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发表于 2022-07-31

我的名字叫Helen, my name is Helen. 我来这个教会已经3年多了I have been in OTBC for more than three years.在我来这个教会前,我对悔改和饶恕是一无所知 Before I came to this church I had knew nothing about repentance and forgiveness. 我的生命和家庭是全然在家族的累代咒诅影响下My life and my family were totally under the influence of family curses. 好像没有什么祝福Nothing seemed to be blessed. 但感谢神,祂充满怜悯,祂看见我的受苦,施怜悯给我 But I thank God, He is merciful, and He sees my afflictions and have mercy on me. 自从我来到周四的小组,我有许多的经历神的真实和恩典的见证I have lots of testimonies about experiencing the reality and the grace of Jesus since I attended the Thursdays bible study. 今天因为时间缘故,我只想和大家分享一个小见证Today, I just want to share a short testimony with you due to the limited time.

上周三晩上从8点左右开始看以前叶姐在中国的讲稿到了10点左右感到累了也想睡觉了。Last Wednesday evening, I started to read Janes previous Mandarin sermon script about from 8:00 to  10:00, I felt tired and wanted to sleep.

在那一刻没有注意到我的心已经被烦燥....攻击进来了。At that moment I didn't notice that my heart had been irritated, I was attacked.

心里发出的声音是为什么这篇道这么长, 还有很多要几点才能看完能睡呀, 最后那几行以很快的速度来看完,体贴了肉体赶紧去睡觉了。(还没有意识到已经犯罪)。My heart said, Why the message is so long? When can I read it through and go to bed? So I read as fast as I can the last few lines, and went to bed and I didnt notice that I had set my heart on the things of men not the things of God and was sinned.

9-23,若有人要跟从我,就当舍已,天天背起他的十字架来跟从我。24因为凡要救自己生命的(生命或作灵魂。下同),必丧掉生命;凡为我丧掉生命的,必救了生命。Luke 9-23, Then he said to them all: Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. 24 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it.

体贴肉体是与神为仇的。To be carnal is enmity against God.

平常祷告嘴巴会讲,但是在实际生活环境中行不出来,想到的全是我我我, 累了睡觉去正常需要这个道太长了有时间再看。 人心何等败坏。I used to pray and speak the truth with my mouth, but its hard to act on the truth in my circumstances. When I felt tired, my thoughts were all about the self, me, me, me I think its reasonable to go to bed when Im tired, but actually in my heart I judged the message which was too long and hindered me from going to bed.  How corrupt the heart is.

第二天早上起床时发现我的左边颈部到头上好痛啊没办法直起来. 思想当时, 想到要快一点换衣服,求神光照肯定犯罪了被仇敌攻击了。When I woke up the next morning, I found that my left neck hurt so much that I couldnt straighten it up. I recalled what I thought was to change clothes quickly and go to bed. But I realised I need to ask God to check my heart if I have sinned and allowed the enemy to attack me.

真的没事时不会这么勤快求告神,有难处倒霉了才知道快快求神光照认罪悔改。以至于我可以得保护 If nothing bad happened to me, I would not be so diligent in calling on God. Only when I had difficulties and bad luck would I know to quickly ask God to check my heart, so that I can confess my sins, and repent, and be protected.

当我读经祷告时脑子里出现了晚上的一幕, 赶快承认犯下所有的罪,When I was reading the Bible and praying, the scene of the night appeared in my mind that I judged the message which is too long and hindered me from going to bed, so I quickly confessed all my sins,祷告干净了用右手按在左边脖子额头奉主名并耶稣基督的权柄斥责那些疼痛黑暗出去,然后再宣告在心里赞美神,那个头痛好了不痛了。I asked Jesus to cleanse me, and I lay my right hand on my left neck and forehead, rebuked the pain in the name of the Lord, and by the authority of Jesus Christ, I ask the darkness to go out my body, and then I praised God in my heart, the headache was gone, and it was no more.

感谢神的医治。在这个病疼的经历更加让我认识属灵争战的真实,罪也是何等可怕带着迷惑的。Thank God for healing. This experience of headache made me realize the reality of spiritual warfare and how terrible and deceptive sin is.

26:41,总要警醒祷告,免得入了迷惑,你们心灵固然愿意,肉体却软弱了。41 Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

诗篇119-71, 我受苦是与我有益,为要学习你的侓例。Psa 119:71, It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees.

感谢神的话将我救活,终然在患难中,因此得安慰。Psa 119:50 This is my comfort in my affliction, For Your word has given me life.



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