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发表于 2023-07-03

Hello everyone, I'm Keith. 大家好,我是KeithWhen I was a child, I heard of a sacred belief called Christianity, 从小,我就听说一种神圣的信仰叫做基督教,and some of my relatives often took me to read the Bible and participate in some church activities. 亲戚中也有人经常带我读《圣经》参加一些活动。But I was born in China, 但我生在中国,and there were no Christians in three generations of my family, 而且三代人没有一个基督教徒,so I felt that I would not believe in Jesus. 所以我感觉我估计不会信耶稣。

I came to Christchurch at the beginning of this year 我是今年年头来到了基督城,and am currently studying at Burnside High School. 目前在Burnside High School就读。  A friend took me to a church a few months ago, 几个月前一个朋友带我去了一个教会,and that was my very first experience of attending a church. 那是我第一次去教会。I felt that life in the church was boring, 我感觉教会的生活枯燥无味,so I didn't want to go there anymore. 于是就不想再去了。

The second time I went to church 第二次走进教会,was because of the invitation of my friend Melody who invited me to the 2pm service of OTBC.是在我的好朋友Melody的邀请下来到OTBC下午2点的聚会。That afternoon, it was the first time I felt that the people in the church were very united. 那天,第一次觉得教会的人很团结,Everyone maintained sufficient trust in each other 每个人都互相保持着充足的信任,for they shared their inner feelings with each other. 在这里可以互相分享每个人的心声。But when I saw many people weeping during the sung worship, 当我看到唱歌时很多人在流泪,I couldn't understand it as it was just the second time for me to be in a church service. 第二次参加主日聚会的我无法理解

Afterwards, because of Melody's warm invitation, 之后,因为Melody的热情邀请,I participated in the youth group activities on Thursday 我就周四和她一起参加青少年小组活动,and listened to the sermon on Sundays. 主日去听讲道。During this period, 在这期间,I also experienced the reality of God. 我也经历了神的真实。Especially one Sunday morning, 特别是有一个主日早上,Pastor Jane said that she had a dream about me, Jane牧师说她做了一个关于我的梦,in which God told her something about me. 当她说神在梦里告诉了她关于我的事,I was surprised, 我有点惊奇,but I knew it was true after hearing the dream. 但我听后知道这是真的,Then Pastor Jane led me to pray. 她就带我做了祷告。

After a few days, 过了几天,I encountered something that would have made me very angry, 我遇见一件事,这件事本来是会让我很生气的,but instead of being angry my heart was in peace. 但我发现我的内心很平静,So I realised that the Lord Jesus was renewing and changing me, 我感到主耶稣在更新改变我, and His power of forgiveness was real. 祂的饶恕的大能是真实的。

Recently,  after I had learnt about the meaning of baptism, 最近,在我学习了受洗的意义后,I decided to make a big decision 我决定要做一个重大决定,that was to be baptized into the new life in Jesus. 就是受洗归入基督的新生命I thank the Lord Jesus for his unconditional tolerance and forgiveness, 感谢主耶稣无条件的宽容饶恕的大爱,and for bringing me into a loving church family. 又把我带到一个有爱的教会大家庭。Through receiving baptism, 让我借着受洗,I declare that I no longer belong to the kingdom of darkness 不再属于黑暗权势,but belong to the kingdom of light in Jesus. 而是属于耶稣光明的国度,May the Holy Spirit help me to become more determined in my pursuit of truth and goodness and to be able to love others. 求圣灵帮助我更加坚定地追求真理和善良可以去爱他人。Thanks. 谢谢


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