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2023-07-30 Made in God’s image 照神的形象而造

发表于 2023-07-31

Last Sunday Julie shared a message about the Great Commission with us. 上周Julie与我们分享了关于大使命的信息。Today, we’ll continue to look at the Great Commission including Jesus authority (v.18), 今天,我们将继续看关于耶稣大使命(18)包括祂的权柄,His continuous mission (v.19-20a),延续使命(19-20a)and the demonstration of His presence (v.20b). 以及他同在的彰显 (20b)

1, The Great Mission and Jesus authority. (v.18) 大使命和耶稣的权柄(18)

You may have noticed in v.17, 你可能已经注意到,在第17节,when some of the disciples still doubted, 当一些门徒仍然疑惑,our Lord didn’t show them his scars from the cross like he did for Thomas. 我们的主并没有像对多马那样给他们看十字架的伤痕。Instead, 相反,he proclaimed the Great Commission for them to go, 他要他们去完成大使命: “all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. “天上地下所有的权柄都赐给我了。Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations…”因此,你要去,使万民作我的门徒……” In other words, 换句话说,Jesus is telling us 耶稣是在告诉我们,if we continue to do what God says, a little faith can increase. 如果我们继续去行神要我们做的,我们小的信心就会增加。

I remember 18 years ago, 我记得18年前,when my husband still doubted, 我丈夫还有疑惑,‘that’s your call, not mine.’ ‘那是你的呼召,不是我的。’ But as he willingly laid down his career and property for the Great Commission, 但当他愿意为大使命放下自己的事业和财产时,he experienced more of the reality of God’s healing and salvation for himself and for others. 他更多地经历了神对自己和他人的医治和拯救。“Therefore” means “because of that,” “所以意味着因为这个原因so you don’t have to worry, 所以你不必忧虑,don’t be afraid of anything, 也不必害怕,you can go and make disciples of all nations.” 你可以去,使万民作你的门徒。Why? 为什么?Because all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus. 因为天上地下所有的权柄都已经赐给耶稣了。Have you thought about this question? 你想过这个问题吗?Since we’ve seen that Jesus had been demonstrating his given Kingdom authority in raising the dead, 既然我们已经看到耶稣已经在行使国度的权柄,使死人复活、healing the sick, 医治病人、casting out demons and forgiving sins, 赶鬼和赦罪,why did he say that as though he hadn’t been given all authority before His resurrection? 为什么他复活后还这么说,好像之前没有被赋予所有的权柄似的?

We read the story how Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s command, 我们读了亚当和夏娃如何违背神的命令,and how Satan consequently got what God had given to men 以及撒但如何因此得到了神赐给人的权柄 (Luke 4:6), the authority to rule over the works of the hand of God on earth. 即掌管神在地上的创造的万物。Since then, 从那时起,humanity lost spiritual authority, 人类失去了属灵的权柄,they lost their connection with God, 失去了与神的联接,they lost relationship and dominion. 失去了关系和治理权。Jesus Christ, the Son of God came to demonstrate that he had absolute authority over all, 耶稣基督,上帝的儿子来显明他掌管一切的绝对权柄,but that doesn’t mean everything was restored to humanity after the fall of Adam 但人类在亚当堕落后所失去的并没有得着恢复,until Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection. 直到基督耶稣从死里复活。Col 西2:15 says, And having disarmed the powers and authorities, 既将一切执政的掌权的掳来,he made a public spectacle of them, 明显给众人看,triumphing over them by the cross. 就仗着十字架夸胜。It says through Christ Jesus’ complete obedience to God on the cross, 圣经说,借着基督耶稣在十字架上完全顺服神,he has defeated the rules and authorities in the heavenly realms (Eph 3:10) 他打败了天上执政的和掌权的(3:10)which operated in humans through disobedience (Eph 2:2). 这些执政掌权的藉着悖逆在人身上运行(2:2)Jesus’ victory brings men the possibility to overcome the power of darkness. 耶稣的得胜使人有可能胜过黑暗的权势,Eph 2:6, God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus. 便叫我们与基督一同活过来(你们得救是本乎恩)。他又叫我们与基督耶稣一同复活,一同坐在天上,This is the good news for each of us! 这对我们每个人来说都是好消息!Jesus restored us to our heavenly position. 耶稣恢复了我们在天上的地位。And gave back our relationship and dominion through His sacrificial love by his death and resurrection. 借着他的死和复活,他牺牲的爱,把我们与神关系和统治权还给了我们。We now have the ability and authority to access heavenly resources 我们现在有能力和权柄去支取天上的资源,just as  Adam could before his fall. 就像亚当在堕落之前被赐予的那样。

At that time, Adam didn’t need to worry about what to eat or what to wear, 那时,亚当不需要担心吃什么,穿什么,he was given a specific mission: 他被赋予了特殊的使命: “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it…”要生养众多,遍满地面,治理这地;……”  (Gen 1:28) When God said to “subdue it”, 当神说治理是战胜的意思,it means that there must be something to conquer through the power and authority given to him. 意思是说,他们必须要用所赐的能力和权柄去征服一些东西。Now, the original mission has been restored to every Christian. 现在这个起初的使命已经恢复并给了每个基督徒。Therefore, Jesus is saying, 因此,耶稣说: “now, you’ve got what you need to fulfil your mission. “现在,你已经得了完成使命所需要的。 I hold all authority in all creation, in people’s hearts, and over all circumstances. 我在万有、在人心中、在一切环境中拥有绝对权柄。Pray, and I’ll be with you to fulfil your tasks.” 起来祷告,我必与你同在,去完成你的使命。

2, Jesus’ continuous mission through us. v.19-20a) 耶稣藉我们延续使命(19-20节)

v.19-20 Why does Jesus call His church to make disciples of all nations? 为什么耶稣呼召教会使万民作祂的门徒? God wants us to continue to fulfil the mission that Adam failed; 因神要我们继续完成亚当没有完成的使命; And through the second Adam, 藉着末后的亚当,Jesus Christ, the Life-Giving Spirit, 就是耶稣基督,那赐生命的灵,God wants His re-generated children to fill the earth, 神要祂重生的儿女遍满全地,and with the help of the Holy Spirit to overcome spiritual opposition – sin and Satan, 在圣灵的帮助下战胜属灵仇敌——罪和撒但,so that we can become proper ambassadors of Jesus on earth. 这样我们就可以成为耶稣在地上像祂的的使者。We may properly represent God’s love that overcomes hatred, 我们可以彰显神胜过仇恨的爱,God’s mercy that overcomes judgement;彰显神的怜悯胜过论断;God’s righteousness that overcomes injustice 神的义胜过不义,in our homes, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our communities.在我们的家庭、学校、工作场所、社区中。

So we’re called to go and tell people that there’s a God in heaven who loves them. 所以我们蒙召去让人知道,天上有一位神爱他们. He made a way for them to come out of their messes 祂为他们开了路,让他们可以从一团糟的生活里走出来,and His blood defeated the power of sin and death, 祂的宝血胜过罪恶和死亡权势,so there’s eternal hope for everyone who believes. 所以祂赐信的人永恒的盼望。But notice, here it says, 注意,这里说,teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.凡我所吩咐你的,都教训他们遵守。If I stand here to teach you to obey God’s commands,若我站在这里教训大家遵守神的命令 but I myself don’t do it. 但我自己却不去行。That is hypocritical. 这是假冒为善。It would cost us the next generation. 这会使我们失去对下一代的影响。Coz our next generation will say, 因为下一代会说,“I don’t think the God you believe make any difference to our lives.” 我不觉得你所信的上帝对我们有什么影响。So as parents our mission at home is to tell about the wonderful things that Jesus has done for us to the next generation, 因为作为父母,我们在家里的使命是把耶稣为我们所做的奇妙的事情告诉下一代,lead them in reading God's words and praying, 带领他们读神的话语和祷告,and bring them to the presence of God to follow God's commands and experience God's reality. 带他们到神的面前,听从神的命令,经历神的真实。5 years ago, 5年前,we the leadership team went to a pastors’ conference. 我们领袖团队去参加一个牧师特会During the meeting,会议中 a pastor from Christchurch asked a question that shocked me a lot, 一位来自基督城的牧师问了一个让我震惊的问题: “Why should I obey God’s commands?” “我为什么要顺服神的命令?” The speaker replied, “Because their God’s commands.” 讲员回答说:“因为这是神的命令。”The pastor wasn’t convinced and left. 这位牧师并不信服,走了。So why is obedience to God’s commands so important 那么,为什么顺服神的命令如此重要,that Jesus added it to the Great Commission as a condition for His mighty presence? 以至于耶稣把它作为他大能同在的一个条件加在大使命里呢? Mark16:16-18whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, 信而受洗的必然得救,but whoever does not believe will be condemned. 不信的必被定罪。17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: 17信的人必有神迹随着他们,In my name they will drive out demons; 就是:奉我的名赶鬼,they will speak in new tongues; 说新方言,18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; 18手能拿蛇;and when they drink deadly poison, 若喝了什么毒物,it will not hurt them at all; 也必不会受害;they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.”手按病人,病人就必好了。” “these signs will accompany those who believe,” 信的人必有神迹随着他们,Some say, 有人说: “I’ve believed in Jesus for many years, “我信耶稣多年了,why haven’t I experienced any of these things?” 为什么这些事我都没有经历过呢?” What does this “believing” mean? 这个是什么意思? Remember? 还记得吗? One of our original missions is to subdue. 我们最初的任务之一就是征服并治理。 How do we subdue? 如何征服? We demonstrate it through casting out demons, 藉赶鬼、overcoming fears, 胜过惧怕、and removing sickness (if God allows) from others through our prayers. 借着祷告病人得医治来彰显征服。These are not what we can do in our own strength or power. 这些不是我们凭自己的力量所能做到的。Only through exercising the authority of Jesus can we do it. 只有藉着运用耶稣的权柄,我们才能做到。 How? 怎么做? Jesus said, all authority in heaven and on earth had been given to him. 耶稣说,天上地下所有的权柄都赐给他了。 “Jesus is in me, “ 耶稣在我里面,it means that I only need to get my thoughts, 这意味着我只需要让我的心思、my mind, 意念、my attitude, and my actions in alignment with His commands.态度和行动服从祂的命令。For example, if people around me make mistakes, 如果我周围的人做错了事,I need to get my thoughts in line with Jesus, 我需要让我的思想与耶稣保持一致,to pray and love sinners instead of judging. 去祷告和爱罪人,而不是去论断。 This is the  “believing” that God wants from us. 这就是神要我们的 If we follow His commands from the inside out, 如果我们从里到外遵守祂的命令,we’ll show that we believe in Him, 我们就显明我们信祂,and we’ll live under His authority. 我们就会活在祂的权柄之下。Then, we’ll be connected to the Source of All authority, 这样,我们就会和这位权柄的源头连结,to be able to draw power from the Source to subdue the enemy.” 以至于可以支取能力来制服属灵仇敌。

The call of the Great Commission is for every Christian. 大使命的呼召是给每一个基督徒的。Last Sunday, we heard a story from Olivia 上周日,我们从Olivia那里听到她的故事,about how God provided for them even through strangers after her parents had obeyed His call. 关于神怎么供应了他们在她父母顺服神的呼召。And we saw a list of 19 names on the screen, 我们也在屏幕上看到一个19人的名单,they were all members of OTBC, 他们都是OTBC的成员,who obeyed God’s call to go to different places on missions. 他们听从神的呼召去不同的地方宣教。14 years ago, 14年前,when I was pastoring the home church, 当我牧养家里的教会时,I heard a voice from heaven in a dream saying: 我在梦中听到一个声音从天上传来,说: "I will send you out." “我要差你出去。”Then I was given a great cleansing power from heaven to lead people to repentance and cleanness. 又从天上赐给我极大的洁净能力,领人悔改洁净。 The dream finished. 梦就没了。At that time, I was doing deliverance ministry to the home church and to church leaders from other places. 那时,我正为家里的教会和从外地来的领袖做医治释放事工。A few years later, I ended up in NZ. 几年后,我来到了新西兰。 Through the leaders of OTBC and the whole church’s obedience to God’s will, OTBC的领袖和整个教会对神旨意的顺服,a door opened for me.一扇门向我打开了. God has carried out His mission work here in the 2pm Service at OTBC. 神在OTBC下午两点的聚会中延续祂宣教的使命。 Over the years, 多年来,just as God promised, 正如神所应许的,through the power of the Holy Spirit to lead people to repentance, 借着圣灵的大能带领人悔改,I’ve witnessed people saved and also healed from various diseases, 我见证了许多人得救并从各种疾病中得医治,like depression, eczema, migraines, chronic sinusitis, Crohn’s disease, etc. 如忧郁症,湿疹、偏头痛、慢性鼻窦炎、克罗恩病, 等等。Some who were unable to work because of breakdowns 一些因内心崩溃而无法工作的人,now are able to contribute to society again through true repentance; 真心悔改后,现在能够重新为社会做出贡献; Others who have been oppressed set free and are reconciled their relationship with God and with people, etc. 有受到压制的人得了自由,与神与人修复了关系,等等。 God calls and gives each of us different tasks with different gifts for His mission. 神呼召并赐给我们每个人不同的任务,不同的恩赐去延续祂的使命。

Our worship leader, Amanda, 我们的敬拜领袖Amandadid not travel abroad for a long-term mission, 并没有出国长期宣教,but she has stepped into the 2pm Service with the DNA from generations of missionaries in her family, 但她带着家族几代宣教士的DNAand with the gifts she has received 带着她所领受的恩赐,to work with other musicians to fulfil God’s mission call here. 与我们的其他音乐服侍同工一起在这里完成她宣教的呼召。Our brother Alan has influenced his team to start playing worship songs at work 我们的弟兄艾伦影响了他的团队开始在办公室中放敬拜音乐,and a former staff of him has been baptised under his Christian influence. 一位前职员在他的影响下最近受了洗。Today, why we are here to be called people of God, 今天我们之所以被称为神的子民,is because someone fulfilled the mission God gave them. 是因为有人行了神赐予他们的传福音的使命。We all are entrusted with the gospel of Jesus. 我们都被托付传耶稣的福音。Where has God called you into mission? 神呼召你去哪里宣教? What are you willing to sacrifice for your mission? 你愿意为使命牺牲什么? A mission won’t cost you nothing. 这使命不会让你不付出任何代价。Jesus poured out everything for his mission. 耶稣为他的使命倾倒了一切。Can I fulfil my mission if it cost me nothing? 如果我不付代价,我能完成我的使命吗? No! ! Then, same for you. 你也如此。

3, The Great Mission and the demonstration of His presence (v.20b, Mark 16:20).大使命和祂同在的显明(20节下,可16:20)

Matt 2820Mark 16;20-21, Our Lord Jesus promised us that He wouldn’t leave us orphans. 我们的主耶稣应许我们,他不会撇下我们为孤儿。He sent a Helper to be with us. 他差了一位保惠师与我们同在。That’s the Holy Spirit, 那就是圣灵,who is our personal mentor, coach, counsellor, and friend. 祂是我们个人的导师、教练、顾问和朋友。He came for two major works:祂来有两个主要的工作: one is to do His work in us, 一个是在我们里面做祂的工作,which is to transform us into the image of Christ Jesus;就是把我们改变成基督耶稣的样子;The other is to do his work through us, 另一个是借着我们来做祂的工作,which is to help us complete our missions. 也就是帮助我们完成使命。

We need the Holy Spirit. 我们需要圣灵。We need to make good friends with the Holy Spirit. 我们需要和圣灵成为好朋友。We need to get the Holy Spirit involved in our decision making, 我们需要让圣灵来参与我们的每个决定,so that we won’t make silly decisions.这样我们就不会做出愚蠢的事。Acts 1:8, But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; 圣灵降临在你们身上,你们就必得着能力; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” 你们要在耶路撒冷、犹太全地、和撒玛利亚、直到地极、作我的见证。  Jesus knows that we can’t fulfil our calling without being filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. 耶稣知道,如果没有被圣灵的能力充满,我们就无法完成呼召。It’s good for our missionaries to go out with skills in education, medicine, administration, teaching, etc. 我们的宣教士带着教育、医学、行政、教学等方面的技能出去是好的,But that’s not enough. 但这还不够,they all need to be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. 所有人都需要被圣灵的能力充满. This is what we need to pray for our overseas missionaries and for ourselves. 这就是我们要为海外传教士和自己祷告的方向。We see from the book of Acts, 从使徒行传看到,Jesus knew when He was sending out His disciples, 耶稣知道门徒被差出去时,and they would face evil powers operating in the occult, sorcerers, the opposing forces of hell. 他们将面对在灵界中中运行的邪恶势力,异教、巫术、及来自地狱的对抗权势。They needed the power of God. 他们需要神的能力。Please don’t assume that isn’t happening now. 请不要以为这些现在不再发生。I witnessed Missionaries fail their Missions in Macau miserably. 我目睹了传教士在澳门的惨败。Many Western Missionaries went to Cambodia, 许多西方传教士去了柬埔寨,and their marriages broke up, 他们的婚姻破裂了,their health broke down, 身体得病,some ended up doing business instead, 有些人转从去做生意,and some went home disappointed.有些人失望地回国了。

Why? 为什么? Because the culture they were in was full of demon worship, 因为他们所处的文化充满了对魔鬼的崇拜,like burning incense to idols everywhere, 比如到处向偶像烧香,gambling, 赌博,prostitution, etc. 卖淫等等。They were facing huge spiritual opposition from hell. 他们面临着来自地狱的强大的属灵对抗,They needed the Power of God. 他们需要神的大能。We’re living in an environment where people resist the supernatural. 现今我们所处的社会,人们抗拒相信有属灵的事。But just because people resist it doesn’t mean Jesus tells lies. 但人的不信,并不意味着耶稣在说谎。We live in a culture 我们所处的社会中,where abuse and sexual perversion are everywhere, 广泛存在暴力和淫乱性变态、marriages break down, 离婚,young people are under attack. 年轻人正在受到攻击。Depression and suicide are taking more lives. 抑郁症和自杀夺走了越来越多的生命。Yes, we need doctors, counsellors, and medicine, 是的,我们需要医生、辅导、药物,but the Church’s mission involves bringing an invisible Kingdom into another Kingdom and establishing its rule over the dark kingdom. 但教会的使命是把一个看不见的国度和祂的统治带进黑暗的国度。 This involves a God who is a Spirit and involves His supernatural presence. 这涉及到一位神祂是个灵,以及祂超自然的同在。

V.20 tell us 20节说,that we need the supernational power of the Presence of God to drive out demonic powers,我们需要神同在的超能力来赶出污鬼,so that we can win souls back to Jesus! 以至于我们可以为主赢得灵魂! The disciples listened to Jesus, 门徒听从耶稣的话,and they obeyed His commands, 遵守祂的命令,and the Lord worked with them by His mighty presence, 主用祂的大能与他们同在,His signs and wonders that accompanied them 用神迹奇事伴随他们,to prove what they said was from God. 来见证他们所说的话是出于神。 We all need that too! 我们也都需要这样的同在!

In this season of Renew Together, 在这共同更新期间,let’s not just give our money to support the needs of our missionaries,  让我们不仅仅捐钱来支持宣教士的需要,but also let’s pray desperately, 而且要让我们竭力祷告, “Lord, pour out Your Spirit from on high onto our overseas missionaries “主啊,求祢将祢的灵浇灌在我们海外宣教士身上,as they’ve obeyed Your command to come out of their comfort zones 因他们顺服了祢的命令,走出舒适区,to use their gifts and skills to bless other nations.用他们的恩赐和技能去祝福其他民族。Grant your servants with boldness to speak Your word. 求你赐仆人放胆传扬你的道。Stretch out Your hand to heal 求你伸出你的手来医治疾病, and perform signs and wonders through the name of Your Son Jesus Christ!” 并且使神迹奇事因着神儿子耶稣的名行出来。Amen 阿门

Closing Prayer: 结束祷告:

Yes Lord, we praise Your name. 是的,主啊,我们赞美你的名。What a great hope You’ve brought us. 你给我们带来了何等盼望。 We thank You for Your everlasting love! 感谢你无尽大爱!Thank You for the opportunity to bring us back to the original mission plan on earth through Jesus’ cross and His resurrection. 感谢你借着耶稣的十字架受死和复活,让我们有机会回到起初你在地上的使命和计划。Thank You for telling us that we’re not saved for nothing, 感谢您告诉我们,我们得救不是无目的的,but for completing a mission purpose as we’re waiting for Your return. 而是为了完成使命, 来迎接你的再来。

We thank You for those whom You’ve used to reach out to us with the Gospel, 我们为那些你曾使用向我们传福音的人表示感谢so that we now can be called children of God. 因此我们现在得称为神的儿女。Lord, You are Just and Loving, 主啊,你是公义和慈爱的,Thank You for giving us equal opportunity 感谢你给我们平等的机会to participate in bringing Your Kingdom on earth. 来参与把你的国度带到地上的计划。The Great Commission: 我们的大使命是

“Go, make disciples of all nations, “你们要去,使万民作我的门徒,baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”, 奉圣父、圣子、圣灵的名给他们施洗”, this is to restore us to our original purpose for which we were made to "be fruitful and multiply; to fill the earth" 这是要把我们恢复到我们被造的最初目的就是生养众多; 遍满全地“And teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you,” “凡我所吩咐你们的,都教训他们遵守is to bring us back to live under God’ s authority, 这就是把我们带回到生活在神的权柄之下,so that we’re connected to the Source of All authority to be able to subdue the power of sin and Satan.   以至于我们就连于万有权柄的源头,可以去制服罪和撒但的权势。Therefore fulfilling the Great Commission allows us to fulfil our purposes in life. 因此,履行大使命使我们可以实现人生的目标。

So now you can pray on your own…现在你可以自己祈祷了……

“Holy Spirit set Your fire in my heart! 圣灵的火燃烧我!Holy Spirit, fill me with power from on high, 圣灵,从天而来的能力充满我,so that I can only live for You.让我单单为你而活。Thank You for pouring out Yourself to save me from the curse of sin and death. 谢谢你倾倒你自己来救我脱离罪的咒诅和死亡。Ive already have eternal life我有了永生,therefore You call me to go, go into the world, 因此你呼召我去,去到这世界,go into my family去到我家中, go into where I’m called to be去到你呼召我去的地方, to tell people that a God from Heaven loves them, 去告诉人们天上有位神爱他们and You want me to show them what a wonderful and loving God You’re,你要我去向他们展现神是何等的奇妙和慈爱 who is able to release the captives and heal the broken-hearted…祂能使被掳的得释放,医治伤心的人

Lordforgive me for living a life without allowing the Holy Spirit to help me make decisions,主啊,求你赦免我自行,不让圣灵参与我做决定,Forgive me for living a life not keeping Your Great Commission in my heart and not always obeying Your commands…赦免我不把大使命放在心里,也不常遵行神的命令,so that I feel rejected, lonely, and disconnected. 以致于我感到被拒绝,孤独,与神与人隔绝。But  today, I come back to You, 但是今天,我回到你的面前,I commit my life to You again.我再次把我的生命交给你。 Holy Spirit, draw me to love the Word of God, 圣灵,吸引我去爱慕神的话语,empower me to ichange and grow!加给我力量去改变和成长!

Let’s pray for overseas missionaries. 让我们为海外传教士祷告。 “Lord, it’s not enough to just have talents and skills for a mission, “主啊,光有才干和技巧还不够,we ask You to fill our overseas missionaries with power from on high 我们求祢让海外宣教士充满从上头来的能力,like You did for the early church missionaries;就像祢赐给早期教会的宣教士一样;give them faithful hearts to follow Your commands;赐给他们忠心来遵守祢的命令;and send them out carrying boldness to proclaim Your Word, 差遣他们勇敢地出去宣讲祢的道,and with Your mighty presence for them to cast out demons and heal the sick.愿祢的大能与他们同在,医病赶鬼。”so that those who were blind will open their eyes 好叫瞎眼的得看见,to praise Jesus’ name and say, ‘God is with us indeed!’”  来赞美耶稣的名,说,神实在与我们同在了!”

Thank You Lord Jesus, for restoring us into the original purpose of why we were made 主耶稣,感谢你恢复我们受造的目的,by calling us to participate in the Great Mission 呼召我们参与大使命,through Jesus’ death and resurrection.借着耶稣的死和复活。 Lord, continue to make Your words known to us. 主阿,求你继续将你的话指示我们, And increase our faith in You. 并加增我们对你的信心。 Holy Spirit, fall on us! 圣灵,求你降在我们身上! come upon us! 充满我们! awaken us! 苏醒我们的心! Continue to guide us to renew together with those who are not with us right now.  继续引导我们,与那些在远处的人一起,共同更新。


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