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2023-08-13 Following Jesus through continuing His mission 藉延续使命跟随耶稣

发表于 2024-01-08

We’ve been on messages of mission for the last three weeks. 在过去的三周里,我们一直在分享关于使命的信息。Today, we’ll continue to look at Matthew 4, 今天,我们继续学习《马太福音》第四章,after Jesus had overcome temptation, 耶稣在胜过试探之后,he began his mission. 开始了他的使命。So mission again! 再次讲到了使命!What is God trying to say to us this afternoon?今天下午,神想对我们说什么? Let’s read v.18-25, 让我们读 18-25 ,

Following Jesus involves two things. 跟随耶稣意味着两件事

A week ago, someone asked me a question, 一周前,有人问我一个问题:“how could these disciples immediately obey the call of Jesus? "这些门徒怎么能立即听从耶稣的呼召?Why is it so hard for us to lay down everything for Jesus?”  为什么我们很难为耶稣放下一切?"  We see here, 我们在这里看到,Jesus didn’t call the best, 耶稣没有呼召那最优秀、or the greatest, or the strongest. 最伟大或最强壮的人,Jesus called the willing, the ready. 耶稣呼召预备好的,愿意的人。If you’re willing and ready, 若你预备了又愿意,you’ll lay down what you have to follow Him when He calls you.你就会在祂呼召你时,放下你的一切去跟随他。

v.19, “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” 【太4:19】耶稣对他们说:来跟从我!我要叫你们得人如得鱼一样。 We’re not called to follow the news or TV shows, 我们蒙召不是去跟随新闻或电视连续剧,or fashion or the fads of the world. 也不是追随世界的时尚或潮流。Jesus said, “follow me”, 耶稣说:"跟从我"then he immediately said, 然后他马上说:“I’ll make you become fishermen,” 我要让你成为得人渔夫,which means Jesus initiates the relationship with us. 这意味着耶稣主动开始与我们的关系。Jesus makes it possible. 耶稣使之成为可能。We’ve gotta rely on Him.  我们必须依靠他。It’s not by our own works that we can become fishermen. 我们要成为得人渔夫,不是靠自己的行为。So following Jesus involves two things. 因此,跟随耶稣包括两件事。One is about life transformation, 一是关于生命的转变,“we become fishermen…"我们成为渔夫......we no longer follow our old desires, trying to become billionaires 我们不再跟随老我渴望成为亿万富翁、or ‘top dogs” of this world. 或这个世界的'杰出人物。Because of our hope in God’s word, 因为我们对神的话语有盼望,through our obedience to Jesus words, 藉着我们对耶稣话语的顺服,we can gradually become one in mind and actions with our Lord. 我们可以逐渐在思想和行动上与我们的主合而为一。This is about our intimacy with God. 这关系到我们与神的亲密关系。We become one with Jesus. 我们与耶稣融为一体。

The other is about fulfilling our mission另一个是关于完成我们的使命Becoming fishermen is about what to do through the Holy Spirit. 成为得人渔夫是关于如何靠圣灵行事。They both help us to reach our goal -它们都有助于我们达到目标--becoming mature sons in the image of Jesus Christ.成为耶稣基督样式的成熟之子。(Romans 8:29, Romans 8:14). Interestingly, 17 years ago, the first time when I asked God, 17年前,当我第一次问神:"Which country do you want us to pray for?" "你希望我们为哪个国家祈祷?" At night in a dream, I was standing by a river in Thailand, 晚上,在梦里我站在泰国的一条河边,and there were a few people fishing, 有几个人在钓鱼,but they only caught 4 or 5 fish. 但他们只钓到了四五条鱼。I stood beside them praying for them. 我站在他们身边为他们祈祷。The dream finished. 梦没了。Ever Since then, the home church has prayed for missionaries and their works in Thailand for many years,从那以后,家里的教会很多年一直为泰国的宣教士和他们事工祷告, which has also helped the church build its character. 这也帮助了家里的教会建立了其品格。So following Jesus means to both become who God says we are 因此,跟随耶稣意味着既要成为神所说的人,and do what God calls us to do.又要做神呼召我们做的事。

Following Jesus through continuing His mission. 藉着延续使命来跟从耶稣

v.23-25 says that large crowds went to seek Jesus because they heard what Jesus was doing. 大群的人来跟随耶稣,因为他们听见了耶稣所做的事。- teaching and proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, healing every disease and sickness among the people. 在各会堂里教训人,传天国的福音,医治百姓各样的病症。In Luke 4, 在《路加福音》第 4 章中,after Jesus overcame temptation, 耶稣胜过试探后,he proclaimed his mission statement, 宣告了他的使命宣言,which is quoted from Isaiah 61, 引用的是赛 61 “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, “主的灵在我身上,because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. 因为他用膏膏我,叫我传福音给贫穷的人;He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners 差遣我报告:被掳的得释放,and recovery of sight for the blind, 瞎眼的得看见,to release the oppressed.”叫那受压制的得自由,

Why did Jesus preach the good news and heal the sick? 耶稣为什么要传福音和医治病人?The invitation of the good news is about restoring the lost connection. 好消息的邀请是为了恢复失去的联系。Because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience, 由于亚当和夏娃的悖逆,mankind lost connection with God. 人类和神失联了. The good news of Christ, 基督的好消息,the Son of God who died on the Cross and was raised from the dead, 神的儿子死在十字架上并从死里复活,is that through his complete obedience, 藉着他的完全顺服,we’re able to restore our relationship with God. 我们可以恢复与神的关系。

So the teaching of the good news is about our relationship with God, 好消息的教导是关于我们修复与神的关系,our intimacy with God, 并我们与神的亲密关系,oneness with God. 与神的合一。Healing the sick is about demonstrating that God’s Kingdom holds superior authority and power, 医治病人就是要表明,神的国度拥有至高的权柄能力,which overpowers the work of the kingdom of darkness. 它打败黑暗国度的运行。Disease and sickness belong to the fallen world. 疾病属于堕落的世界Romans5:14, Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses. 然而从亚当到摩西,死就作了王Death reigned over people since Adam’s fall 自从亚当堕落后 死就临到地上的人。Actually, sickness and death aways go together. 事实上,疾病和死亡总是相伴的。Before people die, 人在死之前,they get sick first. 首先会生病。I’m not saying that every disease we get is related to a specific sin. 我并不是说我们得的每一种病都与特定的罪有关。Sometimes, yes. 有时是,Sometimes, not. 有时候不是。I once read many testimonies about missionaries in the past 我曾经读过很多关于过去的传教士的见证,who got sick and died from overwork, 他们因为过度劳累而病死了,because the needs were huge, 因为需要多,workers were few. 而工人少。But overall, 但总的来说,our bodies will die because of sin, 我们的身体会因罪而死,we’ll be given bodies which are immortal. 但我们会得一个不朽坏的身体。This’s the hope that the Gospel gives us. 这是福音给我们的盼望。

But why did Jesus come to heal the sick and drive out demons? 耶稣为什么来医治病人和赶鬼呢?Because they are signs that the Kingdom of God overpowers the Kingdom of darkness. 因为这是神国胜过黑暗国度的标志。(Matt 12:28).  The bible tells us that we’ve been brought into the Kingdom of light through Jesus’ redemption. 经上说,藉着耶稣的救赎,我们进入了光明的国度。There are two invisible kingdoms 有两个无形的王国,which clash against each other through values, principles, and ways of doing things. 它们的价值观、法则和做事方式相互冲突。

Jesus shows us that the Kingdom of darkness rules over people’s lives through torment, 耶稣显明黑暗国度藉着折磨人、sickness, 疾病、division, 纷争、grief, 悲伤、poverty, 贫穷或贫穷感、fear, 惧怕、unforgiveness, 不饶恕、unresolved emotional wounds, sin. 未处理的情绪创伤和罪统治着人们的生活。Remember?  还记得吗? Jesus cast out demons from a man who was oppressed by a Legion of evil spirits, 耶稣从一个被群魔压制的人身上赶出鬼,and he allowed the demons to go into a large herd of pigs, 他让鬼进入一大群猪里,and immediately they killed themselves by jumping down into the sea.猪就立刻跳海自杀了。What does God want us to get from this event? 神想我们从中明白什么?It’s clear, 很显明the reality is that it’s demons who give suicidal thoughts. 就是魔鬼给人自杀的念头。They come to destroy, steal, and kill. 它们来,毁坏、偷窃、杀害。Anytime people have suicidal thoughts, 任何时候人起了自杀的念头 they are interacting with demons. 都是他们正在与邪灵互动。Years ago, we had a brother with us, 几年前,我们有一位弟兄,he came to the church on and off. 他刚开始不常来教会。One day, when I saw him, 有一天,当我看到他时,the Holy Spirit moved my heart, 圣灵感动了我的心,so I told him, 于是我告诉他:“I see the spirit of death chasing you.” "我看到死亡的灵在追赶你。"You can image the look on his face. 你可以想象他当时的表情。“yes” he said, . "是的 "他说,“it has been chasing me for my lifetime.” "它追了我一辈子。"  

Praise the Lord. You can guess the end of the story. God set him free from all suicidal thoughts赞美神 你可以猜到故事的结局 神让他摆脱了自杀的念头。Actually, his faith saved him. 事实上,他的信救了他。He repented of his previous sins 他悔改了从前所犯的罪,and chose to forgive everything his parents had done to him through the love of Jesus. 并选择藉着耶稣的爱去饶恕父母对他所做的一切,His life was changed, 他的人生改变了,and his relationship with his family was restored. 与家人的关系也恢复了。Afterwards, he shared the good news with his best friend. 之后,他把这个好消息告诉了他的好朋友,His best friend was baptised 他的好朋友也接受了洗礼,and became a follower of Jesus. 成为了耶稣的跟随者。They’re still following our Thursday bible study. 他们仍在参加我们周四的圣经学习。How exciting! 多么令人兴奋! We serve a wonderful God who does exciting things! 我们侍奉的是一位奇妙的神,祂充满精彩!They’re not old people, 他们不是老人,they’re young, 他们是年轻人,they can spend time on movies or sports, 他们可以把时间花在电影或运动上,why do they get on zoom to follow our bible teaching every Thursday, 为什么他们还要每周四来参加我们的查经呢?there must be something attracting them. 一定有什么在吸引他们。We’re not serving a boring God! 我们不是侍奉一位无聊的神!If you seek to follow Him obediently, 如果你寻求顺服地跟随祂,you’ll experience something exciting and wonderful from Jesus! 你就会从主耶稣经历到令人兴奋和奇妙的事情!V.24-25, 24-25 , We see Jesus came to bring a huge influence of the Kingdom’s power and authority on the world around Him. 我们看到借着国度的权能,主耶稣来给他周遭的人带来天国巨大影响力。

Luke 12:1 tells us that when Jesus began to preach, 告诉我们,当耶稣开始传道时,thousands of people gathered there, 成千上万的人聚集在那里,and they even trampled on each other. 他们甚至互相践踏。Can you imagine the chaos? 你能想象当时的混乱吗?Did anyone get injured? 有人受伤吗?We don’t know. 我们不得而知。Jesus was able to heal. 耶稣能够医治。We see God’s heart always wanting His church to have influence on the world 我们看到神的心一直希望祂的教会能够影响世界,and change the world around us through His love, power, and authority. 藉着祂的爱、能力和权柄改变我们周遭的世界。

Some asked, “Why can’t I do that?” 有人问,“为什么我不能做这样的事?” We’ve gotta know that God’s Kingdom operates through its own ways. 我们当知道的国度是藉着祂自己的方式运行的。The kingdom of darkness operates through disobedience, 黑暗的国度藉着悖逆、pride, 骄傲、independence, 靠自己、fear, 恐惧、lust淫乱, depression and suicide,忧郁自杀 and all kinds of problems you can think of. 以及你能想到的所有的问题来运行。God has His way of operating in His power. 神有祂运行能力的法则。Jesus Christ, the son of God was full of grace and truth, 神的儿子耶稣基督满有恩典和真理,and was given all power and authority, wisdom and all the spiritual gifts. 被拥有所有的能力、权柄、智慧和属灵的恩赐。He knew what people thought; 他知道人们内心的想法,he could perform miracles. 他能行神迹。But why didn’t he come out to preach the gospel at 10 years old, or 25 or 29 years old? 但他为什么不在10岁、25岁或29岁时就出来传福音呢?Not until 30 years old. 而是到了 30 岁才出来传福音。Why? 为什么呢?Do you remember the first miracle Jesus performed during a wedding? 还记得耶稣在婚礼上行的第一个神迹吗?Marry said to him, 马利亚对他说,“they have run out of wine.” "酒喝完了。" Jesus replied, 耶稣回答说:“my time has not yet come.” "我的时候还没有到"John 5:30, Jesus said, “By myself I can do nothing; I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, for I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.  “我凭着自己不能作什么,我怎么听见,就怎么审判。我的审判也是公平的,因为我不求自己的意思,只求那差我来者的意思。

Jesus Christ was constantly aware that He was sent by the Father, and he was on a divine schedule, 耶稣基督时刻意识到自己是天父差来的,他的时间是神定的,he didn’t do things according to his desires but waited patiently for the Father’s time to come. 他不按自己的意思行事,而是耐心等待天父的时间到来。 Now what made Jesus perform miracles? 是什么让耶稣行了神迹? The first miracle Jesus performed during the wedding showed us 耶稣在婚礼上所行的第一个神迹向我们表明,that God’s Kingdom operates its power and authority through obedience. 神的国的权柄能力藉着顺服来运行。

Marry said to the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” 马利亚对用人说,他告诉你们什么,你们就作什么。 after the servants did whatever Jesus told them, 仆人照耶稣所说的去行了,miracles happened! 奇迹就发生了。The water was turned into wine. 水变成了酒。Obedience is the key secret for Kingdom authority to operate powerfully in our lives and our ministry! 顺服是神国权柄在我们的生活和事奉中发挥大能大力的秘诀! Jesus was a man under authority, 耶稣是活在权柄之下的人,he didn’t begin his ministry before his 30’s, 他在30岁之前没有开始传道,because he submitted himself under the word of God.因为他顺服神的话。In Numbers 4:3, 民数记43God said to Moses and Aaron that the service for priesthood was between the ages of 30 to 50. 神对摩西和亚伦说,当祭司的年龄要在30岁到50岁之间。As our High Priest, Jesus Christ surrendered himself to the word of God and waited until the age of 30. 作为我们的大祭司,耶稣基督降服于神的话语,直等到他三十岁You can image how much misunderstanding, 你可以想象耶稣遭受了多少误解、pressure, 压力、judgement, 论断、mockery that Jesus suffered,嘲笑,even his own bothers misunderstood him, 甚至他自己的兄弟也误解了他,“if you wanna become a ‘top dog’, “如果你想成为冒尖的show yourself to the world.” 就向世界表明你自己。

But Jesus chose to forgive, he chose to love. 但是耶稣选择了爱和饶恕。And he calls us, 他又呼召我们说,“If anyone would come after me, 若有人要跟从我, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. Matt 16:24.” 就当舍己,背起他的十字架来跟从我。If we truly follow Jesus, 若你真跟随耶稣,we can’t avoid from being misunderstood or persecuted你不能避免被人误会 或被逼迫 but the mighty presence of God will be manifested through us. 但神同在的大能却要借你彰显。Jesus came to preach the good news of the Kingdom, cast out demons, heal the sick. 耶稣来传天国的福音,医病赶鬼We’re called to follow Him in this way. 我们被召要这样来跟随他.

In Mark chapter 16, in the Great Commission, 在马可福音第16章,大使命中,we’re also called to preach the good news of the Kingdom, 我们也被呼召传讲天国的好消息,heal the sick, and cast out demons, 医病赶鬼,to demonstrate that the Kingdom we’re serving is superior. 去显明我们所服事的国度是至高的。It overpowers the kingdom of darkness. 它得胜黑暗国度。We’re called to continue Jesus’ mission. 我们被呼召去继续耶稣的使命。This is actually manifested through Deliverance ministry. 这实际上是藉着释放事工表现出来的。In 2014 when I was still studying in Vision Collage, 2014年我还在Vision college读书时,the tutor’s wife asked me a question, 导师的妻子问我一个问题: “Jane, we don’t have too many witchdoctors here, ” “Jane,我们这里没有什么巫医,have you asked God what His plan is for you here?你有问过神,祂对你在这里计划是什么吗?” That night, I enquired of God. 我当晚求问了神。 In the night, the English letters one by one appeared in front of me, 夜里,英文字母一个接一个地出现在我面前,“D, e, l, i, v, e, r, a, n, c, e. – Deliverance.” “D, e, l, i, v, e, r, a, n, c, e.——释放。”In the dream, I was like a guest visiting OTBC, 在梦里,我就像一个来OTBC参观的,which was like a hospital. 它就像一所医院。But suddenly, 但是突然,someone gave me some patients, 一个人给了我一些病人,and asked me to deliver them from their emotional bondage through the power of Jesus’ forgiveness.让我藉着耶稣的饶恕的大能把他们从情绪捆绑中释放出来。This was what happened when I just came to OTBC as a visitor. 这是我刚来OTBC时发生的事情。 And later, as you know through the obedience of the church, 后来,正如你们所知,藉着教会的顺服,according to God’s vision, the 2pm service was established. 照着神的异象,下午两点的礼拜成立了。But what is the mission God has for 2pm people? 但是神对下午2点的人有什么使命呢? Why are you here? 你为什么会在这里?

Isa 61 says, 以赛亚书第61章说: “The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, “主耶和华的灵在我身上,because the Lord has anointed me 因为耶和华用膏膏我,to proclaim good news to the poor. 叫我传福音给贫穷的,He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, 差遣我医好伤心的人,to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners……报告被掳的得释放,被囚的出监牢……You might think, 你可能会想,“I’m a broken-hearted person.”“我是个伤心的人。”Yes, that’s why you’re here. 是的,这就是你来这里的原因。Jesu is able to heal. 耶稣能医治人。You might think, “I’m tortured by emotional issues like judgment and bitterness, etc.” 你可能会想:“我被论断和苦毒等情绪问题所折磨。”Don’t worry, your faith can heal you, 别担心,你的信心能医治你,coz God has promised us in v.3 that He will change us, He’ll make us a new person. 因为神已经在v3中应许我们, 祂会改变我们,使我们成为一个全新的人。He’ll crown us with beauty instead of ashes. 祂将赐华冠来代替灰尘。He can put a garment of praise and remove a spirit of heaviness from us. 祂为我们披上赞美衣来替代忧伤之灵。But it requires us to put our trust in Him. 但这需要我们信靠祂。And His promise is bigger than just healing us. 并且祂的应许不仅仅是治愈我们,In v.4, He says that 在第4节中,祂说they will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated.他们必修造已久的荒场,建立先前凄凉之处,,重修历代荒凉之城One day in a vision, I was given similar bible verses in 有一天,在异象中,我看到了类似的圣经经文Isaiah 58:12, Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins “那些出于你的人,必修造久已荒废之处;and will raise up the age-old foundations; .你要建立拆毁累代的根基,you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, 你必称为补破口的,Restorer of Streets with Dwellings和重修路径与人居住的。You may come to OTBC carrying different issues, 你可能带着不同的问题来到OTBCGod wants to restore you, 神想要修复你,but it’s not just for you. 但这不仅仅是为了你。Your life isn’t all about yourself. 你的生命不全是关于你自己的。It’s about God’s plan. 这是关乎神的计划。Not only does He want to heal you, 祂不仅要医治你,but also He wants you to participate in His work of rebuilding the ancient ruins in this place. 祂也要你参与他重建这个地方的累代废墟的工作。

Last Sunday, you probably heard Julie’s message, 上星期天,你可能听到了Julie的信息,more than a hundred years ago, 一百多年前,there was a Chinese mission hall. 这里有一个中国宣教会堂。 But it was ruined for decades or maybe a hundred years. 但它被毁坏了几十年,甚至上百年。 If God’s plan in this place is to see two big trees flourish, 如果神在这里的计划是让两棵大树茁壮成长, even if the Chinese mission hall became an ancient ruin, 就算这里的华人堂变成了废墟,or the Pakeha’s Service became dry, 白人堂变得枯干,the God who raises the dead is able to make it alive and restore the ancient ruins! 使死人复活的神也能让它活过来,让久已荒废之处得以修复!He is calling you, “Follow Me.” 他在呼唤你们:"来,跟随我"He is calling us to Follow Him in His humility, 祂呼召我们来跟随他的谦卑,in His complete obedience to the Father, 跟随他完全顺服天父的脚踪,not only can you be healed, 你不仅能得到医治, but also you will experience exciting things, 还能经历激动人心的事情,coz we’re serving a God who does miracles! 因为我们所侍奉的是一位行神迹的神!


Thank You Lord Jesus, 感谢主耶稣,thank You for demonstrating Your great love on the cross.感谢你在十字架上彰显你的大爱。Thank You for paying the price to raise up the broken to life. 感谢你为重拾破碎的生命而付上重价。 Thank You for calling us to follow you, 感谢你呼召我们跟随你,so that we can be made fishers of men, 使我们能成为得人渔夫,and engage in Your exciting and wonderful plan参与你精彩奇妙的计划,to expand Your Kingdom on earth.扩展你在地上的国度。And this fruit remains forever! 这果实将永存! What a meaningful life You have planned for us through Christ’s death and resurrection. 藉着基督的死和复活,你为我们计划了一个多么有意义的人生。 Let’s give thanks to Jesus and respond to our heavenly Father on our own. 让我们感谢耶稣,并自己回应我们的天父。

I invite you to close your eyes right now, 我请大家现在就闭上眼睛,and reach out to Jesus your Saviour and your Healer. 转向你的救赎主和你的医治者耶稣。 You can cry out to Him for help. 你可以向祂他呼求。 You can say, 你可以说, “Lord, what has hindered me from receiving Your healing power? 主啊 是什么拦阻了我不接受你医治的能力?What has hindered me from following You? 是什么拦阻了我不跟随你? What has hindered me from demonstrating Kingdom power and authority over sin and Satan? 是什么阻碍了我彰显天国胜过罪恶和撒旦权柄能力? Am I still following the news, the ways, the fads of world, which is fading 我是否还在跟随世上的新闻、习俗和世界潮流,and being robbed of my authority to overpower demons? 以至于被夺去我胜过魔鬼的权柄? Do I still act like an orphan without keeping God’s promises in my heart? 我是否仍然像个孤儿,心里没有遵守神的应许? Are there any areas of my heart still occupied by rejection, independence, fear, unforgiveness or any unresolved hurts?” 我的内心是否还被拒绝感、靠自己、惧怕、不饶恕 或任何未处理的伤害所占据?”

You can ask the Lord, “Save me Lord! 你可以呼求主说:“主啊,救我!Holy Spirit, 圣灵啊,release Your resurrection power into my heart. 将你复活的大能释放到我心里。Ignite the fire in my heart, Lord. 点燃我心中的火,主。I’m willing to follow You! 我愿意跟随你! I don’t wanna be entangled by old ways of thinking or old habits, 我不想被来自这个世界的旧思维或旧习惯所缠累so that I’m still kept under the power of darkness and being robbed of my spiritual authority... 以致我仍然活在黑暗的权势之下,被夺去属灵的权柄……You forgave me, I forgive all those who are weak in the flesh like me. 你赦免了我,我也饶恕所有像我一样肉体软弱的人。Fire of the Holy Spirit come upon me! 愿圣灵的火降在我身上!set me free from fear, 求你使我从恐惧中释放出来,fear of lack of money, 从怕没钱的恐惧中释放出来,fear of how people see or speak of me, 从怕人看不起,怎么评价我的恐惧中释放出来,set me free from laziness…释放我脱离懒惰……let your fire burn in my heart to urge me become diligent for the restoration of Your Kingdom work in this place…” 让你的火在我心中燃烧,催促我为你国度在这地复兴而殷勤。Now you can pray on your own. 现在你可以自己向主倾心吐意。

Thank You Jesus for opening up Your words to strengthen our hearts 感谢耶稣开启你的话语来坚固我们的心and lay Your hands on our lives to transform us to be fishermen. 谢谢你按手在我们的生命中,让我们变成得人渔夫。 We pray that the transformation of our lives would become tangible and practical 我们求神使我们的生命发生实际可见的改变,as we continue to carry out Your vision and mission for this church. 因为我们将延续你对教会的异象和使命。 Bless OTBC, 祝福OTBCbless those who are yet to come, 祝福那些即将到来的人,that together we may fulfil Your mission purpose in this place to glorify Your name!  让我们一起在这里完成你的使命,荣耀你的名


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