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发表于 2022-05-02

My name is Ruth 我的名字叫路得 I’m a NZ kiwi 我是新西兰的白人。Firstly, I want to thank God for this amazing testimony of God's grace, power, mercy, love and more. 首先,我感谢神赐下这奇妙的见证。这见证充满了祂的恩典、大能、怜悯、爱和许多的美好。God is not hating us, he just wants to come to him just as we are. As weak as we are. 祂不是恨我们的,而是愿意我们以真实的自己、软弱的自己来到祂面前。

It was about February this year, 大约在今年二月份,I left my parents home, 我离开了父母家,I was very tormented by the devil那时我被魔鬼折磨,and not in right relationship with my parents和父母的关系也不好 – I didn’t honour them because there were lots of hurts in my heart. ——我不尊重他们,因我心里有许多伤害。

Over this time, I’ve been in Christchurch, 住在基督城的这段时间里, I have since learned God wants me to honour them Ephesians 6:2.  62 I,我才知道神的旨意是要我们孝敬父母was under God's judgement because of my own sin and foolishness before. 在此之前我因我的罪和愚昧而落在神的审判之下。

Before I came to CHCH, 没来基督城的时候,one day I was literally under a bridge as lighting was striking above me and near me. 有一天我在一座桥下,闪电就从我头上划过,离我很近。Everything seemed to be quiet wrong around me, 周围的一切看起来都不对劲, I thought God's judgement was serious and God was someone who wanted to be taken seriously and respectably. 我想到神的审判是严厉的,我们需要严肃地对待祂、敬畏祂。

About February when I left my family home in Thames, 大约2月时我离开了Thames小镇的家, I was also tormented,  because of listening to false prophets, and their lies, false visions and dreams. 因听信假先知的谎言、假异象和假梦,我被魔鬼大大搅扰。 At that time, I thought I was in the Great tribulation, 我那时相信我正处在圣经所说的大灾难时期, and nothing could physically harm me because false prophets taught me this. 但没什么可以害到我(的身体),因假先知们这样教导我。But actually I was harmed by my sins. 实际上,我却被罪所害。I still can remember  that day I was in Hamilton, 记得那天我在汉密尔顿,and I tried to climb a sharp wire fence and jump on a moving train. 我试图爬过带刺的铁丝网,跳到开动的火车上去。Thankfully, a man saw me and stopped me before I touched the barbed wire coz I had been walking the whole night and became homeless and lost my sanity.  感谢主,一个男人看见我,他阻止了我去碰那带刺的铁丝网,因那前一晚,我一直在到处走,无处可去,精神失常。

Someone else called the police and other people were watching. 有人叫了警察,其他人在围观。The police thought it was best to put me in a mental hospital. 警察认为最好把我送去精神病院,I didn’t like the mental hospital although I was put three for weeks. 我在精神病院呆了三个星期,我不喜欢呆在那里。After I had become better, 当我的状态一好些,I was looking for accommodation and found Jane and Raymond’s advertisement on the website. 就开始找住的地方,我在网站上看到JaneRaymond的招租广告, Something was different about their photos and home. 他们的相片和家里看起来有些特别。 Both of them and God opened their hearts and home to me. 他们与神一同向我敞开心、敞开家。 They have been very patient with me, I was loved, disciplined, and corrected much. 他们以极大的耐心和爱心待我,也训导我、指正我。But at first I hated particularly Jane. 但一开始我特别恨Jane

I thought she was condemning me, 我总觉得她在定我的罪, but actually she was teaching me about righteousness可她实际上是在教导我何为公义; until the Sunday of the church picnic, 直到教会上次举办野餐会之前, I thought Jane was so wrong. 我一直都认为她是错的。Then God spoke through Jane, she was giving me a serious warning and said, 后来神借着Jane给我严厉的警告,她说,this was last chance for me to repent, 给我最后一次悔改的机会,otherwise she would kicked me out of the house and I would lose the opportunity to turn to God, 不悔改她就让我离开她家,我将失去转向神的机会,and I would end up in the place where I came from. 那样我就会回到我出来的地方。 Wow, that’s very serious, 哇,那可太严重了,I never wanted to go back to the mental hospital. 我可不想回到精神病院去。But our God never wants anyone to perish. 但神不愿一人沉沦。

It came to realise as she was saying God sent his prophet to the Israelites to warn them to repent. 我开始有点明白Jane所说神差祂的先知向以色列民宣讲悔改的话。She said God sent my brothers to tell me to repent and change. 她还说,神差我的哥哥们对我说话,是我要悔改、去改变。 It broke my heart when I realised what she said was true, I cried heavily 当我意识到她说的原来是真的,我的心都碎了,我大哭起来。and was touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit as she led me in a prayer of repentance and the presence of God was so strong in the room his joy and the Spirit and his mercy. 当她带我做悔改祷告时,圣灵深深触摸了我,神的喜乐和怜悯的同在大大充满那地。The bible says, there is much rejoicing over one sinner who repents much joy. 经上说,一个罪人悔改的时候,天上都要欢呼。It was like I was in a dark room and then I came into the light and the whole room lit up. 那情景就好像我先前被关在一个黑暗的屋子里,忽然有光照进来,整个屋子都明亮了。

Now I feel I am in God’s light, I do my personal devotional every day. 现在,我感到我住在神的光中,我每天都灵修。I pray, and learnt worry is a powerful weapon that the enemy tries to weigh us down, 祷告时我知道忧虑是仇敌使用的有力武器,让我们沮丧无力,I learnt to watch over my heart and allow the word of God to lead me and guide my thoughts. 我开始学习看守心门并让神的话语引导我所思所想。Now my relationship with my family has been reconciled现在我和家人的关系修复了 and I’ve already cut about half of the medication I have been using since I’ve been here. 并且自从我来到这里,我之前使用的药量已经减半了。 Praise God. 赞美神。the battle is ongoing, but I have a good God! 争战还在继续,但我的神真好!Praise God, we have a wonderful Jesus who is always our hope to heal and deliver and restore! 祂永远是我们得医治、蒙拯救、被修复的盼望! Amen! 阿门!

见证人: Ruth


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