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2023-07-16 Overcoming temptation & repentance (Matt 4) 胜过试探和悔改(太4)

发表于 2023-07-17

Last Sunday we talked something about repentance. 上星期天我们分享了悔改。Jesus came to bring us into a Kingdom. 耶稣来带领我们进入一个新的国度,After we’ve immigrated into His Kingdom, 在我们移民到祂的国度后,we’re required to change, 我们就需要改变,for we’re not just given citizenships, 因为我们不仅被赋予了公民身份,but also are called to get ready to share in Jesus’ kingship when He returns. 而且还被呼召预备在耶稣再来时分享祂的王权。Wow, can you image the joy of legally sharing in a king’s possession? 哇,你能想象一下合法分享君王财产有多欢喜快乐吗?The generous King Jesus wants to share His inheritance with us. 慷慨的王耶稣想要与我们分享祂的产业,This is the great hope for why we were born again. 这是我们重生的最大盼望。Now for this hope, 为了这个盼望,in Matthew chapter 4, 在马太福音第4章,Jesus showed us the necessity of overcoming Satan’s temptation. 耶稣告诉我们必需先胜过撒但试探。 Let’s read v.1-17. 我们来读1-17节。

1, Why was Jesus led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by Satan? 圣灵为何引耶稣去受魔鬼试探?

You may have noticed a strange thing here, 可能你留意到这儿有点儿奇怪,what the point of Jesus being led by the Holy Spirit to be tempted by the devil?为什么圣灵要引耶稣去受魔鬼试探?Let’s start with v.17, From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” 4:17,从那时候,耶稣就传起道来,说:“天国近了,你们应当悔改!” From the four Gospels to the book of Acts after Jesus’ resurrection before His ascension, 从四福音书到耶稣复活升天后的使徒行传,we see that Jesus came to proclaim the Kingdom of heaven, 我们看到耶稣来宣讲天国,and He call people to repent; 他呼召人们悔改;In Matthew chapter 5 to chapter 7, 在马太福音5章到7章,Jesus’ famous sermon on the Mount was about the values, principles and priorities of the Kingdom; 耶稣在山上的宝训是关于神国度的价值、法则和优先次序; Then He demonstrated the superior power of the Kingdom that overpowered the kingdom of darkness 然后,他展示了他的王国胜过黑暗王国的至高能力,through driving out demons and healing the sick, raising the dead, 借着赶鬼、医治病人、使死人复活,and through His death and resurrection.以及他自己的死而复活。

Jesus’ teaching was always focused on the Kingdom. 耶稣的教导总是关乎他的国度,He didn’t come to preach about the Church, 他不是来宣讲教会,so whether we’re in Pentecostal church or Presbyterian church or Baptist church, etc, 所以无论我们是在五旬节派教会、长老会还是浸信会等教会,the function of the Church is to help us grow mature in Christ 教会的功用都是帮助我们在基督里成熟,as we worship together as the body of Christ, 当我们成为基督的身体一起敬拜,we do fellowship and discipleship training and ministry, 当我们团契、门徒训练和讲道,we pray, serve, give, and share the gospel, 当我们祷告、服事、奉献和传福音,which are all to mature us 这一切都是为了使我们成熟,and prepare us for the reign with Christ when His Kingdom comes in its fullness.预备当他的国度完全来临时,与基督一同掌权。From the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, 从《创世纪》到《启示录》,we see His ultimate purpose of creating us and re-generated us never changes, 我们看到神创造和重生我们的最终目的从不改变,that is to bring a group of mature, lots of overcoming sons to His glory那就是领许多成熟的、得胜的儿子进到祂的荣耀里。(Heb 2:10) -- To him who overcomes, I will give the right to sit with Me on My throne, 得胜的,我要赐他在我宝座上与我同坐,just as I overcame and sat down with my Father in His throne就如我得了胜,在我父的宝座上与他同坐一般。(Re 3:21)

This is why we were born again for. 这是我们重生的目的。God wants us to understand where our destination is, 神想让我们明白我们的目的地在哪里,like when you go on a trip, 就像当你去旅行时,the first thing you get in mind is where to go. 你首先想到的是要去哪里。Same for our faith journey, 我们的信仰之旅也是如此,if we don’t know where to go, 如果我们不知道要去哪里,we won’t have the right motivation, 我们就不会有正确的动机,and can easily lose our way and get caught up in distractions. 很容易迷失方向,陷入分心。Jesus came to preach and demonstrate the Kingdom of Heaven. 耶稣来是为了宣讲和表明天国。What is the Kingdom of heaven? 天国是什么? If you check the parables Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of heaven, 如果你查一下耶稣讲的关于天国的比喻,you’ll find that it simply refers to the King rules over a people. 你会发现它指的就是君王对一族人的统治,The King’s attributes, 有关君王的品质,the King’s ways and principles, 君王的行事法则,the King’s love and truth, 君王的爱和真理,the government of God rules over our lives. 神对我们生命的统治掌管。Since Adam’s fall, 自从亚当堕落以来,humans yield to self-centredness, 人类服从于以自我为中心,the thoughts, and ways of the kingdom of darkness temporarily rules over the world. 黑暗王国的思想和方式暂时统治了世界。But Jesus came to demonstrate that the Kingdom of God is supreme 但耶稣来是要证明神的国是至高的,and will reign forever. 神的国永远掌权。And He came to call us to follow His way to overcome sin, the world and Satan, 他来呼召我们跟随他的道路去战胜罪、世界和撒但,so that by Him we also can demonstrate the reality and power of the Kingdom of God on earth 这样我们也可以借着祂在地上显明神国度的真实和大能 through casting out demons, healing the sick and sharing the gospel. 藉着赶鬼、医病和传福音。That’s why Jesus Christ was led by the Spirit in the desert to be tempted by Satan.这就是为什么耶稣基督在旷野被圣灵引导,受撒但的试探。

2, The temptation of identity. 身份的试探

Let’s look at V.3, v.6, v.9, 我们来看369节,and listen to Satan’s words, 听听撒旦怎么说,If you’re the Son of God, command that these stones become bread” “你若是 神的儿子,可以吩咐这些石头变成食物。”If you’re the Son of God, throw Yourself down…” “你若是 神的儿子,可以跳下去……” “If you fall down and worship me…” “你若俯伏拜我……”  What was Jesus really tempted by Satan? 耶稣真正受撒旦试探的是什么? Traditionally, 传统上,we’re told that the first temptation was about the lust of the flesh, 我们说第一次试探是关乎肉体的欲望,when our Lord Jesus was hungry, 当我们的主耶稣饿的时候,he didn’t like Adam and Eve who took the fruit for their stomach. 他不像亚当和夏娃,伸手拿了果子吃到肚子里。The second temptation tempted the pride of life, 第二次试探是关乎今生的骄傲,and the third temptation related to the lust of eyes. 第三次试探是眼目的情欲。Praise be to our Lord Jesus, 我们的主耶稣是应当称颂的,who stood faithful in the Word of God 因他在神的道上有忠心,and overcame the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life. 胜过了肉体的情欲,眼目的情欲,和今生的骄傲。They are all good exegesis 它们都是很好的注释,to help us understand what Jesus has done for us 帮助我们理解耶稣为我们做了什么,and what his footsteps we should follow in. 以及我们跟随他应当跟什么。But here we see, 但在这里我们看到,after Jesus overcame, 在耶稣胜过试探后,v.17 says, 17节说,from that time on Jesus began to preach, “repent, for the Kingdom of heaven has come near.” 从那时起,耶稣就传起道来,说:“天国近了,你们应当悔改。The words “from that time on” stroke my heart, “从那时起”这句话触动了我的心,why didn’t Jesus call people to repentance first, 为什么耶稣没有先呼召人们悔改,but only after He had overcome the temptation? 而是在他胜过试探后才呼召人呢? What is God trying to say to us here? 神在这里想对我们说什么? Psa 11:3, when the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? 根基若毁坏,义人还能作什么呢?” What foundation does Satan try to destroy in temptation? 撒旦在试探摧毁什么根基? He tempted this twice, 他两次试探他说: “If you’re the Son of God, “如果你是神的儿子,why don’t tell these stones to become bread…” 为什么不叫这些石头变成面包呢?“If you’re Son of God, “如果你是神的儿子,why don’t you throw yourself down, 为什么不跳下去,to prove that God loves you and he will save you?” 证明神爱你,他会救你的。”He actually was saying, 他实际上是在说,“If you’re the Son of God, “如果你是神的儿子,why don't you use your power to get want you want?  ”为何不用你的权力去得到你想要的?” “If you’re the Son of God, “如果你是神的儿子,why don't you do something as you wish to prove that God loves you? " 为什么不去做你想要做的来证明神爱你?”And in the third temptation, 在第三个试探中,he actually was saying, 他实际上是在说,“if you’re the Son of God, “如果你是神的儿子,why don’t you take back the right of ruling over the Kingdom of the world in your own way?”你为什么不以你自己的方式夺回统治世界的权力呢?

Satan tried to get Jesus to prove his identity through his own way and the affirmation of others, 撒旦试图让耶稣通过他自己的方式和别人的肯定来证明他的身份,instead of the affirmation of the Father and waiting for His timing to be promoted. 而不是通过天父的肯定,等候父的时间被提升。"Just do it. God will forgive you." “只管去做你想做的,上帝会赦免你的。”“You must get the highest grade in school to prove that you are better than others.”“你要在学校取得好成绩来证明你比别人优秀。”“You must earn more money the prove that you are capable enough.” “你要赚更多钱以证明你是有能力的。”“You must get the highest position to prove that you are the leader.” “你需要得到最高的职位以证明你是领导者。” 

In the ministry field, 在讲道圈子里,I saw people boast about the good things they’d done, 我看到人们吹嘘他们所做的好事,but where were the signs and wonders that Jesus had promised to accompany His followers? 但是耶稣应许要伴随他的门徒的神迹奇事在哪里呢? I saw people get annoyed 我看到人们很生气,when I talked about the signs and wonders that Jesus was doing among the believers, 当我谈到耶稣在信徒中所行的神迹奇事时,they thought that I was telling them “I’m better than you.” 他们认为我在告诉他们“我比你强。”

If we try to prove our identity through what we do, 如果我们试图通过我们的行为来证明我们的身份,we would be minimized our faith in seeking the affirmation and praise from the Father. 我们就会最小化我们寻求天父的肯定和赞美的信心。This is what Satan wants with us. 这就是撒旦想要我们做的。Really? Did God really say that? Really? 真的吗? 神真的这么说吗? 真的吗? Are you really God’s child? 你真的是神的孩子吗?Does God really love you? 神真的爱你吗? Can God really be trusted with this? 我们真的可以相信神吗? Is God really for me? 神真的是为了我吗? Why doesn’t God give me this and that? 为什么神不给我这给我那? Satan tried to create doubt and confusion 撒旦试图制造怀疑和混乱,to entice Jesus to shift his eyes from the Father to himself and others. 引诱耶稣把目光从天父身上转移到自己和他人身上。If the foundation of who we are in Christ is being destroyed, 如果我们在基督里的根基被摧毁了,we can do nothing, 我们什么也做不了,but will only leave us broken hearts with fragile emotions, 只会让我们破碎的心充满脆弱的情感,fear, 惧怕,shame, 羞耻,comparison, 比较,jealousy, 嫉妒,anger, etc.愤怒等等。

When we live according to Adam’s pattern, 当我们按照亚当的模式生活时,we wanna prove our value through success, 我们想要通过成功、wealth, 财富、education and all the good things the world says good to us. 教育和所有世界对我们说好的东西来证明我们的价值。Satan’s scheme is to entice us to shift our eyes from who we are in Jesus to something outside of us, 撒但的计划是引诱我们把我们的目光从我们在耶稣里的身份转移到我们以外的东西上,when we forget our true identity, 当我们忘记了我们的真实身份,and where we are called to go, 忘记了我们被呼召去的地方,he will tempt us easily 他就能很容易地诱惑我们,through success in our jobs, families, ministries, chasing ambitions, 通过我们在工作、家庭、事工、追求野心上的成功,and control our own lives.控制我们自己的生活。Then we will be like the seed falling among the thorns and unable to bear fruit. 就像种子撒在荆棘里,无法结果子。

But what Jesus showed us was totally different, 但耶稣向我们展示的是完全不同的,and His success wasn’t what the world says it is, 他的成功不是世人所说的那样,that he didn’t prove his worth and value by having power or wealth or gaining recognition from people in his own ways or strength. 他不是通过拥有权力、财富或以自己的方式或力量获得人们的认可来证明自己的价值,Rather he yielded to the Father’s will, 而是降服于父的旨意,unto the cross. 钉在十字架上。And the Father promoted him 父提拔他,and gave his victory over sin, death and Satan to be the King of kings forever. 使他胜过罪、死亡和撒但,永远作万王之王。That’s the real glory forever. 那才是真正的荣耀。That’s the glorious way that we’re called to follow which overcomes Satan. 这是我们蒙召要遵循的荣耀之道,它能战胜撒旦。

3, How to repent and overcome temptation? 怎样悔改并胜过试探?

Jesus our Lord held fast to His identity, 我们的主耶稣坚持他的身份,the Son of God, 神的儿子,he only did what the Father said, 他只做天父所说的,so he overcame the temptations of the lust of flesh, 所以他克服了肉体的欲望,the lust of eyes, and pride of life. 眼目的情欲和今生骄傲的试探。If we wanna grow in faith, 如果我们想在信心上成长,we must overcome temptation. 我们必须胜过试探。Because 1 John 2:12-14 clearly says, 因为约翰一书2:12-14清楚地说,from the stage of spiritual children to the stage of growing into a spiritual young man, 从属灵婴孩到成长为属灵少年人,it is not because of how many good things we’ve done for the Lord, 不是因为我们为主做了多少好事,but because the person has overcome the temptation of the evil one in the process of doing things. 而是因为我们在做事的过程中胜过了恶者的诱惑。This is the difference between doing things in the kingdom of God and doing things in the kingdom of the world. 这就是在神的国里做事和在世界的国里做事的区别。The purpose is different, 目的不同,the motivation is different, 动机不同,and the fruit is different. 结果也不同。We’ve gotta understand that before we go on this journey. 在我们开始这段旅程之前,我们必须明白这一点。How can we overcome temptation? 我们怎样才能胜过试探? The key to overcome is to repent of our false belief about who we are 关键是悔改我们对自己是谁的错误信念,and grow in our true identity in Christ. 并在基督里的真实身份中成长。

Last week somebody told me, 上周有人告诉我,“I want to change, but I can’t. . “我想改变,但我不能。Whenever temptation comes, 每当试探来临时,I blow up again.我就又爆发了。I just can’t change.” 我就是改不了。”How many of us face the same problem? 我们中有多少人面临同样的问题? “I want to get changed, but I can’t.” “我想改变,但我做不到。”Don’t believe lies. 不要相信谎言。“I was hurt, “我受伤了,I was rejected, 我被拒绝了,I was badly treated, 我被恶待了,I was powerless, 我无能为力,it’s not my faults, 这不是我的错,it’s someone else’s faults.” 这是别人的错。”The fallen nature follows Adam’s thoughts, 堕落的本性跟随着亚当的思想,always tries to find someone to blame. 总是想找个人来责怪。That’s a victim mentality. 这是一种受害者心态。A person with a victim mentality believes in false identity that they are a victim 一个有受害者心态的人相信他们是受害者的虚假身份,and never takes responsibility for their own choices从不为自己的选择负责。

Proverbs 23:7, as he thinks in his heart, so is he. 因为他心怎样思量,他为人就是怎样。It means what a person believes in his heart shapes who he is. 这意味着一个人内心的信念塑造了他。God has given us free will to choose.  上帝给我们自由意志去选择。If I believe lies, 如果我相信谎言,“I’m not loved, “我不被爱,I’m rejected, 我被拒绝,I’m a failure, 我是个失败者,I can’t change.” 我无法改变。”I’ll live a negative and passive life. 我会过一种消极被动的生活。I’ll only remain a victim of anger and complaining, 我只会一直是愤怒和抱怨的受害者,so I’ll never get into what God has for me. 所以我永远不会进入神为我安排的。We may fail but we are not failures. 我们会失败,但我们不是失败者。I can start again. 我可以重新再来。But if I take the initiative to believe in what God says I am, 但如果我主动相信神说我是什么,“this is what God has for me, “这是神为我准备的,I choose to believe. 我选择相信。”I’ll absolutely enter into another level of faith and another level of my relationship with God and with people. 我绝对会进入信心和与神和人的关系的新层次。It depends on what I choose to believe. 这取决于我相信什么。

What is Jesus’ belief in his temptation? 试探中耶稣信的是什么? Very clear, he believed firmly in his identity, 很明显,他坚信自己的身份,if you’re the Son of God, you can command these stones to become bread.” ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ “你若是 神的儿子,可以吩咐这些石头变成食物。” “经上记着说:‘人活着,不是单靠食物,乃是靠 神口里所出的一切话。’”There is no doubt that Jesus believed in God's word. 毫无疑问,耶稣基督信神的话。This is because He knew who He was. 这是因为祂知道自己是谁。Jesus was saying, 耶稣在说: “You’re wrong, “你错了,because I’m the Son of God, 因为我是神的儿子,I’m here to demonstrate the priority of the Kingdom of God, 我在这里是为了显明神的国在第一位,which is to put God’s promises above my physical needs, 就是把神的应许放在我的物质需要之上,this’s the right way to show that I’m the Son of God. 这是表明我是神的儿子的正确方式。”The children of God shall follow My way.” 神的儿女要走我的路。”Then Satan took Him to the highest point of the temple, 撒但就带他上了殿的最高处,If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. “你若是 神的儿子,可以跳下去……” Show me how much God loves you. 让我看看神有多爱你。” Jesus answered him, ‘Do not put the Lord your God to the test.’” 耶稣对他说:“经上又记着说:‘不可试探主你的 神。’”He was saying, 他在说: “Satan, you’re the rebel, “撒旦,你是反叛者,this is your sinful way of manipulation and control. 这是你在邪恶地操纵控制人。As the Son of God, 作为神的儿子,I’m here to demonstrate the fundamental quality of the overcoming sons of God, 我在这里展示神得胜的儿子的品格,that is the fear of God 那就是敬畏神。”(Isa 11:3). ” “If you bow down worship me, I’ll give you the glory of this world.” 【太4:9】“你若俯伏拜我,我就把这一切都赐给你。”Go away Satan, you have exposed your intentions, “走开,撒旦,你已经暴露了你的意图,that you wanna deceive people to worship you by the glory of men. 你想欺骗人用人的荣耀来拜你。As the Son of God, 作为神的儿子,I’m here to demonstrate the glory of the Kingdom by obeying the Father’s will unto death, 我来为顺服父的旨意至死来彰显神的荣耀,the cross is the glory of God forever.” 十字架永是神的荣耀。”

Jesus stood firmly in who He was, He set an example for us, 耶稣坚定于自己的身份,为我们树立了榜样,except for reading and praying and meditating on the Word of God, we need to hold fast on who God says we are in Christ. 除了读经,祈祷和思想神的话语,我们需要紧紧抓住神说在基督里我们的身份。you’re not loved, they reject you你不被爱,他们拒绝你;you must get more wealth, fame…or the top title to show who you are.”你必须得到更多的财富,名声……或者是最高的头衔来展示你是谁。”In the process of being tempted, 在被试探的过程中,it actually reflects a clash of the values and belief of the two kingdoms in a person.它实际上反映了人里面两个国度的价值观和信仰的冲撞。 The test of our faith can either promote our growth or steal our blessings. 信心的考验要么促进我们的成长,要么偷走我们的祝福。 It depends on which kingdom’s point of view we choose to believe in and yield to. 这取决于我们选择相信和降服于哪个国度的观点。It's not about coming to a church service. 这不是关乎去教会聚会,It's about how we do in our daily life. 而是关乎我们怎样过每一天。Whether we do our daily life with carrying the values of this world or carrying the values, priorities and rules of the kingdom of God. 我们每天是带着世界的价值观还是神国的价值观和法则去行事为人。So resting in our identity in Christ and resisting the worldly ways of proving who we are helps us to overcome temptations.”因此,安息在我们在基督里的身份,抵挡世俗的方式来证明我们是谁,有助于我们胜过试探。Of course we need to spend time on the word of God. 当然我们需要花时间在神的话语上。

“I’m saved, I’m loved by the Creator God, I’m accepted. 我被拯救,造物主父神爱我,我被接纳,yes, someone hurt me, but I also hurt others; 是的,有人伤害了我,但我也伤害了别人,we all need forgiveness.我们都需要饶恕。Jesus forgives me so I choose to forgive others. 耶稣饶恕了我,因此我选择饶恕他人。So that I can be set free from hatred. 使我可以从仇恨中被释放出来。I can be set free from the tormenting power of the evil spirits. 使我可以从邪灵的折磨中被释放出来。I’m a child of God, 我是神的孩子,I’m an ambassador of the Kingdom of light, 我是光明国度的使者,I don’t have to prove who I am in my own strength.  我不需要用自己的力量证明我是谁,I don’t have to prove who I am in what I have. 我不需要用我拥有什么来证明我是谁,I only need to live out who I am through yielding to the Holy Spirit 我只要藉着顺服圣灵来活出我是谁 and create room for God to prove that I belong to Him. 等神来证明我是谁。He is alive. 祂是活着的。I need to pay a price to keep the truth in my heart, 我需要付代价把这真理存记在心,I need to resist lies and embrace the truth at all times.我要时时抵挡谎言、拥抱真理。

Shall we stand up on our feet? 我们站起来好吗? Would you like to declare who you are in Christ right now? 你愿意现在就宣告你在基督里是谁吗?  Let’s declare the truth what God says we in Christ. 让我们宣告神在基督里对我们所说的真理。

1, In Christ, I’m loved. 在基督里,我是被爱的。This is Love: 这就是爱: that God sent His Son as an atoning sacrifice for my sins 神差他的儿子为我的罪作了挽回祭。(1 John 约一4:10). And this is love for God: 这就是爱神: to obey his commands. 遵守神的诫命,And when I obey His commands, 当我遵守他的命令时,I remain in His love 我就住在他的爱里(John 15:10)

Lord, I believe in this truth. 主啊,我相信这真理。I am fully loved. 我是被爱的。I am forgiven. 我是被饶恕的。I am embraced. 我是被拥抱的。

2, I’m chosen and a child of God. 我被上帝拣选成为上帝的孩子。Lord, help me engrave this truth on the tablet of my heart. 把你的真理刻在我的心版上。So that when the evil one is closed to me and tries to tempt me, 当恶者靠近并要试探我,“They don't love me.”“他们不爱我。”“They reject me.” “他们拒绝我。”  Let my heart immediately turn to your truth and declare your truth. 让我的心立刻转向你的真理、宣告你的真理。“I am loved. ”“我是被爱的。”In Christ, I’m not only loved but chosen. 在基督里,我不仅被爱,而且被拣选。God sent His One and Only Son Christ to die in my place, 神差派他的独生子基督来替我死,so that I can be born again and be included in the loyal family.  这样我就可重生,成为王家的一员。

3, I’m saved and being made to conform to the image of Christ into His full sonship 我得蒙救赎,要被磨成基督的样式,得着完全的儿子名分(Romans 8:29). I’m the image bearer of my Creator God. 我承受造物主的形象,People see me, they see the Father, 人们看到了我,就看到了天父,who is love, just, righteous, mercy, kind, generous and good…祂是爱,公平,公义,怜悯,善良,慷慨和善良……

4, I’m made for dominion over the work of God’s hand through being submitting to God’s authority 我受造,是要顺服神的权柄,管理神手的工作(Gen 1:26) .

5, I’m ambassador of the Kingdom of God. 我是天国的使者。(1 Cor 林前5:20) I’m given the message of reconciliation to call people to be reconciled to God. 神赐给我和好的信息,叫人与神和好。(2 Cor 林后5:19)


6, I’m one member of the body of Christ and the Bride of Christ. 我是基督身体的一员,也是基督的新妇。I’m gifted to edify other members in the body to fulfil His purpose神赐我恩赐教导其他肢体来成就祂的旨意。. (Eph 2:10)

7, I was born again as an overcomer not a victim 我重生为得胜者,而不是受害者(Eph 2:6) and I need to live up to the truth 我需要活出真理,and live out the passion I have been given through trusting in Christ Jesus not my own thoughts.  借着信靠基督耶稣而不是我自己的想法,活出激情。


Let’s sing the last Song. 让我们来唱最后一首歌。

Yes, Lord, You’re so good. 是的,主啊,你太好了。

Thank You Father for loving us through Salvation, 父啊,谢谢你爱我们拯救我们,that You made Your Son Jesus Christ as the substitute for our sins to die on the cross 你让你的儿子耶稣基督代替我们的罪死在十字架上,to forgive us and embrace us as Your sons and daughters. 来赦免我们,拥抱我们成为你的儿女。 You never show Your favouritism according to our performance, but You look at what inside us is. 你从不因外在表现偏待人,你看的是我们的内心。Today, we ask You to forgive us for the thoughts of blame and complaining once we harboured and we acted like victims. 今天,我们恳求你赦免我们心藏责怪埋怨,表现得像受害者。Holy Spirit, Renew us! 圣灵,求你更新我们!Change us! 改变我们!Break the power of a victim mindset in our lives. 破除我们生活中受害者心态的权势。 In the name of Jesus, we break the spirit of lie, fear and manipulation to go out of our lives. 奉主耶稣的名,我们要打破谎言、恐惧和操纵的邪灵,离开我们的生命。Holy Spirit, 圣灵,come to restore a deep sense of who You say we are in Christ in our lives, 求你在我们的生命中,恢复你所说的我们在基督里的身份,so that we may think like the Son of God, 使我们思维像神的儿子, and act like the Son of God, 行事像神的儿子,to push back the temptation and stand firm in truth to bring glory to Your name. 抵挡试探,立定在真理里,荣耀你的名。Amen. 阿们。


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