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2019-08-20 Old vs New 旧的和新的比喻

发表于 2024-01-08

How do you consider a change in your life? 你如何看待生活中的“变化”?Are you afraid of changing your job? your school? your class? 你害怕换工作?换学校?换班吗?What do you think about changing of the food you eat every day? 你每天吃的食物要改变?怎么样?...When you go grocery shopping, do you always buy new things when you cant anticipate the taste? 当你去采购时,当你并不知道那是什么,你会买吗?(I will try something new occasionally.)(我偶尔才会尝试新东西。)Research shows that 62% of people dont like change. 有研究表明, 62%的人不喜欢变化。Do you know why? Because people fear the unknown. 你们知道为什么吗?因为人们害怕未知的事物。But in Christ, we must embrace change, 但在基督里,我们应欣然接受改变。2 Cor 5:17 if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here.《哥林多后书》第517 节里说,若有人在基督里,他就是新造的人,旧事已过, 都变成新的了。The new is here!新的就在这里!

The new-born soul needs continually to be fed on the word of God, 新生的灵魂需要不断地依靠上帝话语的喂养,and be renewed in the mind to a fresh and different understanding by viewing things with Gods eyes! 被更新思想,并通过用上帝的眼光,以不同的认识去看待事情!Its such a beautiful thing for us to be changed into Jesus likeness. 我们能更新成为主耶稣的样子是何等美好。So today, as we think about change in Christ, well continue to look at Matt 9: 14-17所以今天,当我们想到在基督里的更新,我们来继续看看《马太福音》第914-17

1, Religious tradition vs a Bridegroom. V.14-15 宗教传统与新郎的概念 14-15

After Jesus had said that He desired mercy, not sacrifice, 在耶稣说他喜爱怜恤,不喜爱祭祀之后,John the Baptists disciples came and asked him, 施洗约翰的门徒就来问他,v.14 How is it that we and the Pharisees fast often, but your disciples do not fast? V.14“我们和法利赛人常常禁食,你的门徒倒不禁食, 这是为什么呢?”

Jesus didnt say, Look, I fasted forty days in the wilderness, and my disciples will fast later on. 耶稣并没有说:“看呐,我在旷野禁食了四十天, 我的门徒们日后也要开始禁食。” Instead, 相反的, he brought out three parables to point Gods people to the unveiling of the truth. 主耶稣却用三个比喻向世人说明真理。Even though people might not have truly understood him, 即使人们或许并没有真正理解他,or might have slandered him, 甚至诽谤他,God was on his side, for he was doing exactly the will of the Father. 但上帝却因主耶稣的顺服与他同在, 因为主耶稣完全按照父的旨意行事。

The same for us, 同样的对我们来说,if we are doing Gods will, 如果我们顺服在上帝的旨意中,people may not understand us or they may criticize us,人们可能不会理解我们或者还会论断我们, but they will eventually see and make peace with us, 但他们最终会看到我们的作为并与我们和好,although it may take time, 尽管这可能需要时间,for there will be a time forus to practice dying to our own impatience or pride. 尽管可能要等很久,因为我们需要要操练治死“老我”里的急躁和骄傲。

In V.1515节中, Jesus answered, 耶稣回答说,“How can the guests of the bridegroom mourn while he is with them? 新郎和陪伴之人同在的时候,陪伴之人岂能哀恸呢?The timewill come when the bridegroom will be taken from them; then they will fast. 但日子将到,新郎要离开他们,那时候他们就要禁食。” Jesus didnt say that his disciples didnt need to fast. 主耶稣并没有教导门徒们无需禁食。Actually, 实际上,we see from Acts, 从《使徒行传》中我们可以读到,many times the disciples fasted and prayed, 门徒们曾多次禁食和祷告,especially, in Acts 13: 1-3,特别是在 使徒行传》 131-3中提到, where the history of Christianity was changed because of the leaders of the church in Antioch who were fasting and praying. 正是由于安提阿教会的领袖们的禁食和祷告, 使得基督教的历史发生了后续的变化。Paul and Barnabas therefore were called to their first missionary journey, 就是保罗和巴拿巴被圣灵呼召展开了他们第一次的传教之旅, and brought the gospel to the Gentiles.并将福音传给了外邦人。Fasting and praying as a spiritual discipline can bring us near to God,禁食和祷告作为一种属灵上的操练,使我们可以靠近上帝, if it is really from faith. 只要它确实是建立在信心上的。As if we say to God that 就像我们对上帝祷告说“we hunger for You to come in power more than food.” “我们渴慕你赐给我们的大能胜过食物。”“I hunger for you more than food…”“我渴慕你胜过食物......

But the point here Jesus was making wasnt about whether His disciples should fast or not, 但主耶稣这里教导的不是关于门徒是否应该禁食,but the image of Jesus as the bridegroom. 而是关于主耶稣作为新郎的概念。Jesus refers to himself as bridegroom. 主耶稣把自己比作新郎。

In the NT, 在新约中,when Paul speaks of the relationship between Christ and the church, 当保罗谈到基督与教会之间的关系时, he uses the image of a husband and a wife. 他借用了丈夫和妻子的关系比喻。In Ephesians 5.V.27 在以弗所书527节中说到,“to present her (the church) to himself as a radiant church, “可以献给自己,作个荣耀的教会,without stain or winkle or any other blemish, 毫无玷污、皱纹等类的病,but only holy and blameless.” 乃是圣洁没有瑕疵的。”

Actually, 实际上,this image of the most intimate bond of commitment and a loving relationship is fully revealed in the book of Revelation (see Re 19:7, 21:2, 9, 22:17) 在启示录中已充分展现了这信仰是最亲密的委身和爱的关系(参考启 19,21章第2,9,2217节)In the OT, 在旧约中,God proclaims who He is to Israel in Isa 54:5, 上帝在《以赛亚书》第545节中宣告他对于以色列的关系就是, It says, For your Maker is your husband, “因为造你的是你的丈夫,the Lord Almighty is his name, 万军之耶和华是他的名,the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; 救赎你的是以色列的圣者,he is called the God of all the earth. 他必称为全地之神。

In that context, 在那个时代,generations of Israelites were referred to un unfaithful wife, 几代以色列人被称为不忠的妻子because they didnt turn from their idolatrous ways to being faithful to God, 因为他们没有从拜偶像回转到真正敬拜主耶稣上,so they lived in Babylonian captivity as if in widowhood. 以致于他们生活在巴比伦的流亡中,仿佛守寡的妻子一般。But God is merciful, 但主是满有怜恤的主,in Isa 54:5, 在《以赛亚书》第545节中,He described a beautiful picture of regathering and restoring Israel, 他向世人描述了一幅重整和修复以色列的美好愿景,which was like a husband remarrying his unfaithful wife. 这就像一个丈夫再娶他不忠的妻子一样。

Also in Hosea 2:19-20, 同样,在《何西阿书》第219-20节中说到,I will betroth you to me forever;我必聘你永远归我为妻;I will betroth you in righteousness and justice, in love and compassion. 以仁义、公平、慈爱、怜悯聘你归我。20 I will betroth you in faithfulness, 也以诚实聘你归我,and you will acknowledge the Lord. 你就必认识我耶和华。God desires a relationship with His people just like when a bridegroom betroths his bride.上帝希望与他的子民建立关系, 就像新郎要聘他的新娘一样。

But now, the bridegroom of Israel is here! 但是现在,以色列的新郎就在这里!Jesus Christ came to betroth a people to himself at the price of his own blood. 主耶稣来聘人作他的妻, 乃是借他的宝血为代价 “The time is now.” “就是现在。”

Jesus turns a question about the religious act of fasting to question the motives for fasting. 耶稣把禁食的宗教行为的问题转向禁食的动机。“what are you seeking when you fast? 你在禁食的时候求问什么?Are you seeking God himself?你是在求问主吗? Are you seeking liberty from sin?你就在求罪得释放吗?”

The bridegroom is here! 新郎就在这里!The Messiah King is here! 弥赛亚君王就在这里!The one who can free people from sin is here! 能把人从罪里释放出来的主在这里!While Im physically with you, you dont have to fast, but you only need to believe in me! 当我与你同在,但你不必禁食,只需要相信我!The time is now. ”就是现在”。 This is what Jesus Christ was actually telling the disciples of John the Baptist, 这就是主耶稣基督告诉施洗约翰的门徒们的话,that He wanted them to change their minds from believing in religious traditions to the NT that Jesus brought to them! 他希望他们改变观念,从信奉宗教传统转向主耶稣所赐下的新约的道中!

2, A patch of unshrunk cloth vs an old garment. V.16 新布与旧衣服(16节)

v. 16 No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment, for the patch will pull away from the garment, making the tear worse. 16节,没有人把新布补在旧衣服上;因为所补上的反带坏了那衣服,破的就更大了。  Nowadays, clothing has become consumer items. . 这个时代,衣服已经成为消费品,Its fashionable to have holes in pants. 裤子上有洞是时髦。 But in Jesus day, 但在耶稣的时代, I believe that people would understand the parable, 大家都明白这比喻在说什么because they needed to repair their clothes, if the damage wasnt too much. 那时只要衣服不是太烂,都是补补继续穿。Jesus is saying that if you mend your old coat by sewing on a piece of unshrunk cloth, 耶稣说,如果你用没缩过水的新布缝在旧衣服上,when it gets wet, it shrinks, 一过水就会缩水,then the tear becomes worse than it was衣服会破的更大。

But what does Jesus really mean? 但耶稣到底想说什么? He was actually telling the disciples of John the Baptist and the Pharisees that the new covenant is coming, 实际上,他在告诉施洗约翰的门徒和法利赛人,if Gods people continue to observe the letter of the Law by the flesh, 新约来到,如果神子民继续靠肉体遵行律法的字句, the letter kills, it wont work. 字句叫人死,行不通的。 2 Cor 3:6,He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenantnot of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 他叫我们能承当这新约的执事,不是凭着字句,乃是凭着精意;因为那字句是叫人死,精意(或译:圣灵)是叫人活。 (哥林多后书 3:6) Its not saying that the letter is bad, or the Law is bad. 这不是说字句或者律法不好,For the NT tells us that the Law is holy, righteous and good. 因新约说律法是圣洁、公义、良善的。(see Romans 7:12) (见罗马书 7:12).

The NT also tells us that the function of the Law is to lead us to Christ (Gal 3:24) 新约告诉我们律法的功用是领我们到基督那里,(加拉太书 3:24), because the Law is spiritual, but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin (Romans 7:14) 因为我们原晓得律法是属乎灵的,但我是属乎肉体的,是已经卖给罪了。 (罗马书 7:14), How can I” “me - the fallen nature lives out the holiness and the righteousness of the law of God? 这个堕落的“我”怎可能活出律法的圣洁公义呢? If we continually observe the letter, 如果我们继续遵守字句,it will be like sewing a new patch onto an old garment.  就如同把新布补在旧衣服上。

I personally experienced the truth of this bible verse. 我亲身经历过这节圣经的真实。14 years ago, after I had been saved and healed from 5 years of suffering from manic depression, 十四年前我刚信主,历时五年的狂躁症得了医治,I decided to do whatever the bible said. 我下定决心遵行圣经的每句话。So I did my best to control my temper during the first two weeks after becoming a Christian. 于是,在成为基督徒的头两星期,我努力控制自己的脾气。I use the word - control我是在自己“控制”。For I controlled my temper when I felt hurt or upset, because there was Gods word in my heart –“love one another.因为神的话说彼此相爱,所以每逢感到被伤害和难过时,我都控制自己不发脾气。

At that time I didnt know how to rely on Gods power to kill the desires of the self, 那时候我还不知道怎样靠神的能力治死老我,and pray in truth and in the Spirit in my circumstances, 不知道在环境里在真理和圣灵里祷告,so that I might receive power to do Gods will. 以得着能力来遵行神旨意。One day, I was offended by my husbands words and was angry with him, 一天,我丈夫冒犯了我,让我非常生气,and I blew up shouting at him. 我发火了,就向他大吼大叫“lets go and get a divorce 走,离婚去。 I was stunned for I found that relying on the self to control my emotions didnt work. 这让我震惊地发现一个事实,靠自己控制脾气完全行不通。It was just like sewing a new cloth onto an old garment. When it got wet, it made the tear worse.就像把没缩过水的新布补在旧衣服上,一湿水,就破得更大了。So I rushed into the bedroom, and knelt down, 我跑回卧室跪下,without a word I prayed in my heart, Lord, I did my best, but I failed. 无声地祷告说,主啊,我尽力了,可还是不行。How can I live out Your commands? 我怎样才能活出你的命令呢? The words: die to the self appeared in my mind. 有两个字“钉死”出现在我心里, I quickly grabbed my bible and turned to Romans 6. 我快速打开圣经翻到罗马书6章,Those words started to open up to me, 这些话渐渐向我开启,and I started to practice them in my circumstances through faith in prayer. 我开始在环境中 借着信心的祷告操练这些话,The following days, I started to taste a glimpse of victory through Jesus in Gods grace. 接下来的几天,我开始尝到了一点在神恩典里借耶稣得胜的滋味。

Paul the apostle once had done his best to do Gods commands, 使徒保罗曾经努力遵行神的命令,but he had failed, 可还是失败了, and he had even become a persecutor of Christ, 甚至成为逼迫基督的人,because he was relying on the old self to do the letter, 因他是靠老我守字句,which only produced self-righteousness. 那只会让人更加自义。But since he walked on the way of denying the desires of the self, 但自从他走上否定自己的道路,and living according to the Spirit of truth, 并照真理的圣灵而行,he was free to walk in Gods words. 就可以自由行在神话语中了。Paul then testifies in Galatians 5:4-5, 于是他在(加拉太书 5:4-5)见证说,“You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. 5 For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope. 你们这要靠律法称义的,是与基督隔绝,从恩典中坠落了。 我们靠着圣灵,凭着信心,等候所盼望的义。

In the NT, trying to do Gods commands by the old man is like sewing a new cloth onto an old garment, 想靠自己遵行神命令就好像把新布补在旧衣服上,when it gets wet, it makes the tear worse. 一湿水,破得更大了The time is now! 但现在是时候了!The bridegroom has come and will come again! 新郎已来到并要再来!Jesus is calling His church to pray in truth and in His Spirit. 主耶稣呼召教会在真理和圣灵里祷告。Let us prepare ourselves and wait for the bridegroom to come a second time for the wedding banquet.让我们预备自己,等候新郎再来参加婚宴。

3, Old wineskin vs New wine v.17旧皮袋与新酒(17节)

17 Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved. 也没有人把新酒装在旧皮袋里;若是这样,皮袋就裂开,酒漏出来,连皮袋也坏了。惟独把新酒装在新皮袋里,两样就都保全了。”(马太福音 9:17)

Jesus died for the forgiveness of our sins once and for all. 主耶稣为我们罪得赦死过一次,这事成了,He was raised from the dead once and for all. 又从死里永远地复活, 这事成了。The Spirit of God was sent into the world as the real presence of Jesus among us. 神的灵被差来,代表耶稣与我们真实同住。The kingdom of God has come spiritually through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the believers hearts all over the world. 属灵上,神的国借着圣灵内住在全世界的信徒心里Jesus says, Old wineskins cant contain the new wine. 主耶稣说,新酒不能装在旧皮袋里。

What is the old wineskin? 什么是旧皮袋?In this context it seems to be fasting, 这段话的上下文好像在说禁食,because people ask Jesus why your disciples dont fast. 因有人问耶稣他的门徒为什么不禁食,But Jesus answer goes beyond fasting.但耶稣的回答却超出禁食这回事。For Jesus knew why people couldnt understand Gods words and recognise the true righteous of Christ. 因主耶稣知道人为什么不能理解神的话,不能认识基督的公义。

It is because of sin, that our minds are fallen, 因为罪,我们的思想堕落了,and the ability to think or act in godly ways is hindered, 对神的道的思考能力和行为能力被拦阻,even if we do our best in the flesh, yet we are still under the power of darkness without seeing light.在肉体里哪怕竭尽全力,没有光,还是被黑暗辖制。Thats why Paul the apostle explained in Romans 7, 这就是为什么使徒保罗在罗马书7章中解释说: For I have desire to do what is good, but I cant carry it out."因为立志为善由得我,只是行出来由不得我。"( 7:18)But the good news is但好消息是that we can be restored and renewed in our minds through the Spirit of truth in faith. 藉著信靠真理的灵,我们的心可以被复兴和更新。So what is the old wineskin? 那么什么是旧皮袋呢?

In Ephesians 4:22, it says, You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires ( 4:22 就要脱去你们从前行为上的旧人。这旧人是因私欲的迷惑,渐渐变坏的。Its clear很明显 that the old wineskin refers to our own minds,旧皮袋是指我们的旧思想、 the old man, 旧人、and the old self. 老自己。We can't put truth into old mindsets, 真理和旧观念不相融合,they are opposite. 它们是背离的。

 Love your enemies!” “要爱你们的仇敌! Bless those who curse you. “咒诅你们的,要为他祝福!”The old self says,老旧人会说 why? No way! “为什么?决不!”“believe in me! “要信我”! the old self says,老旧人说, if I cant understand God, 我都不明白神的心意,why should I believe in Him?我为什么要信祂的话?” Its impossible for us to get godly results with the old mindset and old behaviours. 旧人的思维模式和行为方式是不可能成就神的工作的!

What is the new wineskin? 什么是新皮袋呢?In Ephesians 4:23, it continues, to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24 and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. (以弗所书 4:23-24)又要将你们的心志改换一新,并且穿上新人;这新人是照着 神的形像造的,有真理的仁义和圣洁。

The new wineskin refers to our renewed attitude and minds in Christ, 新皮袋是指我们在基督里被更新的态度和思想, which are being transformed by the word of God through the power of the Holy Spirit in faith!这是因信靠圣灵的能力、借神的话语而改变的!So how do we get these new wineskins?那么怎样才能得着新皮袋呢? Repent, 悔改,repent continually不断地悔改and turn to believing in the truth转向信真理,not in the feelings or in the reasonable thoughts of the fallen nature.不信天然人的感觉和自认为合理的想法” !

New wine, of course refers to a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 新酒当然是指圣灵的新鲜浇灌。In Jesus reply, 在耶稣的回答中,he was referring to the coming transitions from the OT to the NT, 祂指出从旧约到新约的转变,from the Law to the new covenant, 从律法到新约,and from observing the law 从行律法to serving in the new way of the Spirit到要按着心灵的新样服事主,and not in the old way of the written code不按着仪文的旧样。(see Romans 7:6). 但我们既然在捆我们的律法上死了,现今就脱离了律法,叫我们服侍主,要按着心灵(心灵:或译圣灵)的新样,不按着仪文的旧样。(罗马书 7:6)

The Holy Spirit is the new wine. 圣灵就是新酒The Spirit of the Bridegroom is gathering and purifying His bride -the church.新郎的灵正在聚集并洁净祂的新娘——教会。This is the new wine. 这就是新酒。However, 然而,Jesus tells us耶稣告诉我们that we cant preserve the power of the Holy Spirit, if we still live according to the desires of the old man. 如果我们仍然照着旧人的私欲生活,我们就不能保留住圣灵的能力。Thats very true!这是真的!

Ive witnessed lots of cases, 我见过很多这样的例子, where people eagerly go to all kinds of Christians conferences, 人们热切地参加各种基督徒特会,seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit, 寻求被圣灵充满,Yes, 是的,God is merciful and faithful, 神又怜悯又信实,He do gives His Holy Spirit to those who ask for it. 祂乐意把圣灵赐给那些渴慕的人。Therefore, 因此,after the gatherings, 聚会之后,some people are filled with the new wine一些人被新酒充满, and full of joy. 喜乐满怀。And they leave for home happily. 高高兴兴地回家了。 But something unexpected happens,但是当意想不到的事情发生,their emotions return to be controlled by anger, frustration, anxiety, unforgiveness, and whatever negativity…他们的情绪又被愤怒、沮丧、焦虑、不饶恕和任何别的消极情绪控制了……Think about yourself, 想想你自己,isnt that true?是不是这样?

Old wineskins cant contain new wine! 旧皮袋不能装新酒!New wine can leak away quickly! 新酒漏得很快!New wine can run out quickly, if the way we think is still in the same old ways! 如果我们的思维方式还是老样子,新酒很快就会漏光! he hurt me他伤害了我…I cant forgive him我不能原谅他…he is wrong他是错的…”Change your mind and believe, 改变你的思想并相信, that in every situation, 在任何情况下,God will work out the good for you, if you love Him and deny the thoughts of the corrupted self. 如果你愿意去爱神,不去拥抱堕落的老我,神就会在你身上做美好的工作。And then you will overcome your flesh through Jesus! 这样你就能靠着耶稣胜过肉体And will be able to experience the joy of victory in Christ! 就能经历在基督里得胜的喜乐!

In the parable of the ten virgins, 在“十个童女”的比喻中,five foolish virgins are kept out of the door to the wedding banquet五个愚拙的童女被挡在了婚宴的门外(see Matt 25:11). (见马太福音25:11)In Matt 25:8, 马太福音258Jesus tells us耶稣告诉我们,, the foolish ones said to the wise, give us some of your oil, our lamps are going out. 愚拙的对聪明的说:‘请分点油给我们,因为我们的灯要灭了。’Oil in the bible refers to the Holy Spirit. 在圣经中油是指圣灵Lamps here refers to the vessel to contain the oil灯是指装油的器皿 thats our hearts那就是我们的心 Its not saying that the foolish ones lamps have already gone out, 这并不是说愚拙童女的灯已经灭了,but are going out. 而是快要灭了。 Because their oil is running out! 因为她们的油快用完了!What a dangerous thing it is, if the oil (the new wine) is running out! 如果油(新酒)要用完了,这是多么危险的事! Because of that, 正因如此,the foolish virgins are kept out of the door to the wedding banquet! 愚蠢的童女就被挡在婚宴的门外!

Are you longing to go to the wedding banquet? 你渴慕赴这场婚宴吗?Yes, we are all invited! 是的,我们都被邀请了!This is the time for us to prepare ourselves for the second coming of the Bridegroom! 现在是我们为新郎的再来做预备的时候了!Are you wise or foolish? 你是聪明还是愚拙? Jesus will judge us in the end! 耶稣最终会审判我们!In Matt 25:3 says,The five foolish virgins took their lamps, but they did not take more oil for the lamps to burn. 马太福音 25:3说:愚拙的拿着灯,却不预备油;How can we take more oil for our lamps to burn brightly? 我们当怎样多多预备油让我们的灯明亮地燃烧呢? How can we make sure that the oil in our lamps isnt running out? 怎样确保我们灯里的油不至用完?Not only by asking God to fill us, 不是单求神来充满我们,but also, were gonna have to be willing to be changed into new wineskins for God's new wine, 更要愿意被换作新皮袋,盛装神的新酒,so that both can be preserved.如此两样就都保全了The new wine cant be preserved in our old man, if we say, the old is good. 我们若说“陈的好”, 新酒就不能保存在我们的旧人里。

Are you ready to offer Jesus a willing heart?将一颗愿意的心献给耶稣,你预备好了吗?A willing spirit?一个愿意的灵? an obedient attitude?顺服的态度? To be made new wineskins for His new wine? 成为新皮袋盛装祂的新酒?No matter what the cost is? 无论付上什么代价?

The old wineskins cant contain new wine. 旧皮袋不能装新酒。Pour new wine into new wineskins, 把新酒装在新皮袋里,both are preserved! 两样就都保全了!


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