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发表于 2023-07-03

Hi everyone, I'm Melody.
大家好,我是MelodyLike both Jasper and Keith, 和他们俩一样,I'm 15 years old, 我也是15岁,and go to Burnside High school. 就读Burnside High school. Thank God who brought me here for baptism today. 感谢上帝今天带领我来接受洗礼。

When I was a kid, my mother took me to the home church for Sunday School. 小时候我妈妈常带我去教会参加儿童主日学,The teacher taught us Bible stories and how to pray. 老师带我们学习圣经故事和祷告。Although I didn't understand a lot at the time, 虽然我当时很多都不懂,God was leading me.但是上帝一直在引领着我。

When I was a child, 小时候,I became very anxious when I lost things. 很多次我的东西找不到了, I would pray to God 我很着急时就祷告,because I believed that only He knew where it was. 因为只有上帝知道它在哪里,Then I would find it quickly after praying. 我祷告后很快就找到了;Whenever I felt very nervous before exams, 当我考试前特别紧张的时候,I prayed that God would grant me peace 我就祷告求上帝赐我平安,and lead me to perform calmly; 带领我可以正常发挥;Whenever I felt insecure in my heart, and whenever I faced with choices 当我面临各种选择、内心没有安全感的时候,and it was difficult to make a decision, 很难做决定时,I also would pray to God. 我也会向上帝祷告。

A few years ago, one day, 几年前有一天,my mother asked me if I was ready to receive baptism. 妈妈问我愿不愿意受洗,I said, "Yes, 我说愿意,I will, but I want Jane to lead me to baptism." 但是我想叶葱阿姨带我受洗My mom said, 妈妈说:“ok, you can pray about it to God.” 你可以祷告。I did not expect that a couple of years later, 没想到几年后的今天,I would come to New Zealand for education, 我来到新西兰读书,and now Jane is really going to baptise me. 现在叶葱阿姨真的要带我受洗了,I know this is God’s wonderful grace towards me. 这都是上帝奇妙的恩典。

Over the last few months, 来到新西兰的几个月中,I’ve been to the 2pm service, 我经常来下午2点的聚会听讲道,listening to the sermons and learning to pray, 并向上帝祷告,I’ve experienced changes in my life. 我也有了一些变化。I used to have no patience. 我以前脾气暴躁,Whenever I had conflict with people around me, 当我与身边的人有矛盾的时候,I couldn't see my own problems, 我总看不到自己的问题,and I got angry at others instead.反而对别人生气发怒。

One day, God gave Jane a dream about me, 有一天,上帝赐给叶葱阿姨一个关于我的梦,in which God revealed to her 上帝向她启示说,that the reason why I got angry at others was because there were rejection and hurt I had accepted in my heart from my childhood,我发怒是因为我从小接受拒绝伤害therefore every time when this button was triggered, 所以每次再遇到类似的情况,I got angry. 我就会发火。However I was amazed 我觉得不可思议,coz I didn’t really know myself, 因我自己都没有发现,but God knows me much better. 但上帝知道,Through Jane I was led in prayers of confession and forgiveness. 祂借着叶葱阿姨引导我去祷告饶恕。He loves me and saves me. 祂爱我,也拯救我。

During this period of being taught the truth 这段时间我接受了真理的教导,and led in prayers. 也被带着祷告。I slowly recognised the pride within my heart 我慢慢地能认识到自己的骄傲,that I needed to repent of. 需要向上帝悔改。I’ve found that God is changing me and giving me grace and patience,我发现上帝改变了我,加给了我忍耐,so that I can understand more about the difficulties of others. 使我更多体谅他人的难处。Recently, I said something wrong to hurt my friend, 当我说错话伤害了朋友,but I quickly humbled myself, 我赶快谦卑下来,and I prepared a gift to apologize to my friend, 准备了礼物去和朋友道歉,then I felt peace in my heart, 于是我心里就又平安了,and we are getting along well again. 与朋友也和好了That’s God’s work in me and through me. 这些就是神在我身上和借着我所做的事。

Today I will be baptized and become a child of God. 今天我将要受洗,成为神的孩子,A new life will start in me. 开始全新的生命,I am so blessed, 我是有福的, and I am able to bless others. 我也要去祝福他人。May God guide me to fear Him, 愿上帝带领我一生来敬畏祂,love Him, 爱祂,follow Him 跟随祂。and serve Him all my life. 事奉祂。Amen! 阿们!


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