us.合一能使神在我们中间行大事。Today, we are talking about Unity, 今天我们要讲的就是“合一”。lets look at John 17:20-23:我们来看约翰福音17:20-23:

1, What is the unity that Jesus talks about? V.20-21耶稣所讲的合一是指什么?20-21

V,20 My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, 20节,我不但为这些人祈求,也为那些因他们的话信我的人祈求,使他们都合而为一。Is Jesus praying for interfaith unity among Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists? 主耶稣是在祈求基督徒,穆斯林,印度教徒和佛教徒之间的跨信仰“合一”吗?No, Jesus never does.断乎不是!耶稣从来没有这样祈求!He is praying for the apostles他在为使徒们祈求,as well as all of us who believe in Him through the word of apostles. 也为我们这些因使徒的话而信祂的人祈求。“That word is written for us as the NT, 这话就是神所赐的新约,which is inspired by the Holy Spirit. 都是圣灵所默示的。(Eph 2:20, 2 Tim 3:16) (2:20,提后3:16)

Jesus prayer is that all of us may be one in Christ, 主耶稣祈求我们众人在基督里成为一,whether Jews or Gentiles, 无论犹太人或外邦人,Filippos, 菲律宾人,Indians, 印度人,Koreans, 韩国人,Chinese, 中国人,or kiwis, 新西兰人,or any other nationalities.或任何其他国家的人。Is Jesus saying that we should be united in culture or language? 耶稣在说我们当在文化或语言上合一吗?No, 不!what Jesus said is that we are to be united in His truth and His Spirit, 耶稣说的是我们要在祂的真理和圣灵里合一,yet still showing the diversity that we have been given by God, 却仍然保持神所赐予我们的多样性,such as the different colours of our skin, 比如我们有不同的肤色,our different languages,不同的语言,or our different gifts.或不同的恩赐。The unity of the church is unity in believing the truth. 教会的合一就是在信真理上合一。And Jesus also said, 耶稣又说,that this unity is just as the Father is in him, 这合一就如同父在祂里面,and he is in the Father.祂也在父里面。

As we look at the Trinity, 我们看到三位一体的神,The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit live together in perfect unity in truth.  圣父、圣子和圣灵在真理中完全地合而为一。We know that this is the perfect model for the Church to follow, 这是教会所当效法的完美榜样,for we are also called to live as One in Him. 因为我们也蒙召在祂里面成为一体。Thus, 因此,Christian unity is not external, 基督徒的合一不是外在的,but is based on sharing life in Christ Jesus. 而是建立于在基督耶稣里分享生命的基础之上。 1 Cor 6:17 tells us what Christian Unity means:林前6:17告诉我们基督徒的合一是:“but whoever is united with the Lord is one with Him in the Spirit.” “但与主联合的,便是与主成为一灵。”We are called to be united with Jesus and His truth in the Spirit. 我们被呼召在圣灵里与主耶稣和祂的真理合一。

To be united in the Spirit, 要在圣灵里合一,first, we must be of one mind.首先我们必须同心合意。Unity starts with being of one mind.合一始于有一个心志。In Acts 1, we see从使徒行传1章我们看到 that since the disciples constantly prayed in one mind, 因门徒们切切同心祷告,as a result the promised outpouring of the Holy Spirit came upon them. 其结果就是所应许的圣灵浇灌下来。As Christians 作为基督徒,we can be filled with the Holy Spirit sometimes, 我们有时会被圣灵充满,but how can we keep the presence of God always wherever we go? 但怎能无论去哪里,都一直保持与神同在呢?

Paul the apostle tells us the secret, 使徒保罗告诉我们常与神同在的秘诀,In 2 Cor 13:11, Finally, brethren, farewell! Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace shall be with you. 林后 13:11:还有末了的话:愿弟兄们都喜乐。要作完全人;要受安慰;要同心合意;要彼此和睦。如此,仁爱和平的 神必常与你们同在。 Four elements are involved: 这里包含了四个要素:A, be perfect, 要作完全人, be of good comfort要受安慰 C, Be of one mind,要同心合意 D, live in peace.要彼此和睦 。

What does it mean to be of one mind?同心合意是什么意思?

In Phil 2:2, it says, then make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and of one mind. 2:2你们就要意念相同,爱心相同,有一样的心思,有一样的意念,使我的喜乐可以满足。Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. 你们当以基督耶稣心为心。 From the context, 从上下文来看,it seems that disunity had occurred among the Philippians because of their different opinions. 腓立比教会信徒似乎因意见不同而导致不合一。So Paul says that to have one mind is to have the same mind, attitudes, intentions, or concerns, or interests, as that of Christ Jesus. 这以基督的心为心就是:与基督有一样的心志,一样的态度,一样的目标,一样的关切,一样的爱好。But the challenge is that we all have different opinions, 但是问题是,我们都有不同的意见,when we do things together,当我们共事时,how can we be of one mind? 怎么才能同心呢?

For unity is not uniformity, 合一并不是统一,so that we have to speak the same language,因此我们必须说同一种语言,or have the some T-shirt, 或穿同样的T恤,or the same hair style,或一样的发型,or be uniform in our outward appearance in some ways. 或某种外在形式的统一。Unity is not to compromise our opinions. 合一不是彼此妥协。Unity is to be united with the Lord in the Spirit. 合一,是在圣灵里与主联合。

How do we apply it?怎样应用这个真理?For example, 例如,if there are different opinions between a Christian husband and his wife, 一个基督徒夫妻有不同的意见,or you and me in a team at the church. 或你我在教会的团队里有不同的观点。 “I want to do it this way, “我想这样做”, “he wants to do it that way, “他想那样做”,as non-Christians,如果是非基督徒,we listen to the one whose opinion is good and feasible. 我们看谁的意见好、可行,就听谁的。But as Christians, 但是作为基督徒,we should lay down our own opinions before Jesus, 我们当在主耶稣面前放下自己的观点,and together seek to discern the mind of Christ. 一同寻求明白基督的心意。

Christian unity is not that two people agree among themselves, 基督徒的合一并不是两个人之间达成一致,for each of us is called to die to the self,我们各人蒙召,是要向己意死,and lay down his own opinion before the Lord, 在主面前放下自己的想法,and to be united with the Lord in the Spirit, 又在圣灵里与主合一,so that husband and wife are united in the Lord, 由此夫妻就在主里合一,and you and me are united in the Lord. 你我也在主里合一。When each of us is united with the head Jesus, 当我们每个人都连于元首耶稣,we therefore are united in Christ. 我们就在基督里合一了。Thus, 因此,this unity Jesus talks about is in His salvation and in the truth, 耶稣所讲的合一是在祂的救恩和真理中,which is just like the perfect unity of the Trinity, 如同三位一体的完美合一,where there is no room for selfishness, 这合一里没有自私,self-righteousness, 自义、self-centeredness, 自我中心、and sinful passions,旧人的爱好、pride and desires.骄傲和私欲的容身之地。

For example, 比如,when I first came here,当我刚来这里, I found that everything was different .我发现什么事都不一样。The way of operating the church was completely different from the home church,教会在这里的运作方式和家里的教会完全不一样,where we were just like living in the early church. 在那里我们好像活着初期教会。But shall we say who is right or who is wrong? 但我们能说谁对谁错?Can we say that God isnt at work here? 我们能说神不在这里做工?Of course not! 当然不是!God has brought me here and opened my eyes to see, 上帝把我带来开我眼睛使我看见,that due to the different circumstances, 由于不同的环境,and different people, 不同的人,God works in different ways. 神做事的方式不同。When things are not going our way, the way of the fallen nature is to blame others and try to change or kill others, 当事与愿违,天然人的方式是责怪他人或改变或除掉他人,but as His beloved people we are to kill the self and follow Jesus way,作为蒙爱的子民我们是要除掉自我, and to be untied with Him,和主连结,so that we may bear witness for Christ powerfully. 因此我们能成为祂的好见证。

From Acts 4, when the disciples prayed in one accord (mind), 从使徒行传4章当门徒们同心合意祷告,they experienced such great power from God, 他们经历了神何等大的能力,that the place was shaken (v.31), 聚会的地方震动(31节), they were filled with the Holy Spirit (v.31), 他们都被圣灵充满(31节),and spoke the word of God boldly (v.31), 放胆讲论神的道(31节),which brought a diverse body of the Jews from 12 nation to be united as the church of Christ. 从而聚集了来自12国的犹太人合一成为基督的教会。This reveals that seeking unity in Christ (one mind, or attitude like that of Christ) 这一切显明,寻求在基督里的合一(与基督相同的心志和态度)brings the powerful work of God to His church, 将带来神在祂教会大有能力的工作,and enables us to bear witness for Christ powerfully. 并使我们大能的为基督作见证。For Jesus said, 因为主耶稣说,“so that the world may believe that you have sent me. v.21b” 叫世人可以信你差了我来。(约17:21下)

2, What is the glory that Jesus mentions in that unity? V.22主耶稣所说的合一中的荣耀是指什么?(22节)

V.22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one. 22节,你所赐给我的荣耀,我已赐给他们,使他们合而为一,像我们合而为一。What is this glory that Jesus talks about when we are in unity with Him? 主耶稣说到合一时的荣耀指的是什么?Does he mean praise from man? 祂指的是从人来的称赞吗?In Isa 42:8, God says, (以赛亚428),神说, “I am the Lord; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.” 我是耶和华,这是我的名;我必不将我的荣耀归给假神,也不将我的称赞归给雕刻的偶像。(以赛亚书 42:8) This verse clearly tells us that the glory of God is incommunicable, 这节经文明白地说,神的荣耀是不能分给他人的,and God will not give His glory to nature or things that are created by human hands. 神不会将自己的荣耀归给人的本性或人手所造之物。But what is this glory that Jesus has given to us? 但主耶稣给我们的荣耀是什么呢?This is the glory of a shared life in Christ. 这荣耀是分享基督的生命。John 20:31 But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name. 但记这些事要叫你们信耶稣是基督,是 神的儿子,并且叫你们信了他,就可以因他的名得生命。(约翰福音 20:31) Col 3:4, 4 When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. 基督是我们的生命,他显现的时候,你们也要与他一同显现在荣耀里。(歌罗西书 3:4)

Through faith by Gods grace, 因信借着神的恩典,in Jesus we have redemption through his blood, 藉着耶稣的血得蒙救赎,the forgiveness of our sins, 过犯得以赦免,we then can participate in His divine nature就得以与神的性情有份(2 Peter 1:4), (彼得后书14)thats the glory that Jesus talks about. 这就是耶稣所说的荣耀。His glorious life! 神荣耀的生命!Since we are participants in Christs life, 既然我们有份于基督生命,we are to reflect Gods glory in the perfect unity of the Trinity, 我们就要活出三位一体神的荣耀,and to show that we may be one as they are one. 就是要像三位一体神一样的合一。But is it easy? 但这容易吗?

what does the enemy do to hinder us from becoming one in Christ, 仇敌怎样阻挡我们在基督里成为一,so that we fail to glorify the life of Jesus?使我们不能荣耀耶稣? Paul teaches us, 保罗教导说,that we shouldnt be unaware of Satans schemes, 我们应知道撒但的计谋,or he may outwit us免得他趁机胜过我们(2 Cor 2:11). (哥林多后书211)What are the schemes?

A, The uncontrolled tongue. 不禁止自己的舌头。 

In 1 Peter 3:8, 在彼得前书38 中,Peter the apostle talks about being of one mind, 使徒彼得谈到同心合意,then he says in verse 10-11,然后在第10-11节中说:“Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil, and their lips from deceitful speech. 人若爱生命,愿享美福,须要禁止舌头不出恶言,嘴唇不说诡诈的话;(彼得前书 3:10) In other words, it says, 换句话说,if someone doesnt keep his tongue from speaking evil,如果有人不禁止舌头说恶言,and his lips from lies, 不禁止嘴唇说谎话,he wont be able to reflect the glory that Jesus gives him, 他就不能反映出耶稣的荣耀,and he wont see good days either! 就不会享好日子!Thats serious! 这是严肃的!But this is Gods judgement! 可这是神的判断!


 So if someone who is a Christian doesnt see good days in his life, 所以,若一个基督徒没享好日子,or there are too many troubles in his family, or in his career…在他的家庭,他的职业…or in his life, 或在他的生命中有太多的麻烦,he must take Gods judgement seriously, 他必须好好想想神的判断,and repent of his own wrongdoing, 悔改自己的过犯,giving room for God to judge.交托给神审判。In fact, 事实上,we all can count the numerous wrong doings of others, 我们都可以数算别人做的无数错事,but if we do so, 但如果我们这样做,we lose our peace, 我们就会失去平安,and wont see good things in our lives. 再也看不到生活中美好的事物。

A bitter heart creates an uncontrolled tongue,苦毒的心使舌头不受控制,which destroys unity and ruins our own lives. 舌头破坏合一,破坏我们自己的生活。So v.11 tells us, 因此11节说,we must turn from evil and do good; we must seek peace and pursue it. 我们要离恶行善,寻求和睦,一心追赶。A month ago, 一个月前,a kiwi sister testified to me, 一位kiwi姊妹见证说,that since she repented from her attitude of grievance towards her younger sister who had wronged her,自从她为自己对妹妹的不饶恕悔改,因妹妹冤枉了她,and prayed 70 times 7 to forgive, 707次地祷告饶恕,and humbled herself to love her sister rather than repaying evil for evil, 并谦卑去爱而不是以恶报恶,the relationships between her and her sister, as well as her sister and her mum were healed.她和妹妹,妹妹和妈妈的关系都得到了修复。

B, An unforgiving heart.不饶恕的心。

In Heb 12:15, See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many. 又要谨慎,恐怕有人失了 神的恩;恐怕有毒根生出来扰乱你们,因此叫众人沾染污秽(希伯来书 12:15)What does the enemy do to destroy unity in a church? 仇敌在教会里怎样破坏合一? It plainly says, 这里明明地说,that he will use one person who holds bitterness unforgiveness to defile many. 仇敌会利用一个苦毒不饶恕的人来污秽众人。In Numbers 16, we see a typical story,民数记16章有一个典型的故事,where due to the unsettled bitterness and jealousy and rebellion in Korahs heart,可拉因为心里的苦毒、嫉妒、悖逆,he became a rebellious leader against Gods authority and His divinely appointed leaders, 他成了悖逆人的领袖去抵挡神的受膏者们,many others followed him and became rebellious against Gods authority, 许多其他人跟随他一起抵挡神的权柄,and of course, he himself didnt see good days.当然,他自己没有好日子。

However, 然而,there is another story in the bible about King David. 《圣经》还有一个大卫王的故事。He was chased by jealous King Saul in the desert for about 15 years, 扫罗王因为嫉妒,十五年之久在旷野追杀大卫,yet David didnt allow bitterness and unforgiveness to rule in his heart, 但大卫没有让苦毒不饶恕存在心中,rather he chose to forgive Saul from his heart, 相反他选择从心里饶恕扫罗, and allowed God to judge, 并将申冤审判的主权交给神。although King Saul wasnt a godly leader, 尽管扫罗不是敬畏神,David waited for Gods timing,大卫仍然等候神的时间,and never tried to change or kill King Saul himself.从未试图改变或亲自杀死扫罗。

Over the last 14 years of ministry, 在过去的14年的服事中,from east to west, 从东到西,Ive witnessed people who held on to bitterness and didnt see good days themselves, 我看到那些怀藏苦毒的人,都没有得享好日子,“Im so disappointed in the church... 我对教会如此失望…Im so disappointed in what the leaders have done. 我对领袖们所做的一切很失望。” Where are these voices from? 这些声音从哪来的?Arent they from the enemy? 他们不是来自仇敌吗? Does God say to you: 神有没有对你说: “Im so disappointed in what youve done? “我对你所做的事很失望”?Where are your expectations from, 你的期望从何而来,so that youve gotten disappointed? 以致于你感到失望?Are they from God? 他们是从神来的吗?Or from the enemy? 还是从仇敌来的?The one who completely denied Jesus as his Lord wasnt told, 就算那个完全不认耶稣的人,神也没有对他说,“Im so disappointed in what youve done” “我对你所做的如此失望”。Rather Jesus completely accepted Peter with love, 相反,耶稣完全接纳彼得,and even entrusted him with His church. 甚至把他的教会托付给他。Thats our God! 这就是我们的神!And thats our hope! 这就是我们的盼望!You cant do every thing perfectly, neither can they. 你不可能做事不完美,他们也一样。We all need Gods salvation and mercy. 我们都需要神的救恩和怜悯。Anyone who accepts the enemys voice exposes himself to the attack of the enemy. 任何接受仇敌声音的人都会把自己暴露在仇敌的攻击之下。

So if you hear this voice, 所以当你听到这个声音时,you should stop accepting it and pray, 你应该停止接受它,并祷告:“Get behind me Satan! “撒旦,退到我后面去!”To their master, servants stand or fall…仆人或站或跌倒,自有他们的主…to God, You are able to make them stand…神能使他们站立…my hope is in You Jesus!... 我的盼望在于你耶稣!…what I should do is to break myself,我所当做的是破碎我自己,as you were broken for the Fathers will…就像你为了父的旨意破碎自己一样…”Remember, 记住,an unforgiving heart (a critical heart) causes disunity,一颗不饶恕的心(挑剔的心)会导致不合一,and he will never see good things in his own life. 那人自己将永不见生命中的美好事物。A forgiving heart brings unity,一颗饶恕的心会带来合一,and he will see good things from God;那人会看到从神而来的美福。

C, Pride, self-righteousness, gossip, slander, complaining, and backbiting.骄傲、自义、谗言、毁谤、背后说坏话 

Paul the apostle tells us, 使徒保罗告诉我们:that knowledge puffs up while love builds up. 1 Cor 8:1b, “知识是叫人自高自大,惟有爱心能造就人。(哥林多前书 8:1)  In a church, 在教会里,it doesnt matter that someone thinks that he is right, or others are wrong, 不在乎你觉得自己对别人错,our knowledge cant make us holy or whole like the Son Christ, 因我们的知识不能使我们成为圣洁完全如同圣子基督,what matters is whether it is from God Gods purpose? 重要的是,这是否来自神,是出于神的?Gods will? 是神的旨意吗?Gods plan? 是神的计划吗? Gods timing? 是神的时间吗?

Yes, you are right, 是的,你是对的,but is this out of the life of Christ? 但这是从基督的生命出来的吗?Or out of the life of Adam? 还是出自亚当的生命?That matters. 这很重要。Do you ever think of yourself as linked with the life of Jesus so that what you produce will reflect the sharing of life? 你有没想过 你有份于基督的生命,所以 你结出的生命果子将会反映出你在谁联合?Are you reflecting Christ or Adam? 是基督还是亚当?Unity Or disunity? 合一还是不合一?Ephesians 4:2-3 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. 3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace.凡事谦虚、温柔、忍耐,用爱心互相宽容,用和平彼此联络,竭力保守圣灵所赐合而为一的心。(以弗所书 4:2-3)

Be careful here, 大家要小心,the unity that we are searching for is unity from the Spirit of God, 我们所寻求的合一是来自圣灵的合一,not from agreement in the flesh. 不是肉体的意见统一。Unity can be bad when the ungodly act in opposition to God, 合一可以是坏事 若全体同心抵挡神,like the group who followed Korah and united to rebel against Gods authority. 就像可拉一党悖逆神设的权柄一样。But if each one of us seeks the will of God in our circumstances,但是,如果我们每个人都在各自的环境中寻求神的旨意,by recognising and crucifying our own pride, 认出自己的骄傲、 self-righteousness, 自义、gossip, 闲话、slander, 毁谤、complaining on the Cross, 抱怨,钉在十字架上,and yields the fruit of the Holy Spirit, 并结出圣灵的果子,we will be able to be one just as the Father, Son and the Spirit are One.我们就能成为一,如同父、子、圣灵的合一。

For the life of Christ is truth, love, joy, and peace.因为基督的生命就是真理、爱、喜乐与和平。If any of us desires to see Gods powerful work, 若我们渴慕看见神大能的工作,yet, complains or holds any judgemental thoughts against another, 却彼此抱怨或论断,we block the way for God to fulfil His vision in our midst. 我们就拦阻了神在我们中间成就祂的异象或应许。So how crucial unity is for all who are longing to see Gods powerful work come! 因此,对渴望见到神大能工作的人来说,合一是多么重要!

3, what is the purpose of unity? V.23 合一的目的是什么?(23节)

v. 23 I in them and you in meso that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me. 我在他们里面,你在我里面,使他们完完全全地合而为一,叫世人知道你差了我来,也知道你爱他们如同爱我一样。(约翰福音 17:23) What is the purpose of believers being one in Christ? 信徒在基督里合一的目的是什么?Jesus plainly tells us, 耶稣直接地说: “to let the world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.” “让世人知道你差了我来,也知道你爱他们如同爱我一样。”

It simply tells us that only Unity reflects love. 这句话明明说只有合一才能反映爱。The perfect Unity of the Trinity reflects that God is love, 三位一体的完全合一,揭示神是爱,and in Him there is no darkness or dissension. 在祂里面没有黑暗或纷争。If we as His body begin to seek to reach and unify a diverse peoples holding different understandings of the work of God as one in Christ, 我们是祂的身体,如果我们寻求 为达到 不同的人群, 对神工作有不同的认识的人能在基督里的合一,by laying down what we want the church to be like, 借着放下自己想要教会要怎样的看法,but seeking what Jesus the head wants His body to be like, 去寻求耶稣这头想要祂的身体成为怎样的旨意,we therefore will demonstrate that we love Jesus. 我们就在表达我们对耶稣的爱。

For whoever has His commands and obeys it, he is the one who loves Jesus (see John 14:21).因有了我的命令又遵守的,这人就是爱我的;(约翰福音 14:21)And when the church begins to demonstrate unity in faith, 当教会开始在信上合一,unity in sharing the truth, 在真理上合一、sharing the power of the Holy Spirit, 在圣灵的能力上合一、and sharing in the life of Jesus, 在耶稣生命上合一时,we show the world that Jesus is the Lord indeed! 我们就向世人显明耶稣的确是主!And we show the world,我们就向世人表明,that we are united in One purpose, 我们在一个旨意、in One God, 一位神、and in prayer, and we are ONE in the Spirit. 借着祷告,在一个灵里,成为一。That is the most powerful power to extinguish the work of darkness, 这就是驱赶黑暗、and to enable us to carry the good news to reach people and nations with different languages将福音带到不同语言的人群族群、 and bring a new Jerusalem down on earth.带下新耶路撒冷的最强大的能力!



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